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NBA Final’s Rematch: Golden State Warriors Vs Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Golden State Warriors defeated the Oklahoma Thunder in Game 7 at Oracle Arena 96-88 and advance in the NBA Finals for the 2nd straight years to defend their title against the awaiting Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Warriors has the best season record in the NBA History with 73-9 in Regular Season, Stephen Curry won his 2nd straight MVP, and 1 more left to complete their season the 2015-2016 NBA Championship.

They were down 1-3 in the series against OKC, facing elimination but came back to win Game 5, 6 and 7 to continue their season and perhaps win it all in the Finals.

Stephen Curry, scores 36 points with 7 out of 12 three point shooting lead the GSW in the 4th quarter with amazing display in 3 point shot that sealed another trip in the Finals. Klay Thompson added 21 points with 6 out of 11 in the three point area.

Cleveland Cavaliers, the first team to reach the NBA Finals this season after winning the Eatern Conference Finals against Toronto Raptors, will have their rematch against the Warriors, who claimed the NBA Championship last year in their own home court Quickens Loans Arena in Game 6.

This time the Cavaliers, are well rested and healthy. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are both healthy and ready to play the Warriors. Will this two CAVS superstar be the difference to stop the Warriors and prove to the world that if they are only available to play last NBA Finals, The result could be different that the Cavaliers might be the NBA Champion?

Now this is the time to prove to the world on who is the best team in NBA, both team are healthy, no more excuses win or go home!

Defending Champion Golden State Warriors Vs Cleveland Cavaliers, a finals rematch, 2 time MVP Stephen Curry vs 4 time MVP LeBron James, who is your bet to win in this year NBA Finals?

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, No Show on the Day of Proclamation as President of the Philippines

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On May 30, 2016 - President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, made history as the first Philippine President who did not attend his own proclamation in the Congress.

Despite many political alliance of the President who convince him to attend the proclamation ceremony, the President, already decided to thumbs down the ceremony.

Aside from President Rodrigo Duterte, the controversial Vice President elect Leni Robredo, will also proclaimed on that same day.

Rumors speculated that the President reason of not attending the ceremony is because of Robredo’s presence and the majority of Liberal Party. But Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre, incoming Justice secretary of President Duterte’s Cabinet quickly denied all the speculation.

According to some reports, the President who stayed in Davao, at the time of proclamation has never attend any proclamation ceremony since the start of his political career.

Through Philippine History proclamation of President and Vice President is a significant landmark event in Philippine democracy as it is the major step in our electoral process.

President Duterte, is scheduled to take full responsibility of the country on June 30, 2016 replacing the outgoing President NoyNoy Aquino.

Meanwhile, report said that the incoming President will not stay in the Malacanang Palace, as the traditional home of the President for the next 6 years but Pres. Duterte, already said that he will rather go home every day in his home in Davao by a charter plane than stayed in Malacanang.

The President, already said that the reason on why he don’t want to stay in the Malacanang palace due to some Ghost Sightings? We don’t know if this is real or another joke from the incoming President?.

How To Apply NSO Birth Certificate Using Online Application

Need NSO Birth Certificates? But no time to go to NSO Branch?
Here is some easiest way to get NSO certificate even without living your own house.

NSO Birth Certificate is one major requirements that us Filipino must have during in our lifetime. It is a major requirements that we must present at all times for personal identity such as government transaction, enrolling in schools, applying for a job, applying for a visa or passport and other personal use that it may serve.

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What are the things that you will need for applying NSO Certificates Online

1. Desktop or Laptop
2. Internet connection
3. Search

Nowadays everything seems related to computer, transaction in some government agency can be easily done through internet just like this NSO Helpline.
There are several website that you can apply for acquiring NSO Certificates? but the one that I will give to you is tried and tested by yours truly.

Here’s how to Apply NSO Online

1. Go to their website

2. In the homepage there are 3 options that to choose, click order now for first time applicant of NSO Birth Certificate.

3. In the next page there are 3 options to choose, just click the desired certificate that you will need. I'll choose birth certificate for this tutorials.

4. In these page there are several options to choose, simply click on what purpose that you will be using your NSO Birth Certificate.

5.In this page simply fill out the necessary information about yourself.

6. In this page simply choose the right options for legal proceeding done to your birth certificate.

7. In this page fill up the information of the person and relation with the person who will received the certificate you applied for upon delivery.

8. In this page fill up the contact information such as cell phone #, landline # and email address and for delivery address, simply put your complete address where the certificate where be delivered. Also check your summary on how many copies of certificate you will need and prices of each certificate.

9. Confirm your order and payment options. An email will be sent to your email address that you used to confirm your orders. Payment should be done with in their accredited Payments via Credit Card or Bancnet ATMs and over-the-counter via Metrobank and Bayad Centers. NSO certificate will be processed as soon as your payment is cleared.

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Upon payment, NSO certificate will be delivered within to 2-3 working days and also prepare a valid ID and authorization letter in case the owner of the certificate is unavailable”

List of acceptable IDs are:
Company ID with photo and visible signature
Driver's License
NBI Clearance
Police Clearance
School ID
Senior Citizen
Voter's ID
PVC/latest PhilHealth ID

Watch: Greatest Block of Bismack Biyombo against LeBron James in a Game 4 Win Against the CAVS

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6 foot 9” forward/center Bismack Biyombo, perhaps the third most popular player of Toronto Raptors today! after an impressive performance he shows in this 2015-2016 Playoffs.

The 23 years old Biyombo from the country of Congo, had his breakout career after replacing Jonas Valanciunas in starting five. after an unfortunate injury happen to their starting center Jonas Valanciunas , who suffered a sprained ankle during their second round match against the Miami Heat.

The Raptors were down in the series 2-0 as they host the CAVS in Air Canada Center for Game 3.

Bismack Biyombo, most notable career in his young NBA career performance in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

He shows some impressive defense, blocking shot in some key plays of Cleveland Cavaliers even the greatest of them LeBron James, he also posted a career high and franchise record of Toronto Raptors of 26 rebounds in Playoffs franchise history.

The Raptors eventually gives the CAVS first loss in the post season.

In Game 4, the Raptors starts the game hot similar in Game 3, establishing their biggest lead with 18 point during first half and again the most notable defensive play before the first half end is the defensive block by Biyombo on the Greatest Player Today LeBron James.

Raptors fan disagree on the call foul on Biyombo after a clean block on LeBron James but a slight contact on the body that favored James on that play despite a foul was called fans cheers on Biyombo’s defensive blocks on James.

Cavaliers came back in the 4th quarter and momentirely  take a slim lead but the Raptors makes some defensive stop and rebounds with the help of Biyombo that secure Game 4 and tie the series match 2-2.

Kyle Lowry posted 35 points and Demar DeRozan scores 32 points but the real MVP that game is Bismack Biyombo where fans inside the arena chants for Biyombo as MVP.

Now, perhaps Bismack Biyombo, is now popular as much as LeBron James or even much popular in Canada!
source: youtube

Leni Robredo Possible to Sit as Vice President is Near?

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According to the lawyer of Liberal Party (LP) vice presidential candidate Leni Robrero, is the clear winner of May 9 elections and should not have any doubt of it. the proclamation of the early winners at the national level is proof that nothing should hinder the proclamation of  the vice president.

According to Atty. Romulo Macalintal, Leni Robredo should be already proclaimed because the 12 newly elected senators and 46 party-list groups are already proclaimed.

Only one system or one generating system was used, what is used to generate the votes of the senators and the party-list is also the same that sent it to the President and Vice President, "said by Atty. Macalintal”.

So those who say that there is an error or mistake? That  supposed to have been a systems audit for those VCM (vote counting machine ) is no longer appropriate because the proclamation of senators and party-list will prove that no error occurred in the election.

In other words as a lawyer Leni Robredo , not just strengthening the election returns we received , those exposed to the Comelec website is the same as the documents given to us by the board of canvassers , said by Macalintal.

Even in the local  the evidence of alleged fraud? should have found that even at the national level, because it is the whole Philippines.

There you will see that there are mistakes in the transmittal for the results of the municipal board of canvassers in the municipal sent to the provincial board of canvassers that would  tally, meaning  it is the same. Those sending in the province at the national level aretotallt  tally their results, according to the LP lawyer Atty. Macalintal.
source: Abante

Cleveland Cavaliers Outclass Toronto Raptors in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals

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Cleveland Cavaliers shows no sign of rust in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals after a long 9 days of layoff outclassing their opponent Toronto Raptors in a blown out Game 1, 115-84.

The Cavaliers the only unbeaten team in the post season with 9-0 record. Sweep the first round and second round of the Playoffs against Detroit Piston and Atlanta Hawks.

LeBron James and the Cavs welcome Toronto Raptors in the Quickens Loan Arena in Game 1, The Raptors had a quick start as they take an early lead of 7 points in the 1st quarter 9-2 but then Cavs turn around everything in 2nd quarter as the team heated up and take a commanding 22 point lead at the end of the 1st Half 66-42.

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, lead the Cavs in the 1st Half, Kyrie shows some dribbling skills that amazed the crowd, while LeBron shows some series of power dunks that gives momentum and energy to the team until the 2nd Half.

 The Cavs Big Three lead by Kyrie Irving scores a game high of 27 points and 5 assist, LeBron James has 24 points and 6 assist while Kevin Love added 14 points and 4 rebounds. The Big Three never return in the 4th quarter due to the big lead establish by the team.

Meanwhile, Toronto Raptors, who played two best of seven series in the first two round of the Playoffs don’t know what hit them in Game 1, they simply outplayed and outcast by the Cavs, Demar DeRozan lead the Raptors with 18 points and 5 assist while Kyle Lowry scores only 8 points in 4 out of 14 shooting.

Game 2 is on Thursday May 19 at Quickens Loan Arena (US Time).

Toronto Raptors Made History as They Advance in Their First Ever Conference Finals

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Toronto Raptors completed the cast of the conference final as they advance in the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history.

The Raptors defeated Miami Heat in a “Do or Die” Game 7, 116-89. Kyle Lowry leads all scorers with 35 points and 9 assist. Demar DeRozan also added 28 points and 8 rebounds.

Game 7, was close from 1st – 3rd quarter but Toronto pull away in the 4th quarter after scoring 30 points against only 11 points by the Heat establishing their biggest lead in the game and never look back.

Toronto Raptors will face the well-rested and undefeated team in the post season LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers on May 17, Tuesday (US Time) Game 1, of the Eastern Conference Finals.

2015-2016 Regular Season Match

2 wins and 1 loss is the regular season match-up between Toronto Raptors and the Cavalirss, which favored Toronto.

East Finals Prediction

Despite Toronto beat Cleveland twice in the regular season, Cavaliers is the clear advantage in the East Conference Finals, they are well-rested team, the team are now much more blended team, showing more accuracy in the 3 point area and they have the best player in the world.

The Cavaliers, swept their first two assignment in the post season against Detroit Piston and Atlanta Hawks having the best record in the Playoffs with 8-0. Against Toronto Raptors with 8-6 who already faced two Game 7 in the first two rounds suffering some injury with some key players.

Meanwhile, The West Conference Finals, starts on Monday May 16 (US Time) between the top seeded Golden State Warriors and the #3 seeded Oklahoma City Thunder. Reigning and two time MVP, Stephen Curry is back on his original form and expected to be a great series.

Rep. Leni Robredo Maintain Her Lead against Sen. Marcos in a Tight Race for Vice President

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The May 9 Elections has already been passed and several candidates from the lowest position up to the highest position in the government has already been declared as winners.

Incoming President Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao city, is the landslide winner of the Presidential race, dominating the presidential votes from Day 1, leading as much 6 million votes from the 2nd place Mar Roxas of the Liberal Party.

Unlike the Presidential race where a clear winner is already declared, the VP race are still in a tight race between Liberal Party  and Camarines Sur Representative Leni Robredo against Nacionalista Party Sen. Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, Jr also known as “Bongbong Marcos” the son of the late dictator President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

The race between Leni Robredo and Bongbong Marcos became controversial after Leni Robredo takes the lead on the morning of May 10, where rumors of alleged cheating? Or “dagdad-bawas” happen during most people are asleep.

Marcos, who take the early lead in the VP race on the early counting of votes on May 9, he has an estimated of more than 1 million votes away from the 2nd place Leni Robredo, but slowly decreases his lead during late night of May 9 till he was overtake by Leni Robredo in the morning of May 10. Since then Robredo maintain her lead up to now.

Social media users take their opportunity to give their different opinion about the VP race, some believes that Marcos was cheated by the administration particularly President Ninoy Aquino because of the dispute between two family that up to know still exist.

Some netizens question on how Leni Robredo gets her votes? Despite less popularity of all VP candidates and less endorser compared to Sen.Marcos, who has many and bigger endorser and highly favored to win the VP Race.

There are many question about what happen in the VP Race? But as the counting continuous and there’s a lot of votes that still to be counted let’s wait and see on who will be the real winner for the Vice President of the Philippines?

As of today May 13, for the VP race LP bet Leni Robredo, still holding the number 1 position with 13,992,734 votes against the 2nd place Sen. Marcos who has 13,775,423 votes according to PPCRV as of 6:45 am.

Philippines 2016 Election Partial and Unofficial Results: Mayor Duterte Lead Presidency with Big Margin

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May 9, 2016 Elections marks as the final survey for all politicians that runs in different position in the Government and as the vote are almost finish in counting we have the partial and unofficial votes.

Despite several problems encountered in voting yesterday which several VCM or vote counting machine failed or encountered errors the 2016 Elections was successfully ended peacefully.

For the highest position in the country the Presidency currently lead by Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of PDB Laban with a big margin against his opponent the partial and unofficial votes as of May 10 at 2:40 AM. Base on COMELEC and GMA mirror server Duterte, already has 14,633,730 votes

Duterte, who might be the next and the 16th President of the Philippines, clearly ahead with his opponent in the presidency with a margin of estimated 6 million votes against the second place Mar Roxas.

Despite the late accusation and mudslinging to Mayor Duterte, it does not stop the people of choosing the Mayor of becoming the next president of the country

Administration bet Mar Roxas and Nationalist People's Coalition Grace Poe, currently at #2 and #3 position respectively. Mar Roxas has 8,768,924 votes while Sen, Grace Poe has 8,240,520 votes partial and unofficial.

Vice President Jejomar Binay falls down at #4 position with 4,898,226 and Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiagp at #5 with 1,337,293.

Meanwhile the position for Vice President of the country is currently in a close fight between Nacionalista Party Senator Bongbong Marcos who has 12,798,960 votes at #1 position followed by administration bet of Liberal Party Leni Robredo who has 12,777,952 votes.

The difference of the two candidates is estimated of more than 20,000 plus in favor of Marcos and as the votes continue in counting for the remainder of yesterday election the position for vice presidency might be in tight race.

LeBron James Lead CAV’s In a Narrow Win against Atlanta Hawks, Advance in ECF

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Cleveland Cavaliers escape a narrow win in a thrilling end game in Game 4, 100 – 99 against the Atlanta Hawks in their second round series match.

The Cavaliers swept the Hawks 4-0, for the second straight season and 12 straight in total in post season being the worst in NBA History.

LeBron James, made the last two basket in the end game that give’s the Cavs a 3 point lead 100 – 97 with 39 seconds remaining but Hawks guard Dennis Schroder made a quick driving layup that cut the lead into 1 100 – 99, with 34 seconds remaining.

The hawks has the chance to win the game after a missed by LeBron James with 14 seconds remaining but failed to take the chance after a defensive stop by LeBron James against Schroder that leads to a jump ball.

Cavs escape the game after JR Smith taps the ball back in the court that ends the game.

Kevin Love, lead the Cavs in scoring with 27 points and 13 reb., Kyrie Irving has 21 points and 8 assist and LeBron James who is one assist away of a triple double scored 21 points 10 reb. 9 assist.

The Cavaliers advance for the second consecutive year in the Eastern Conference Finals, while LeBron James makes his six consecutive Eastern Finals appearance dated back with his former team Miami Heat who he got four ECF appearance.

Cleveland Cavaliers awaits the winner of the Miami Heat vs Toronto Raptors series match, currently Raptors lead the series 2-1.

The most anticipated series match in the ECF will be the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat, James facing his former team and buddy Dwayne Wade but not if the Raptors can help it happen?
LeBron James, already said in an interview that it doesn’t matter who they face in the Eastern Conference Finals?

Let’s Talk! Mar Roxas to Sen. Grace Poe, Over the Impending Presidency of Mayor Duterte

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Let’s talk!!! A request made by Liberal Party Presidential candidate Mar Roxas to his opponent in the Presidency Nationalist People's Coalition Sen. Grace Poe, to join forces in preventing the impending Presidency of PDP-Laban Davao city Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Mar Roxas said in a press conference that he wanted to speak with the senator at any time she would be available? This relates to the impending victory of the leading candidate for Presidency of the Philippines Mayor Duterte.

Roxas, who did not mentioned his purposed on meeting Sen. Grace Poe might be withdrawing his candidacy from presidency? Just to give way to Sen. Grace Poe and preventing Mayor Duterte from becoming the next President..

Sen. Grace Poe, already expressed her opinion on Mar Roxas request, but she already made her mind that she will not withdraw her candidacy despite she agreed to join forces with Mar Roxas?

Meanwhile the COMELEC, said that any candidate are allowed to withdraw their candidacy at this point in time but his/her name cannot be removed in the list of ballots because the ballots are already done and distributed in the provinces.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who continue his lead in the latest survey and the favorite of winning the 2016 presidency was also predicted by some Asian country’s to be the next President of the Philippines? Despite having multiple allegations and mudslinging thrown on him this late before the real survey happen on May 9.

With only two days to go and the 2016 National Election is coming on Monday, some desperate moves are yet to seen till the elections happen?

To all voters, Good luck to our country let’s hope that we choose the right one to be the next leader of our country “Philippines”.

Sen. Trillanes Challenged Mayor Duterte to file libel against Him

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Just a few days to go and a new President of the Philippines will be elected after the May 9 National Elections votes has been counted.

Aside from the Presidency, a new Vice President will also be elected together with some new and old government officials in the higher and lower positions.

While the elections is nearing the argument and the accusation or mudslinging in the highest position in the country is also heated.

Presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City, is the eye of mudslinging as the election is nearing. The latest accusation for Mayor Duterte is the alleged bank account in Bank of the Philippines (BPI).

Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, accused the mayor of having P211 million in its nine accounts at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branch Julia Vargas in Pasig City. Which is not declared in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth (SALN).

In sum, Trillanes believe that the Mayor has a total money of P2.5 billion in three banks, in addition to 41 properties in various parts of the country.

Triallanes, also believe and challenged the Mayor, to file a libel case against him? But the Mayor won’t do it because if he files a case, then the bank accounts is now will be e¬xempted from the Bank Secrecy Law.

Also, Presidential candidate and administration bet Mar Roxas challenged Mayor Duterte to sign a real waiver that would allow public disclosure of the Mayor’s bank records.

Meanwhile, Mayor Duterte, deny all the accusation for having millions of money in BPI bank. He only agreed that he has a BPI bank account which is only worth of P27,000.00.

The politics in the Philippines is a simple tactics of giving alleged Corruption and allegations against their opponents. It’s an obvious desperate move of every candidates just to win in their position that they are running for?

LA Lakers Hired Luke Walton as the New Head Coach of the Team

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Assistant coach Luke Walton of the Golden State Warriors finally reach an agreement between his agent and the Lakers management that will bring Luke Walton in the Lakers organization.

The 36 years old Luke Walton, won his 2 NBA Championship with the Lakers, he played together with the most dominant team at that time with Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Derick Fisher.

Walton, said in an interview after naming as the new head coach of the Lakers said
That leaving Golden State Warriors is very tough decision but the opportunity to be a head coach of LA Lakers is an opportunity that he couldn’t pass bye.

At the start of 2015-2016 NBA Season, assistant coach Walton replace Steve Kerr as the interim coach for the Warriors while Steve Kerr is recovering from back injury. He leads the Warriors for the best start in NBA History. Walton gives the Warriors 39 wins and 4 loss in 43 games as interim coach.

Walton did not won the Coach of the Year, but his Coach Steve Kerr won the award despite coaching the Warriors for the most part of the season.

The success that Luke Walton shows as interim coach, gives the other team the opportunity or interest of hiring as coach and that’s come up the LA Lakers who was really interested of hiring him as the new coach of the team.

Lakers management and Luke Walton agent made a final agreement of 5 year contract, an annual salary of  $5 million and $6 million and incentives.