“No Peace Talk Negotiation” Pres. Duterte Warns CPP-NPA to Stop Using Landmines

President Rodrigo Duterte warns the CPP-NPA to stop using landmines or else he will cancel the peace talk negotiation.

The president was very emotional in a news conference held at the wake of four Philippine Army soldiers where four people were killed brutally in a separate encounter against the communist group CPP-NPA in Compostela Valley.

Reports says that in separate encounter with some members of New People’s Army, three Army soldiers were killed by a landmine and was also mutilated despite already dead. The three soldiers also seen broken face or skull which is categorized as over killing.

The president called on the New People’s Army {NPA) during the news conference to stop using “landmines” it’s against the international law of Geneva Convention. It’s either you stop it or we stop talking peace and let’s fight for another 45 years?

According to the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW or CCWC)

The use of  land mines, booby-traps and other devices regulates, but does not ban, land mines. It prohibits the use of non-detectable anti-personnel mines and their transfer; prohibits the use of non-self-destructing and non-self-deactivating mines outside fenced, monitored and marked areas; prohibits directing mines and booby traps against civilians; requires parties to the conflict to remove mines and booby traps when the conflict ends; broadens obligations of protecting peacekeeping and other missions of the United Nations and its agencies; requires States to enforce compliance with its provisions within their jurisdiction; and calls for penal sanctions in case of violation.

The president also pointed out that if he hear another encounter against the same incident of using landmines by New People’s Army, whether the victim is an Army soldier or a civilian? He will immediately stop a peace negotiation with the communist group.

He will immediately send back home his peace talk panel and instead use the money provided to the military.
source: conventional weapons