Kevin Durant Finally Debuted in Warriors Uniform

The most anticipated debut of Kevin Durant in warriors uniform finally happen yesterday October 1 (US Time) in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors held a Preseason game opener in Vancouver where the raptors beat warriors 97-93.

Despite a debut loss for Durant, who only scored 9 points in 2 of 9 shooting percentage in 18 minutes of play time, it seems that he already fit in the system of the team and could be a very good sign for the warrior’s contention of getting back in the NBA Finals and reclaiming the NBA Championship.

While it’s just only an exhibition game, the real game is about to come on October 30, the start of new season 2016-2017 NBA Season.

Every team in NBA will try to dethrone the current NBA Champion the “Cleveland Cavaliers” and one of those team is the Golden State Warriors.

The Kevin Durant addition to the warriors makes the team a “Super Team” who already a great team from the past two season where they actually hold an NBA Record of 73 wins and 9 loss in NBA Regular Season.

GSW are the highly favorite team to win the Western Conference all through the NBA Finals but the real question is who will sacrifice more in the addition of Durant? Will it be the upcoming superstar Draymond Green? Klay Tompson or the reigning two time MVP Stephen Curry?

Kevin Durant was drafted in 2007 by Seattle Supersonic, better known now as the Oklahoma City Thunder, after playing from (2008-2016) with the OKC, Durant became a free agent and decided to join the Warriors in a two year deal.

Many sports analyst criticize the decision of Kevin Durant after joining an already a powerhouse team GSW. Many believe that he badly wanted to win an NBA Title and to pursue that dream he must leave OKC and join the warrior’s.

If predictions are correct? In this 2016-2017 NBA Season the warriors and the cavs are the favorite to face once again in the NBA Finals for the 3rd consecutive years and the warriors are the favorite to win the NBA Title but don’t count out the king and the cavs they just recently dethroned and upset the warriors in the recent 2015-2016 NBA Finals after falling in the series 1-3.