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Filipino Fisherman Free Again to Fish in Scarborough Shoal

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Filipino fisherman is now free again from fishing in Scarborough Shoal. There are reports from several days that no Chinese coast guard has been spotted in the said fishing ground while some says China’s coast guard are still there, but one thing in common is that they don’t even bother them from reproaching or driven them away in the controversial disputed West Philippine Sea or South China Sea.

According to some fishermen, many of their colleagues dared to fish in Scarborough shoal but contrary to their expectations they are no longer driven away by the Chinese Coast Guard. Upon their return to the shore, they brought the good news to other fishermen that they are very glad that they can catch many fish and at the same time they are free to fish again without endangering their life.

The no reproach of the Chinese Coast Guard to Filipino fisherman is due to President Rodrigo Duterte efforts on his recent state visit in China, where the Philippines try to fix or settle the relationship with China, which brought damage from the past administration due to the disputed island that both countries express that they own the said sea or island.

It remembers that the Philippines won the ruling of the international court over disputed islands, filed against China, but China did not recognize the decision and instead said in a statement that they own the disputed island's base on history.

Until now China’s Coast Guard are still patrolling the disputed islands that they claim, but for now the only consideration for us Filipino especially the Filipino fisherman is that they are now allowed to fish over the disputed sea legally for now!

LBJ Monster Performance during NBA Opening Season

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There are lots of great individual performances during the very first game of NBA Opening Seasons, The excitement of NBA players of returning back for another seasons and the hopeful of better seasons.

After almost four months of absence and waiting, each NBA team, players and even fans are exited of welcoming back of one of the greatest sports in basketball the National Basketball Association.

October 27, 2016 marks the starts of 2016-2017 NBA Season, Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks features the very first game of the season but it was the cavaliers who has the very special night.

Before the start of the game the cavaliers presented a small ceremonies of Championship Ring presentation ceremony to all the staff and players of the 2015-2016 NBA Champions and at the same time the hanging of their very first NBA Championship Banner in their home court Quickens Loans Arena in Cleveland.

The cavaliers beat the knick’s in a 29 point blown out win 117 - 88. Kyrie Irving leads the cavs in scoring with a game high 29 points but it was LeBron James who steal the show by posting his first triple double 19 points, 11 rebounds and 14 assists, only in the very first game of very young 2016-2017 NBA Season.

LeBron James lead the NBA in most triple double for an active NBA player with 43 triple double followed by point guard Russel Westbrooke of Oklahoma Thunder with 37 triple double and Chicago Bulls point guard Rajon Rando with 28 triple doubles, the next player in the list are14 triple doubles and below.

LeBron James performance is also listed as one of the greatest performances in NBA Season opener in NBA History.

CAVS vs Knicks Starts the First Game of 2016-2017 NBA Season

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Philippines – the 2016-2017 NBA Season was about to start today, Wednesday 7:30 am (Local Time), it features three games including the 2015-2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

The first game of the new NBA Season starts in the Quickens Loan Arena in Cleveland, where NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers faces the new and improved New York Knicks.

Before the game start the cavaliers will have a small ceremony of their recent championship as each player and staff will have their NBA Rings the very first rings in franchise history.

After the ceremony LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and the rest of the team will start to defend their title and their first mission is the New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porziņģis, Joakim Noah and former bulls MVP Derrick Rose will lead the Knicks to disappoint the champs in the opening season.

The second games feature the Utah Jazz and Portland Trailblazers. Gordon Hayward will lead the Jazz while the Trailblazer will lead by Damian Lilliard.

The third and last game of the NBA opening season features two powerhouse teams in the Western Conference, the best team in the west ranking as the #1 and #2 team respectively, and perhaps one of this team will represent the west in the NBA Finals in this year NBA early predictions?

The 2014-2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors will host the new San Antonio Spurs. Two time MVP Stephen Curry will lead the warriors for another exiting NBA Season just like the last season where they posted an NBA Record of 73 wins and 9 loses but this time a former MVP will join the dubs in the name of Kevin Durant, will the warriors dominate the Spurs? While the Spurs play without Tim Duncan who recently retired during the offseason. Kawhi Leonard and Lamarcus Aldridge will lead the Spurs in battling the crowd favorite GSW.

US White House Irritates by Pres. Duterte’s Announcement in China’s Visit

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The US White House is starting to feel the irritation about what the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s announcement on his first state visit in China last Thursday October 20, 2016.

President Duterte who already expressed his willingness to cut ties with United State when it comes to military exercise but confused many Filipino people and Americans on his decision where some of his cabinet were not consulted.

It becomes more bigger news that irritates the US government when Pres. Duterte publicly declared in-front of Chinese and Philippine business people, in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing that he is separating from the United States "Both in military, not maybe social, but economics also.

The announcement spread like a wildfire in the Philippines, the United States of America, in China and perhaps the whole world where many Filipino are living and now questioning what is gonna happen next with these three country?

It also made some confusion in the country where many industries and economics are relying on American business and economics? What if Americans left the country what will happen to the Filipino people that relying on them?

Meanwhile the White House considers the words of the Philippine President “Offensive” regarding the aggrieved situation of the country in their longtime relationship with the Americans? That’s why “it’s time to say goodbye?

White House spokesman John Earnest said on Friday that President Duterte’s word is creating unnecessary uncertainty in our relationship" and he also said that it has not explain by the President.

On the lighter news, President Duterte was reported get a $13.5 billion deals with China and tourism in thePhilippines was lifter by China.

Head to Head Comparison of Dual Lens Camera Phones

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This is a Sponsored Post by: Innity Philippines

The dual camera is the new battlefield for all smartphones today. A trend which started five years ago, this movement in mobile technology is quickly gaining pace as some of the biggest names in the smartphone arena are adapting this innovation.

Chinese smartphone brand Huawei launched the P9 and P9 Plus, the frontliners of its mobile phone high-end line. Both units boast of a high-powered dual lens camera co-engineered with renowned German camera manufacturer, Leica. These dual cameras are equipped with 12MP sensors, RBG and monochrome with f/2.2 aperture that are built to work in tandem to enhance details for professional quality photos.

Months later, Apple launched its highly anticipated iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September. Unlike its Huawei competitor, Apple only made the dual lens feature available in its iPhone 7 Plus model. Apple iPhone 7 Plus is also equipped with 12MP lenses, with one lens as wide angle and the other as a telephoto lens (2x zoom). The two lenses have f/1.8 and f/2.8 aperture, respectively. 

The two smartphones seem to be in equal footing when it comes to clarity of details and overall quality of output. Nonetheless, each has its own highlights and strengths that cater to the photo savvy mobile phone user. For instance, Huawei P9 is known to be the go-to smartphone camera for taking dramatic, night cityscape shots with its low-light and bokeh photo effects, as well as its dedicated monochrome lens for crisp black and white shots. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 Plus comes in handy in perfecting those medium shots with its 2x optical zoom enabled by the additional telephoto lens.

With their own highlight features and distinct functions, there is no clear winner in the duel between iPhone 7 Plus and Huawei P9. As seen above, iPhone 7 Plus performs better in tighter and more focused shots due to its post-simulation feature, which processes images in place more than the ordinary lens. On the other hand, Huawei P9 proves to be ideal for taking photos with more vivid color representation because of its P9 can stimulating capacity of flare effects and focus.

As these big players in the smartphone industry continue to set the pace in the dual camera arena, other mobile brands are foreseen to follow suit. Apple and Huawei have currently set the standards for dual camera technology, but as the competition heats up in this field, other players are anticipated to join in the trend with their own offerings in the next few years.

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How to Pay SSS Contributions at any Bayad Center

Are you a SSS member? Tired of going to the nearest SSS Branches just to pay your monthly contributions? Here’s how to avoid the hassle of paying your monthly contribution at any nearest Bayad Center.

Bayad Center is an online payment center that used by many Filipinos to pay their bills such as electricity bills, water bills, landline/phone bills, internet, cable bills, school bills, housing bills, SSS contributions and many others. It is the most convenient and trusted payment center in the country.

Just like i mentioned at the start of this article, Bayad Center it is the best answer for all SSS Members that are paying as voluntary member, self-employed or OFW members. Unlike those employed SSS members they have nothing to worry about their monthly contributions because their employer are the one responsible to pay their monthly contribution.

Here’s how to pay SSS contributions at any Bayad Center:

1. Go to the nearest Bayad Center at your place of living.
2. Ask for right transaction form that applicable for paying SSS contributions.
3. Fill out the form correctly with you name, SSS number, payment type, payor type and the applicable months that you want to pay.
4. Proceed to the counter to pay the amount of your desired SSS monthly contribution. Note: the minimum amount for self-employed, voluntary, OFW is P550.00.
5. Wait for 2 business days to check your Employee Static Information (ESI) if payment was successfully posted.

Note: make sure that your SSS monthly contribution are always updated so that you can avail the process of paying at any Bayad Center. Once you failed to pay at least one month, Bayad Center will not accept your payment until you update your monthly contributions to the nearest SSS Branch.

Make way for Huawei; Watch out Samsung and Apple!

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This is a Sponsored Post by: Innity Philippines

As more and more Asian phone makers are making their way through the global smartphone market, top sellers Samsung and Apple are increasingly threatened to keep their voice atop and secure market shares. 

According to market research firm Kantar Worldpanel, Chinese phone makers, like Huawei and Xiaomi, are steadily grabbing market shares in fast-growing developing markets, while consumers in the slower-growing developed markets are more reluctant to switch brands. 

“Anyone still focusing on these two giant competitors, however, is missing the bigger picture,” Kantar analyst Lauren Guenveur wrote in Kantar Worldpanel blog post News Centre. “With Huawei aiming to overtake Apple as the second-largest smartphone vendor by 2020, and Google’s Pixel entering the handset market on its own recently, Apple and Samsung should stop worrying so much about each other and take a look around them.”

Huawei, according to Gartner is the world’s third-largest producer of smartphones with an 8.9% market share in the second quarter of 2016, well behind Apple Inc.’s 12.9% and Samsung Electronic Co.’s 22.3%.

According to the same study, 88% of current Apple users in the U.S. say they will buy another iPhone and 86% of Samsung owners want to stick with the brand.

In China, however, Samsung had just a 9% share of sales and Apple had almost 20%, said Kantar. Local manufacturer Huawei beat them both, grabbing almost 26% of the market.

In India, Samsung is leading without giving specific market share figures. Both Apple and Huawei have also targeted the market for growth.

In the Philippines, however, the rapid growth of the mobile industry was perceived by Huawei as an opportunity to expand and further develop services as published by the Manila Bulletin online.

On the other hand, sales of Samsung are expected to hit an all-time low in the Philippines due to the Samsung Note 7 global recall. These pave way for opportunities for Huawei and Apple to claim their stand in the mobile phone market.

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Filipinos are heavy smartphone consumers

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This is a Sponsored Post by: Innity Philippines

Would you believe that a total of 3.5 million smartphones were shipped to the Philippines in the first quarter alone of this year? That is up by 20% in the recent months according to market research firm, International Data Corporation (IDC). In fact, consumer spend on smartphones in the country is considered to be the fastest in the entire Southeast Asian region as dictated by surging demand on a market where active players are ever present.

Visitors look at the new Samsung Galaxy S7 on the opening day of the World Mobile Congress on Feb. 22, 2016, in Barcelona. 

  “With many of the more mature smartphone markets of the world already displayed signs of saturation, the Philippines smartphone market continues to enjoy robust growth owing to a relatively low smartphone penetration rate (30% in 2015), active local brand presence, and healthy consumer spending,” Jerome Dominguez, IDC Philippines market analyst for mobile devices, said in a press release.

Strong growth is being driven largely by predominance of cheap devices being peddled by local vendors. According to IDC, smartphones below P3,500 still corner bulk of the market. But though local companies have seized majority of the market, Chinese and other global vendors are now also gradually catching up. IDC noted that Samsung and ASUS are now playing more aggressively in the sub-P6,000 space, while China-based vendors, such as Huawei and OPPO, are also expanding their foothold.

Huawei’s rise has shown extraordinary growth in developing markets, according to market research firm Kantar Worldpanel. Its increasing brand influence is echoed by Huawei’s continued and steady revenue growth. Huawei shipped 108 million smartphones worldwide in 2015, up 44 percent year-on-year.

However, the study found consumers are more reluctant to switch brands in slower-growing developed markets.

Samsung accounts for 37% of smartphones sold in the United States, while Apple captures a 29% share. In stark contrast, Samsung only had a 9% share of sales in China, with Apple seeing a drop to 20%. Huawei raced ahead with a market share of 26%.

Other large markets tipped for huge growth include India, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Amid surging smartphone growth, IDC said another key battleground would be innovation and after-sales service.

“Defect issues and poor after-sales continue to plague the smartphone market. It is only a matter of time before majority of Filipino consumers put more premium on smartphones that are not just easy on the pocket but also offer good value for money,” said Dominguez.

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Barangay Ginebra Crown As the 2016 PBA Governor’s Cup Champion in a Buzzer Beater Fashion Win

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Philippines – The long wait is over for Barangay Ginebra San Miguel and to their fans, as the team won the 2016 PBA Governor’s Cup title.

Despite a super typhoon was about to hit the country PBA fans didn’t stop from coming in the Smart Araneta Coliseum to witness a historic Game 6 between Barangay Ginebra and Meralco Bolts.

Yesterday, October 19, a jam pack Smart Araneta Coliseum and thousands of PBA fans watching around the world witness a historic, exciting and down to wire Game 6 that ended to a buzzer beater win by Barangay Ginebra San Migguel.

With only 5.5 seconds to go in regulation, Ginebra draws their last play in the hands of their import Justin Brownlee, Sol Mercado inbounds the ball and pass to Justin Brownlee, who immediately dribble the ball at the center of the court behind the three point area and throw a Hail Mary shot that went in that sealed and gave the 9th PBA Championship of Ginebra San Miguel in franchise history.

Barangay Ginebra is the most popular team in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) it starts their popularity during the era of Robert “Sonny” Jaworski and the Loyzaga brothers their motto in the game is “Never Say Die”! Whenever they play the Arena is always jam pack, especially if the team that are facing for is their arch rival?

Meanwhile, PBA’s winningest coach and two time Grand Slam Champion Coach Tim Cone, once again prove that his coaching style makes a team a title contender and Ginebra are no exemption to it.

In fact, the team had already replace and switching coaches every season despite a talented line up that always lead into a fail PBA season.

But when the management brought Tim Cone in the team the problem was finally given a solution that lead to a title. The recent Championship won by the Ginebra was the 19th Championship by Coach Tom Cone.

JR Smith Returns Back in CAVS Uniforms, Agree in a 4 Year Deal $57 million

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JR Smith is not going anywhere, finally after several weeks of standoff the sharpshooting guard reunites with the 2015-2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers after an agreement finally settled on October 15, in a reported 4 year deal worth $57 million contract.

After the long wait is over and with less than two weeks to go before the start of a new NBA Season the “2016-2017 NBA Season”, Smith and the Cavs finally settled their differences and agrees to a contract that both parties makes happy.

Reports says that Smith contract agreement with the Cavs has a guaranteed three straight season while the fourth season is non-guaranteed unless the Cavs waived him after his third year of his contract or after the end of the 2018-2019 NBA Season.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers are very happy to bring back their leading three point shooter from the last season, general manager David Griffin also said in a statement that Smith is one of the their priority of bringing back with their team.

Also, the impact of LeBron James with the team as he boldly express that he wanted JR Smith back might also help Smith of getting his money and remains a Cleveland Cavaliers.

It is remembered that Smith has a similar situation with his teammate Tristan Thompson who also had a standoff with his contract deal with the team but before the season start last year the team finally agrees to give the salary that Thompson wanted.

Smith is part and an important piece of the Cleveland Cavaliers first ever NBA Championship that ends a 52 years drought of any major league championship in the city of Cleveland and now that he is back with the team they are now ready for another run of coming back to the NBA Finals and defend their NBA title.

PBA Awarded SMB Center June Mar Fajardo’s Third Straight MVP

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PBA – On Thursday October 14, the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) held their 2016 Annual Leo Awards to give honored to some PBA players that shows excellent performance in the game of basketball this season.

Several awards was given to some notable players that rise above from the rest of professional basketball but the biggest award belongs to San Miguel Beer Center Jun Mar “The Kracken” Fajardo.  

It was Fajardo’s third consecutive PBA MVP Award and making him as the only PBA player to win the MVP award third straight season while tied William "Bogs" Adornado for three MVP throipies.

Jun Mar Fajardo beat co-members in first mythical team Calvin Abueva of Alaska and Jason Castro of TNT KaTropa for the 2016 MVP Awards.

The three time MVP Fajardo, is only one MVP away from tying retired PBA player’s and superstars during their time Star Hotshots team manager Alvin Patrimonio and El-Presidente Ramon Fernandez which both won four PBA MVP in their entire PBA career.

At only 26 years old of age Jun Mar has a very good chance of tying or even surpassing the record of Alvin Patrimonio and Ramon Fernandez. At 6 foot 11 inches, the dominance and reign of Fajardo inside the paint might continue in the next several season, as it seems that no one in today’s PBA players can match the power of “The Kracken”.

Aside from the Most Valuable Player Award Fajardo, also received the 2016 Sportsmanship Award and First Mythical Team Award.

Congratulations to Jun Mar Fajardo and more MVP Awards to come!!

Star Hotshots James Yap Traded to ROS in Exchange for Paul Lee

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PBA – The biggest news today in Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) asides from the Governor’s Cup Finals match between Barangay Ginebra San Miguel and Meralco Bolts is the blockbuster trade between James Yap and Paul Lee. 

The news broke yesterday and the fans of both side have mixed reactions? Who ever thought that James Yap in his latter part of his career would be traded for another team! Who I personally thought also he will be a Purefoods player until his playing time is over?

While for Paul Lee, a franchise player will have to start again in his new team who i thought also the future of the Rain or Shine Elasto Painter and now will have the chance to become the new star player of the Hotshots.

James Yap Career

James Yap has been the franchise player of the San Miguel Purefoods Company since he was drafted by Purefoods in 2004 and the departure of four time MVP Alvin Patrimonio. Aside from Alvin Patrimonio, Yap is the only player in the franchise history to won multiple MVP awards where he won in 2006 and 2010.

After 12 years of playing in PBA James Yap won seven PBA Titles in Purefoods uniform including the most elusive Grand Slam Champion in 2014 under the team name San Mig Super Coffee Mixers. Together with their grand slam coach Tim Cone, Yap and long-time team mate Peter June Simon and Marc Pingris help the team in four straight championship.

James departure with the Hotshots has been always a rumor since his playing time has been limited this season. It’s just a matter of time of who or when a trade will happen.

Good luck for James Yap and his new team and also for Paul Lee in Hotshots. It was unbelievable trade but that’s life you’ll never know till it hit you!

NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Interested of Acquiring FA JR Smith

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The 2016-2017 NBA Season is near and yet free agent JR Smith and the Cleveland Cavaliers has not yet finalized any agreement of re-signing the former six man of the year.

Smith, is a vital piece of the Cleveland Cavaliers success of winning the 2015-2016 NBA Championship against the Golden State Warriors. there is no doubt that the Cav's wanted him back for this upcoming season for another title run of getting back to NBA Finals.

But one thing is preventing it from happening “Contract Differences” Smith and his agent demanding a $14-$15 million salary annually but the Cav's can only offer him $10 million per year, with that differences Smith and the Cav's might separate their ways?

Meanwhile, NBA rumors circulate that Boston Celtics is expressing their interest of signing free agent Smith and provide the salary that Smith wanted.

According to Celtics, Smith would be a great addition in their team especially coming off the bench and to give some scoring from the outside.

If Cleveland organization failed to re-sign JR Smith and Boston agreed to pay JR Smith wanted payday? Smith could be a back-up shooting guard for Avery Bradley and with the skills of Smith of shooting from the 3 point area it would be a great fire power for the new and improve Boston Celtics.

What will happen if the Cavaliers failed to re-sign JR Smith?

First, the Cavaliers will loss an important piece of their championship Caliber? LeBron James already expressed that he wanted back JR Smith and it should be done right away!

Second, if Boston succeed and sign JR Smith with their team, Boston will be a great treat for the defending champion?

The Celtics already acquired NBA superstar Al Horford from Atlanta, could be the Celtics dethroned the champions and preventing LBJ from getting his 7 straight finals appearance? let's wait and see!!!

Check Your SSS Contributions and SSS Loans Online

Checking SSS contributions and SSS loans made easy for all SSS members by visiting the SSS website on the web.

All SSS members can now avoid the hassle of long waiting and the burden of going to any SSS Branch just to file SSS loans, SSS inquiry and other transactions. All of this can easily be done online.

On your browser simply type For first time user you must registered first to log in, while user who already registered simply log in their user id and password.

Once you are log in you can now able to see your SSS information, such as Member’s Profile and E-Services.

Read: New SSS Contribution Table

How to check SSS Contributions:

1. Click the tab E-Services.
2. On the dropdown menu click inquiry then a pop up box appear, just simply click ok.
3. Click the shield icon on the upper right side of your windows screen and then click the unload unsafe script to reload the page.
4. If you follow the instructions correctly you can now view your Employee Static Information.
5. Now, click the tab member’s info, under that tab a dropdown menu shows just click actual premiums to show your SSS contributions and Actual Premiums.

How to check SSS Loans and Application for Salary loans:

1. Click the tab E-Services.
2. On the dropdown menu click for Apply for Salary Loan
3. Once the page reload you can now view the status of your salary loan.
4. Members applying for loan can check their loanable amount, payment mode, mailing address and postal code.
5. Finally check the box, if you agree to the terms and conditions and then click proceed to process your salary loan application.

Actor Mark Anthony Fernandez Arrested for Illegal Possession of Marijuana

“Gwapings” star Mark Anthony Fernandez or Mark Anthony Lacsamana in real life was arrested in San Fernando, Pampanga for possessing more than a kilo of illegal drugs called “Marijuana” while driving along the road of Pampanga.

According to reports at around 9pm the actor’s car was force to stop by law enforcer after noticing that the actor’s car has no plate in-front of it in a checkpoint conducted in Angeles City, Pampanga. 

While lawmen conducts a visual inspection inside the actor’s car Fernandez, immediately run his car after realizing he is in danger of being caught of possessing illegal drugs? Law enforcer chase the actor until he was caught up in a traffic in San Fernando and successfully arrested.

According to police report, the actor is facing a criminal charge of (Republic Act No. 9165) a violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act and other violation after running away from a checkpoint.

Temporarily the actor is being held in a jail in Pampanga and no bail is issued to the actor due to severe of violation.

Meanwhile, Mark Anthony Fernandez, admitted the possession of some marijuana in his car but denied the pack of marijuana weighing more than a kilo. He also explain to the media that he only used marijuana for self-medication but the police did not buy the alibi.

Mark Anthony Fernandez, came from a prominent and family of celebrities, he is the son of the late action star Rudy Fernandez and sexy star Alma Moreno, Mark first stardom in showbiz when he star together with Eric Fructuoso and Jomari Yllana in the movie “The Gwapings”.

But due to involvement in drug addiction, Mark’s career became dull where he was admitted in rehab several times.

After several rehab Mark, return to showbiz and appeared in several movies and tv show and not until on Monday October 2 when the public learn that Mark Anthony Fernandez is return in using drugs.

Fernandez, is the third celebrities that was arrested involving in illegal drugs.

Kevin Durant Finally Debuted in Warriors Uniform

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The most anticipated debut of Kevin Durant in warriors uniform finally happen yesterday October 1 (US Time) in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors held a Preseason game opener in Vancouver where the raptors beat warriors 97-93.

Despite a debut loss for Durant, who only scored 9 points in 2 of 9 shooting percentage in 18 minutes of play time, it seems that he already fit in the system of the team and could be a very good sign for the warrior’s contention of getting back in the NBA Finals and reclaiming the NBA Championship.

While it’s just only an exhibition game, the real game is about to come on October 30, the start of new season 2016-2017 NBA Season.

Every team in NBA will try to dethrone the current NBA Champion the “Cleveland Cavaliers” and one of those team is the Golden State Warriors.

The Kevin Durant addition to the warriors makes the team a “Super Team” who already a great team from the past two season where they actually hold an NBA Record of 73 wins and 9 loss in NBA Regular Season.

GSW are the highly favorite team to win the Western Conference all through the NBA Finals but the real question is who will sacrifice more in the addition of Durant? Will it be the upcoming superstar Draymond Green? Klay Tompson or the reigning two time MVP Stephen Curry?

Kevin Durant was drafted in 2007 by Seattle Supersonic, better known now as the Oklahoma City Thunder, after playing from (2008-2016) with the OKC, Durant became a free agent and decided to join the Warriors in a two year deal.

Many sports analyst criticize the decision of Kevin Durant after joining an already a powerhouse team GSW. Many believe that he badly wanted to win an NBA Title and to pursue that dream he must leave OKC and join the warrior’s.

If predictions are correct? In this 2016-2017 NBA Season the warriors and the cavs are the favorite to face once again in the NBA Finals for the 3rd consecutive years and the warriors are the favorite to win the NBA Title but don’t count out the king and the cavs they just recently dethroned and upset the warriors in the recent 2015-2016 NBA Finals after falling in the series 1-3.