Let’s Talk! Mar Roxas to Sen. Grace Poe, Over the Impending Presidency of Mayor Duterte

Let’s talk!!! A request made by Liberal Party Presidential candidate Mar Roxas to his opponent in the Presidency Nationalist People's Coalition Sen. Grace Poe, to join forces in preventing the impending Presidency of PDP-Laban Davao city Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Mar Roxas said in a press conference that he wanted to speak with the senator at any time she would be available? This relates to the impending victory of the leading candidate for Presidency of the Philippines Mayor Duterte.

Roxas, who did not mentioned his purposed on meeting Sen. Grace Poe might be withdrawing his candidacy from presidency? Just to give way to Sen. Grace Poe and preventing Mayor Duterte from becoming the next President..

Sen. Grace Poe, already expressed her opinion on Mar Roxas request, but she already made her mind that she will not withdraw her candidacy despite she agreed to join forces with Mar Roxas?

Meanwhile the COMELEC, said that any candidate are allowed to withdraw their candidacy at this point in time but his/her name cannot be removed in the list of ballots because the ballots are already done and distributed in the provinces.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who continue his lead in the latest survey and the favorite of winning the 2016 presidency was also predicted by some Asian country’s to be the next President of the Philippines? Despite having multiple allegations and mudslinging thrown on him this late before the real survey happen on May 9.

With only two days to go and the 2016 National Election is coming on Monday, some desperate moves are yet to seen till the elections happen?

To all voters, Good luck to our country let’s hope that we choose the right one to be the next leader of our country “Philippines”.