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New Type of Earthquake Discovered by Japanese Scientist

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Japan is one of many countries that mostly visited of one of the most destructive force of Mother’s Nature creation “the Earthquake”.

Through the years Japan is almost experiencing an earthquake every day that seems to become a daily part of their life.

On March 11, 2011, two massive earthquake hit the country of Japan, the first earthquake was recorded at 9.0 magnitude. It was the strongest earthquake to hit Japan and one of the top five largest earthquakes in the world since seismological record-keeping began. 

The massive earthquake quickly follows a tsunami with waves of up to 10 meters high.

On the same day another strong earthquake hit Japan but this time it is much lower than the first one which is recorded at 7.1 magnitude. The two quake causes 15,894 confirmed death.

While, the world's largest earthquake that has been recorded since the beginning of seismological record was magnitude 9.5. It occurred on May 22, 1960 in southern Chile. The quake was also known as the "Great Chilean Earthquake"

And the deadliest earthquake thus ever recorded in history was happen in Shansi, China of January 23, 1556. The earthquake shows a destructive force of 8.0 magnitude killing 830, 000 confirmed death.

Through the years scientists all over the worlds are been studying on how to detect if an earthquake is about to happen? But seems scientist has not yet discovered Mother Nature’s creation on where or when it could happen?

But a recent discovery of another type of strange earthquake were detected for the first time in Japan. Japan scientists conducting studies related to earthquakes occurring in the country and to trace its place near the scene of a bad weather.

Here are Types of Earthquake that happen to Planet Earth:

1. P waves or primary wave microseisms, it is detected when a major hurricane happen or a fast movement or motion. animals are the first one to feel before an earthquakes is about to happen?

2. S wave or secondary wave, It is slower and it moves on rocks and people are now starting to feel the movement of earthquake.

3. S wave microseism, a new discovery that moves the Earth from 0.05 to 0.5 Hz frequency range. this happens in a bad weather condition.

The ongoing study of experts is to improve the detection of earthquakes and 'oceanic' storms.
source: Abante

Congressional Plate # 8 Order to be recalled by the House of Representative

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A memorandum was issued by the House of Representative to recall all congressional plate or protocol plate No. 8 after a controversial issue that several vehicle with plate No.8 are been spotted or using the No. 8 vehicle in some indecent places or involved in crime related activities.

The order is an immediate recall of all protocol plates issued during the 16th Congress and earlier comgress.

The congressional plate or protocol plate is a government plate issued for all representatives or congressman aside from congressman there are also different protocol plate issued in different government officials defending in their position in the Philippine government.

For the President of the country Pres. Rodrigo Duterte the designated protocol plate is No.1.

Meanwhile, House of Representatives Secretary General Cesar Pareja said that all congressional plate must be turnover to the Office of the Secretary General for proper acknowledgement

On the other hand a legislator in the House of Representatives is not satisfied that only protocol plate No. 8 issued in the 16th Congress and earlier that should be recall but instead he wants that plate also issued this 17th Congress should be withdrawn also?

According to Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco, there is no reason to use the congressional protocol plate because even President Rodrigo Duterte is allegedly not using his presidential plate No.1.

If  President Duterte, is not using his No. 1 plate? Why using the No. 8 plates? That’s why Rep. Tiangco, wanted to amend the memorandum issued by Secretary General House office to include the plate 8 issued this 17th Congress.

Some netizens and even lawmaker are in favor of removing the congressional plate.
source: Abante

Supreme Court Place Marcos Burial in “Status Quo”

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The Supreme Court issued a “Status Quo” order on the upcoming burial of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Heroes Cemetery (Libingan ng mga Bayani).

According to the law issued by the higher court, the preparations on the burial of late President Marcos must be stop temporarily within the next 20 days.

The burial is need to stop until all issues on the court is properly resolve. Currently there are 6 petitions filed in stopping the legality of Marcos burial which is set to happen on September 18, 2016 at Heroes cemetery.

Petitioners says that the late president doesn’t deserve to be buried at the Heroes cemetery due to several human rights violation that he made and his crony during his term as President and during Martial Law.

Petitioner Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate, was pleased by the ruling of the court but not satisfied. “We want to issue a ruling that the Supreme Court will prevent Marcos from being buried at heroes Cemetery at all time?

On August 31, Supreme Court scheduled the oral argument in which all petitions filed against the Marcos burial will be all combined into one case.

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte, who already give his blessing of allowing the burial of the late president Marcos at Heroes Cemetery received different mixed reactions. Despite his blessings he’s administrations admitted that the only thing that can stop the Marcos burial? Is if the Supreme Court will issue an order that will prevent the upcoming burial of the late president.

And for the relative and supporters of the late president Marcos, this would be another setback for them if the scheduled burial will be stop? Or awaits till a decision that will favor them and finally buried their beloved president Marcos at the Libingan ng mga bayani!
source: Abante

Feud between Pres. Duterte and Sen. Leila de Lima Worsen Because of Drug Revealing Controversy

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President Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Leila de Lima is already known to the public that they hate each other, not only now, but during way back then when the president is still the mayor of Davao City and de Lima was the Justice Secretary.

It all began when sec. Leila de Lima investigate mayor Duterte’s alleged involvement in a certain vigilante group called Davao Dead Squad (DDS).

Despite the investigation of who are the member of DDS and their leader? Sec. de Lima failed to prove mayor Duterte’s link to vigilante group.

After a few years, Mayor Duterte became the President and de Lima became a Senator, the president strictly enforce his campaign of eliminating illegal drugs in the country. 

Since the start of the term of the president many was already killed during buy and bust operations, but some numerous killings are not part of police operation where vigilante group is responsible for some summary execution.

Pres. Duterte has also have a different tactic of revealing people that involving in illegal drugs, he exposed their names in public, he doesn’t care whether you are a politician, policeman, or ordinary people as long as you are involve in illegal drugs you must surrender yourself, explain yourself to prove that you are not guilty or else you will be put behind bars or 6 feet below the ground?

Later on, the president also announce in public that he will reveal a name of a lady senator that also involve in alleged illegal drug operation or stand as drug protector? And that he promise that he will destroy that lady senator.

The senator that he is pertaining to is Senator Leila de Lima, which immediately appeal and explain herself in the public that all the accusation are all false and foul? But the president is convince and very confident that he hold all the aces and cards that will prove de Lima’s alleged involvement in illegal drugs?

Meanwhile, Sen. de Lima, challenge the president that he will only put himself in embarrassment if he failed to provide authentic evidence that will link her to illegal drugs.

LeBron James Finally Became the Highest Paid NBA Player for the 2016-2017 NBA Season

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On August 12. 2016 LeBron James finally re-signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers as everyone expected. James signed a 3 year deal worth of $100-million with a player’s options in his 3rd season.

Since the start of his NBA career, James never lead the league when it comes to highest paid NBA player, where LA Lakers superstars Kobe Bryant mostly hold that title but now the long awaited contract became true. 

The upcoming 2016-2017 NBA Season James will received $30.96 million, the highest paid player for upcoming season.

For the 2017-2018 NBA Season James will received $33.3 million surpassing the great one Michael Jordan, an all-time NBA record for the highest paid NBA player for a single season worth of $33 million in 1997-98 NBA Season with the Bulls.

And for the 2018-2019 NBA Season and his 3rd season with the cavaliers if he decided to opts-in he will received $35.6 million.

Last season James received $22.97 million with the cavaliers and with the increase of NBA TV deal, free agent NBA players like James will have their chance to analyze their free agency and to have a better deal with the current or new team that will give more money and better contract.

Bestfriend Dwane Wade and a former teammate of LeBron James with the Miami Heat, who sign a much higher contract with the Chicago Bulls, once told during an interview that LeBron James is the cheapest NBA player until the August 12, deal by James with the CAVS.

LeBron James, achievement and the remarkable comeback in the 2015-2016 NBA Finals to give the 1st NBA Championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise sealed his NBA legacy and now another NBA record was set by James as the highest paid athlete in this 2016-2017 NBA season.

Tornado in Manila, First in Philippine History

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On August 14, 2016 – for the first time in Philippine History the capital city of the country “Manila” was hit by a massive Tornado.

Just like a normal Sunday afternoon while all the people in Manila and some neighboring city are already expecting and preparing for a thunderstorm to happen especially during late afternoon due to weather condition that affecting the country.

But in unexpected event a very rare massive tornado was suddenly formed by amid heavy rains brought on by the enhanced southwest monsoon.

The Tornado was spotted in Manila area where it slowly formed then pass through Sampaloc district.

It only lasted for about 15 minutes leaving 200 damaged houses in Baseco compound where most of the houses lost their roof. Several old tress where also uprooted, power lines, cables and other structures were damaged during the onslaught of the tornado.

Several people witness one of Mother Nature’s most destructive natural forces, some of the witnesses film the natural event where many of them were in shock and puzzled as they seen some roof and debris floating and circling around the tornado. 

Despite the amazing display of Mother Nature it will surely leave devastating and immeasurable destruction whatever on its path including human life.

Tornado is rare event in the Philippines, where Typhoon is the most common natural disaster that always strike the country, despite there are several reports of tornado that happen to the country most of them happen in some part of Visayas and Mindanao and the tornado that hit Manila is the very first time in Philippine history.

Hidilyn Diaz the Woman behind the Silver Medal Award in 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

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Hidilyn Diaz is a Filipina Silver Medalist winner in the recent Olympic competition she participated in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

She won 2nd place or the silver medal award in women's 53kg weightlifting category, it was the 3rd silver medal won by a Filipino athlete in Olympic History and the 1st medal to win after 20 years of waiting since a silver medal won by Mansueto “Onyok” Velasco in Men's light flyweight boxing Gold medal bout in 2006 Summer Olympics.

The 25 year old Diaz, who came from Zamboanga City, is the fifth child of Eduardo and Emelita Diaz. Her weightlifting career started after her cousin Allen Jayfrus Diaz, introduce to her the basic of weightlifting. She was also in military career as a airwoman in Air Force, she then was recently promoted to Airwoman Second Class after bringing honor to the country.

Olympic Career

Hidilyn Diaz, started her Olympic career in 2008 Summer Olympics, competing in the women's 58-kg class at age 17, despite not winning any medal she was praised and considered promising at her young age.

In 2012 London Summer Olympics, Diaz once again competed in in the women's weightlifting under 58 kg, the first Filipina to participate in two consecutive summer Olympics.

And in 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, her 3rd consecutive Olympic participation she finally get the most awaited medal that she deserved. after all the sacrifices and hardworking she finally won the silver medal to give honor to the Philippines as the only and current medal in 2016 Rio Olympics. 

Despite winning the silver medal Diaz, admitted that she was just only aiming for the bronze medal award but luckily won more than what she expect.

Olympic Prize and Rewards

Diaz, received a ₱5M check from the Philippine government as an incentive, an amount given for athletes that won Olympic medal. Aside from the government incentive she also received ₱2M, from the president itself, handed by Pres. Duterte after Hidilyn Diaz, gives a courtesy call to Pres. Duterte in Davao City.

The additional reward was an extra amount to encourage all athlete to give their best and after their hard training and sacrifice a reward awaits them.

Is the Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos Should be Allowed to be buried at National Heroes Cemetery?

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Philippines – the controversy of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, still lives up to this present day for all Filipino people, whether it’s good or bad the Marcos is still the most controversial family in the whole world.

On September 28, 1989, Ferdinand Marcos died at age 72, his remaining days was spend in the country of Hawaii, where his whole family was exiled after a historical People Power Revolution in EDSA in 1986

Since then, 27 years has passed and the late President Marcos remains are in still in debate? Will hell be allowed to be buried or not at National Heroes Cemetery (Libingan ng mga Bayani).

For almost three decades has passed and the remains of the late president was preserve in a storage at the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum in Batac, Ilocos Norte. 

The body of the late president was preserved inside a glass-encased coffin and it has been on public display. Several tourist inside and outside the country are coming just to visit the remains of the most powerful president of the country.

After five president has been past and yet the family of the late president Marcos failed to grant their wishes to buried him at National Heroes Cemetery.

Till one final chance has been given to the Marcos, President Rodrigo Duterte, a known friend of the Marcos, allowed the late president to be buried at the Heroes Cemetery despite many people, victims of martial law, supporters of the Aquino family, the Aquino family are against it.

Pres, Duterte explain that he is allowing the late pres. Marcos because as a former soldier who fight during World War II, he has a valid qualification to be buried at Heroes Cemetery and not because he is a former president. He also said that people must move on despite all the heartache they felt in Marcos time?

The Marcos family are very thankful to the current president Duterte, they are now preparing the incoming burial of the late president at the National Heroes Cemetery, that finally the remains of the late president will be put to rest.

Meanwhile, netizens give their different opinions about whether the late president Marcos, should be allowed to be buried at the National Heroes Cemetery? Some are in favor, some are not and others don’t care!

What do you think?

“No Peace Talk Negotiation” Pres. Duterte Warns CPP-NPA to Stop Using Landmines

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President Rodrigo Duterte warns the CPP-NPA to stop using landmines or else he will cancel the peace talk negotiation.

The president was very emotional in a news conference held at the wake of four Philippine Army soldiers where four people were killed brutally in a separate encounter against the communist group CPP-NPA in Compostela Valley.

Reports says that in separate encounter with some members of New People’s Army, three Army soldiers were killed by a landmine and was also mutilated despite already dead. The three soldiers also seen broken face or skull which is categorized as over killing.

The president called on the New People’s Army {NPA) during the news conference to stop using “landmines” it’s against the international law of Geneva Convention. It’s either you stop it or we stop talking peace and let’s fight for another 45 years?

According to the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW or CCWC)

The use of  land mines, booby-traps and other devices regulates, but does not ban, land mines. It prohibits the use of non-detectable anti-personnel mines and their transfer; prohibits the use of non-self-destructing and non-self-deactivating mines outside fenced, monitored and marked areas; prohibits directing mines and booby traps against civilians; requires parties to the conflict to remove mines and booby traps when the conflict ends; broadens obligations of protecting peacekeeping and other missions of the United Nations and its agencies; requires States to enforce compliance with its provisions within their jurisdiction; and calls for penal sanctions in case of violation.

The president also pointed out that if he hear another encounter against the same incident of using landmines by New People’s Army, whether the victim is an Army soldier or a civilian? He will immediately stop a peace negotiation with the communist group.

He will immediately send back home his peace talk panel and instead use the money provided to the military.
source: conventional weapons

How to renew PH Driver’s License over LTO Satellite Offices

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I recently renew my Professional Driver’s License in one of LTO accredited Satellite Offices in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Base on my experience it took me 2 hours, before I finally receive my PVC Driver’s License. I was lucky enough to be in the list of Batch 1 – 10.

The first ten people who came early and assisted first by the LTO personnel. Why I said I’m lucky to be in the list of first 10? Because the 2nd Batch from 20 – 30, will have to wait another 2 hours to be entertain after us.

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So, if the LTO satellite offices, starts from 9am, 1st batch will receive their Driver’s license at 11am, then the 2nd batch will receive their ID at 1pm. And if something goes wrong with their system, the so called “Offline” who has no assurance of time when the system will be back? You will be forced to go somewhere else?

LTO Biñan District Office, is the main LTO driver’s license renewals in Laguna. If you’re nearby here or if you are from Sta. Rosa or Biñan, this is the best place for you to renew your driver’s license.

Before going in LTO Biñan, you must have a perseverance of waiting? A lot of people are coming here to renew or acquired their licenses whether its driver’s license or license plate and other transactions? So you must be patient.

LTO Calamba, is another option for all driver’s licensee’s holder who live in Cabuyao, Calamba and Los Banos, this is the nearest LTO branches that you may try to renew your licenses.

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Here Are the Step’s On How to Renew Your Driver’s License over LTO Satellite Offices

1. Go to the nearest LTO satellite offices. In Sta. Rosa, Laguna they have one LTO satellite offices located in Robinson Mall, They are open as early as 8am.

2. If you are already in LTO satellite offices? Go to windows 4, to ask for assistance on how to renew your license? First they will tell you to go to their accredited Medical Clinic, after having your medical result return back to windows 4, they will give you a number and wait for your number to be called.
Take note: the medical fee is P350.00 and it’s valid for about 15th days.

3. Once your number is called you will proceed in windows 1, here you will have a photo capture and signature that is needed for your biometric. After that wait for your name to be called in windows 2.

4. In windows 2, you will be called to pay the fee, defending on the condition of your driver’s license. Whether you have a penalty for late registration. The fee amount for late renewal is P492.63 and for none late renewal is P417.63, then after paying the cashier, you will have to wait to be called in Releasing.

5. In windows 3, Releasing, your name will be called to sign your name and signature in their record books after completing that they will now give your new renew driver’s license. Aside from your new driver’s license with receipt they will also return your old driver’s license.

These is my own experience of acquiring my Driver’s license renewal in Robinson LTO Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Others might have different experience defending on the system and what area they renew their licenses?

I hope my experience help other’s so that they will know that they must bring patience when they go in some LTO Satellite Offices.

Know the Purpose of PH Own Version of Emergency Hotline 911/8888

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Emergency Call 911 is the famous emergency telephone number in United States of America, this telephone number is intended for use for people in need of assistance in case of emergency and it is also highly prohibited not to use such as frank calls because it is considered as a crime in America.

In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte, amend the law to change the emergency call number to 911 from the previous emergency call number 117. Adopting the same principles used in America where he also apply in Davao City when he still the Mayor of the town.

Aside from changing the emergency hotline, the president also explain the familiarity of dialing 911 against 117 and also to improve the services of emergency call and assistance in the country.

In the previous emergency call number 117, there are several complain that emergency caller is not assisted properly where caller is being transfer from one person to another and another? That issue is now change in Duterte’s administration where emergency caller is now directly assisted once he or she dial 911.

Here are the following emergency assistance that we must know when dialing emergency call # 911:

1. Immediate medical help in time of disaster and accident.
2. Immediate police assistance.
3. Immediate response or assistance in case of fire.

Here are the following citizen’s complaint assistance that we must know when dialing hotline # 8888:

1. Report a corrupt official of the government.
2. Report officials who do not work properly
3. Report unfinished and abandoned government project

Take note:
Both hotline are available in the country 24/7.