US White House Irritates by Pres. Duterte’s Announcement in China’s Visit

The US White House is starting to feel the irritation about what the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s announcement on his first state visit in China last Thursday October 20, 2016.

President Duterte who already expressed his willingness to cut ties with United State when it comes to military exercise but confused many Filipino people and Americans on his decision where some of his cabinet were not consulted.

It becomes more bigger news that irritates the US government when Pres. Duterte publicly declared in-front of Chinese and Philippine business people, in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing that he is separating from the United States "Both in military, not maybe social, but economics also.

The announcement spread like a wildfire in the Philippines, the United States of America, in China and perhaps the whole world where many Filipino are living and now questioning what is gonna happen next with these three country?

It also made some confusion in the country where many industries and economics are relying on American business and economics? What if Americans left the country what will happen to the Filipino people that relying on them?

Meanwhile the White House considers the words of the Philippine President “Offensive” regarding the aggrieved situation of the country in their longtime relationship with the Americans? That’s why “it’s time to say goodbye?

White House spokesman John Earnest said on Friday that President Duterte’s word is creating unnecessary uncertainty in our relationship" and he also said that it has not explain by the President.

On the lighter news, President Duterte was reported get a $13.5 billion deals with China and tourism in thePhilippines was lifter by China.