Tornado in Manila, First in Philippine History

On August 14, 2016 – for the first time in Philippine History the capital city of the country “Manila” was hit by a massive Tornado.

Just like a normal Sunday afternoon while all the people in Manila and some neighboring city are already expecting and preparing for a thunderstorm to happen especially during late afternoon due to weather condition that affecting the country.

But in unexpected event a very rare massive tornado was suddenly formed by amid heavy rains brought on by the enhanced southwest monsoon.

The Tornado was spotted in Manila area where it slowly formed then pass through Sampaloc district.

It only lasted for about 15 minutes leaving 200 damaged houses in Baseco compound where most of the houses lost their roof. Several old tress where also uprooted, power lines, cables and other structures were damaged during the onslaught of the tornado.

Several people witness one of Mother Nature’s most destructive natural forces, some of the witnesses film the natural event where many of them were in shock and puzzled as they seen some roof and debris floating and circling around the tornado. 

Despite the amazing display of Mother Nature it will surely leave devastating and immeasurable destruction whatever on its path including human life.

Tornado is rare event in the Philippines, where Typhoon is the most common natural disaster that always strike the country, despite there are several reports of tornado that happen to the country most of them happen in some part of Visayas and Mindanao and the tornado that hit Manila is the very first time in Philippine history.