Philippines 2016 Election Partial and Unofficial Results: Mayor Duterte Lead Presidency with Big Margin

May 9, 2016 Elections marks as the final survey for all politicians that runs in different position in the Government and as the vote are almost finish in counting we have the partial and unofficial votes.

Despite several problems encountered in voting yesterday which several VCM or vote counting machine failed or encountered errors the 2016 Elections was successfully ended peacefully.

For the highest position in the country the Presidency currently lead by Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of PDB Laban with a big margin against his opponent the partial and unofficial votes as of May 10 at 2:40 AM. Base on COMELEC and GMA mirror server Duterte, already has 14,633,730 votes

Duterte, who might be the next and the 16th President of the Philippines, clearly ahead with his opponent in the presidency with a margin of estimated 6 million votes against the second place Mar Roxas.

Despite the late accusation and mudslinging to Mayor Duterte, it does not stop the people of choosing the Mayor of becoming the next president of the country

Administration bet Mar Roxas and Nationalist People's Coalition Grace Poe, currently at #2 and #3 position respectively. Mar Roxas has 8,768,924 votes while Sen, Grace Poe has 8,240,520 votes partial and unofficial.

Vice President Jejomar Binay falls down at #4 position with 4,898,226 and Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiagp at #5 with 1,337,293.

Meanwhile the position for Vice President of the country is currently in a close fight between Nacionalista Party Senator Bongbong Marcos who has 12,798,960 votes at #1 position followed by administration bet of Liberal Party Leni Robredo who has 12,777,952 votes.

The difference of the two candidates is estimated of more than 20,000 plus in favor of Marcos and as the votes continue in counting for the remainder of yesterday election the position for vice presidency might be in tight race.