Filipino Fisherman Free Again to Fish in Scarborough Shoal

Filipino fisherman is now free again from fishing in Scarborough Shoal. There are reports from several days that no Chinese coast guard has been spotted in the said fishing ground while some says China’s coast guard are still there, but one thing in common is that they don’t even bother them from reproaching or driven them away in the controversial disputed West Philippine Sea or South China Sea.

According to some fishermen, many of their colleagues dared to fish in Scarborough shoal but contrary to their expectations they are no longer driven away by the Chinese Coast Guard. Upon their return to the shore, they brought the good news to other fishermen that they are very glad that they can catch many fish and at the same time they are free to fish again without endangering their life.

The no reproach of the Chinese Coast Guard to Filipino fisherman is due to President Rodrigo Duterte efforts on his recent state visit in China, where the Philippines try to fix or settle the relationship with China, which brought damage from the past administration due to the disputed island that both countries express that they own the said sea or island.

It remembers that the Philippines won the ruling of the international court over disputed islands, filed against China, but China did not recognize the decision and instead said in a statement that they own the disputed island's base on history.

Until now China’s Coast Guard are still patrolling the disputed islands that they claim, but for now the only consideration for us Filipino especially the Filipino fisherman is that they are now allowed to fish over the disputed sea legally for now!