Congressional Plate # 8 Order to be recalled by the House of Representative

A memorandum was issued by the House of Representative to recall all congressional plate or protocol plate No. 8 after a controversial issue that several vehicle with plate No.8 are been spotted or using the No. 8 vehicle in some indecent places or involved in crime related activities.

The order is an immediate recall of all protocol plates issued during the 16th Congress and earlier comgress.

The congressional plate or protocol plate is a government plate issued for all representatives or congressman aside from congressman there are also different protocol plate issued in different government officials defending in their position in the Philippine government.

For the President of the country Pres. Rodrigo Duterte the designated protocol plate is No.1.

Meanwhile, House of Representatives Secretary General Cesar Pareja said that all congressional plate must be turnover to the Office of the Secretary General for proper acknowledgement

On the other hand a legislator in the House of Representatives is not satisfied that only protocol plate No. 8 issued in the 16th Congress and earlier that should be recall but instead he wants that plate also issued this 17th Congress should be withdrawn also?

According to Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco, there is no reason to use the congressional protocol plate because even President Rodrigo Duterte is allegedly not using his presidential plate No.1.

If  President Duterte, is not using his No. 1 plate? Why using the No. 8 plates? That’s why Rep. Tiangco, wanted to amend the memorandum issued by Secretary General House office to include the plate 8 issued this 17th Congress.

Some netizens and even lawmaker are in favor of removing the congressional plate.
source: Abante