Leni Robredo Possible to Sit as Vice President is Near?

According to the lawyer of Liberal Party (LP) vice presidential candidate Leni Robrero, is the clear winner of May 9 elections and should not have any doubt of it. the proclamation of the early winners at the national level is proof that nothing should hinder the proclamation of  the vice president.

According to Atty. Romulo Macalintal, Leni Robredo should be already proclaimed because the 12 newly elected senators and 46 party-list groups are already proclaimed.

Only one system or one generating system was used, what is used to generate the votes of the senators and the party-list is also the same that sent it to the President and Vice President, "said by Atty. Macalintal”.

So those who say that there is an error or mistake? That  supposed to have been a systems audit for those VCM (vote counting machine ) is no longer appropriate because the proclamation of senators and party-list will prove that no error occurred in the election.

In other words as a lawyer Leni Robredo , not just strengthening the election returns we received , those exposed to the Comelec website is the same as the documents given to us by the board of canvassers , said by Macalintal.

Even in the local  the evidence of alleged fraud? should have found that even at the national level, because it is the whole Philippines.

There you will see that there are mistakes in the transmittal for the results of the municipal board of canvassers in the municipal sent to the provincial board of canvassers that would  tally, meaning  it is the same. Those sending in the province at the national level aretotallt  tally their results, according to the LP lawyer Atty. Macalintal.
source: Abante