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NASA Confirmed Water Existence Over The Red Planet "Mars"

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On Monday, September 28, 2015 , the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA , announce that they finally solved the mystery over Planet Mars, explaining that water do exist in the Red Planet. The announcement was called "Mars Mystery Solved".

After several years of studying and searching for an alien life on Planet Mars or if Mars was once held life existence. A discovery was finally revealed by NASA in a press conference at the space agency in Washington. Announcing that water do exist in Planet Mars as of present day.

The water that was discovered on Planet Mars is unlike the water that we known on our Planet Earth. The characteristic of water over Planet Mars  could be a liquid, briny water.

The water was discovered over the canyons and crater walls over the summer months and as of now NASA don’t know where the water came from? It might came from underground ice or salty aquifers, or condense out of the thin Martian atmosphere.

The new findings was came from  NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) by using an imaging spectrometer on, researchers detected signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious streaks are seen on the Red Planet.

Upon the discovery of water over Planet Mars, NASA are now planning on sending man for further expedition and if Planet  Mars can sustain human life?  NASA are now positive that there is a possible life existence on the Red Planet.

Watch: McDonald's Second Version Of TV Commercial Of AlDub Duo #ALDUBKoTo

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AlDub duo, released another TV commercial this Monday afternoon. The commercial was the second version of famous fast food chain McDonalds. It was first aired in Eat Bulaga’s KalyeSerye.

It is the third TV commercial of the AlDub Duo, their first  TV commercial was also Mcdonald, immediately followed by Talk N’Text and now the second version of TV commercial for McDonalds.

Just like their previous commercial Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub, are separate in split screen, while singing the famous song “Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal” popularized by the group VST and Company.

The commercial shows the two lying in the bed in split screen while singing the song “Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal” then preparing their self until they go to a fast food chain McDonalds. Maine Mendoza was inside the fast food chain while Alden Richards was inside a Van. Both was eating McDonalds product.

At the end of the commercial Maine Mendoza, sing Pa-Pa-Na-Ki-Ta in McDonald's popular tune.
The TV commercial is expected to gain millions of viewers  and tweets. currently it was released in Youtube.
source: GMA , Youtube

"AlDub Fever" Pabebe Wave And Second Date On Saturday Breaks Another Milestone In Twitter World

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The Phenomenal split screen tandem of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub, marks another milestone in Twitter, as they received 25.6 M tweets all over the world, for the #‎ALDubEBforLOVE‬  just last Saturday on their segment in Eat Bulaga “KalyeSerye”.

At the same day,Filipino fans here and abroad, support the National Pabebe Wave Day, giving their support by sending different pictures of their own Pabebe wave in some Facebook page and groups. While some fans uploaded their own Pabebe wave on their own social media account like facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc.

 ‪#‎ALDubEBforLOVE‬ , break their previous record of 12.1 M tweets just a week ago on their first date in Broadway live in Eat Bulaga.

The massive tweets that are receiving by the  ‪#‎ALDubEBforLOVE‬ , curious foreign country on what is the meaning of AlDub? What or who is this? One of them is Barry White – the original artist of the song “God Gave Me You and famous actress Barbie Hsu of Meteor Garden. As they give support to AlDub Love Team.

The much awaited second date gives thrill and excitement to all AlDub fans, where Lola Nidora allowed Alden Richard to visit Yaya Dub in their Mansion.
AlDubs Second Date

Supporting character of Lola Nidora, Lola Tinidora, Lola Tidora and rest of Eat Bulaga Dabarkads. Are greatly appreciated of what is now for the tandem of Alden and Yaya Dub. The popularity and high TV ratings are all credits to all of them!!!

Eat Bulaga, JuanforAll,AllforJuan, KalyeSerye and AlDub, gives joy and happiness every noon from Monday through Saturday to all Filipino and momentarily forget all their problems whether in politics, family problems and etc.

Joey De Leon Ask Netizen’s To Show Pabebe Wave On Their Social Media Account

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Veteran TV host and Actor, Joey De Leon, Request to all Dabarkads and AlDub Nation on the day  of Pabebe Day, to show their Pabebe wave support on their Social Media Account.

Joey De Leon, posted his request to Netizens, to support his request on the day of Pabebe wave, which will happen on Saturday Eat Bulaga’s segment “KalyeSerye”.

The National Pabebe wave day, is another anticipated event of KalyeSerye “AlDubs”. Where Alden Richard is Scheduled To visit Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub after  Lola Nidora, finally allowed Alden to visit Yaya Dub in her Mansion.

Fans all over the world who support the “ALDub Love team” has already give their support on the National Pabebe Wave, sending their different picture, showing their Pabebe wave on their home, work and even in abroad.

Last Saturday, the “AlDub fever”  make a record of 12.1 M Tweets, breaking their previous record. will they break their own record on the day of “National Pabebe Wave”?

Aside from local fans, many foreign country are also intrigue of the #aldub as they were puzzled of the popularity of the “AlDub” in social media, especially in Twitter.
source: GMA

Gilas Pilipinas, Rebounded From A Humiliating Loss To Palestine, Beating Hong Kong 101 - 50

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The Philippine Team, Gilas Pilipinas, rebounded from a very disappointing loss to a newly join team in FIBA, Team Palestine.

The newcomer Palestine debut their first game in the FIBA Asia Championship, by defeating and humiliating the Gilas Pilipinas in a 75 – 73 win for Palestine in Changsa Gymnasium.

Despite the lost, Team Gilas are very positive that they are still a very dangerous team to beat. And A loss to Palestine, will not make any statement that they are a weak team.

On their next game, Gilas Pilipinas, rout the Team of Hong Kong, avenging their sorry lost to Palestine after routing Team Hong Kong with a big margin of  51 points, 101 – 50.  Erasing the embarrassment they suffered against the Palestine.

Jason Castro, dubbed as the best point guard in Asia lead the Gilas Pilipinas in scoring with 21 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assist. Gilas never looked back after starting strong in the opening tiff off against the Hong Kong. With this win Gilas are now 1 win and 1 loss.

Gilas Pilipinas next assignment is the Team of  Kuwait, scheduled at 4:45pm, September 25.

Gilas Pilipinas, are looking to advance for the preliminary round of the Asian qualifiers.

"AlDubs" Love Team Co-Star In The Movie "My BEBELOVE" With Vic Sotto And Ai Ai De las Alas

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The rumors are now finally came true, as the hottest love teams of today, the duo of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka “AlDubs” will have their first movie.

It was confirmed that the movie which in title “My BeBeLove”  originally titled as “Rom-come in mo ako”, features lead star Vic Sotto and Ai Ai De Las Alas, co – starring the duo of “AlDubs” in their very first movie.

The movie is also featured as entry for Metro Manila Film Festival on Christmas Day, along with other movie entry in MMFF.

It is expected to be a blockbuster hit where Vic Sotto is known for making movie hit every year as an entry for MMFF Festival, together with comedy queen Ai Ai De las Alas and the addition of the “AlDubs Love team”  it will make it a sure Mega hit in Christmas Day! AlDub nation will surely not missed to watch the first movie of their Idol.

Even if its too early to tell what will be the outcome of the movie, especially the first movie of the duo of AlDubs, my prediction is that the movie might break the highest gross earn in history? With the the addition of “AlDub” in the said movie, is just like breaking every Saturday their own record in twitter by earning millions of tweets. And I expected too in the big screen.

It will be a great treat for the family, young and adults this Christmas Day!  And AlDub nation are sure excited of the said movies that finally their idol will be seen on the big screen.

Seth Rollins Lose His US Title To John Cena But Retained His WWE Heavyweight Title Against Sting In The Nights Of Champion

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WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, has to face two consecutive match in WWE Night of Champions. First he had to face John Cena for the United State Champion and later Sting for the WWE Heavyweight Champion.

First, Seth Rollins faces  John Cena for the US Title defense. But unfortunately lose the title in a pin. John Cena, successfully regain his United State Title, which he also lost to Seth Rollins in SummerSlam.

Seth Rollins, who suffered a lose to Cena, quickly face Sting for WWE heavyweight Title defense. While still lying down the canvas after Cena’s attack, he an Sting continue the fight  and eventually beat Sting in a pin.

While Rollins celebrate his victory, Sheamus, immediately attack Rollins and want to cash out his money bank to fight Rollins for the WWE title. Unfortunately Cain, appeared in the ring and attack both Rollins and Sheamus that ended the night.

Seth Rollins, is still the WWE Heavyweight Champion.

Other Matches and Results:

Kevin Owen defeated Ryback - for the WWE Inter continental Championship

The New day defeated the Dudley Boyz – retain the WWE Tag Team Championship by a disqualification.

Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella – for the WWE Diva’s Championship by a Submission.

John Cena defeated Seth Rollins – for the United State Championship by a pin

Seth Rollins defended his WWE Heavyweight Title agains Sting by a pin.

WWE Night of Champions is Pay Per View(PPV) event which was held in Houston, Texas at Toyota Center.

Who’s In And Who’s Out For The 2016 Presidential And Vice Presidential Elections

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Philippines – The 2016 national election is nearing and the candidates are starting to reveal on what position that they are running.

The latest to announce their candidacy are Senator Grace Poe and Senator Chiz Escudero. The two are known as good friends and will continue their friendship as tandem for the 2016 Elections.

After several months of waiting Senator Grace Poe, the adopted son of Actor Fernando Poe Jr and Actress Susan Roces, finally declared her candidacy to run for a higher position as a Presidential Candidate, teaming with Senator Chiz Escudero, who also announce his candidacy as Senator Grace Poe, running mate for Vice President.

Grace Poe, who early this year, declined the offer of VP Binay to be his running mate and after months of speculations that she will be the running mate of Mar Roxas, as vice president.  She remain silence of her future candidacy but all was revealed after announcing her true prospect for the 2016 elections where she revealed in UP.

Vice President Jejomar Binay, also  one of the prime candidate for Presidency and a top contender for Presidency are still looking for a running mate for VP. As of now there are speculation that Senator Bong Bong Marcos is one who considered as his running mate.

Davao City, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who once announce that he will run for Presidency announce that he will no longer run for Presidency and Quote that he has no ambition to become a President.

While former DILG secretary and administration bid Mar Roxas, is also considered to be a top contender for Presidency, was decline by Senator Grace Poe to be a running mate, however Roxas accept the decision of Grace Poe, and now moving towards in searching for the right running mate.

On the list of candidate for VP for Roxas, are names like Governor Vilma Santos and The wife of late DILG Secretary Leni Robredo.

As of now this are the list of Presidential and Vice presidential candidates that already proclaimed their candidacy. It is expected that the list will increase as the 2016 Elections is nearing.

Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub Named As The Most Famous Online Sensation

Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub, was recently featured in a TV shows called “Ang Pinaka” as the no. 1 famous Online Sensation in the Philippines.

Despite many candidates that are as talented as Maine Mendoza, she stood out from all. She was recognized by the TV Show Ang Pinaka, as the most popular Internet sensation beating 9 other candidates in the Top 10 list of Ang Pinaka Top Ten List.

Maine Mendoza, who gained popularity after her Dudsmash video, gain million of viewers in the social media in just 24 hours, she was immediately crown as the Queen of Dubsmash. After a while she was joined in Eat Bulaga’s KalyeSerye and it continues her popularity when she was team up with Alden Richards. The two eventually called as “AlDubs”.

“AlDubs” popularity is well recognized all over the world where there are filipinos watching the TV shows KalyeSerye. They are the hottest love team today, despite separated by split screen and has never joined together.

Maine Mendoza together with Alden Richards, continues their fame as they also became a TV Commercial endorser, currently they have now two commercial TV, Ads from McDonalds and quickly followed by Ads of Talk N’Text.

As of now, the magic of “Aldub Loveteam” continue their success, gaining more viewers, followers, fans, and sooner or later a movie break perhaps the “AlDuds” will be seen? Rumors that they are be casting un the upcoming movies of Vic sotto and Ai Ai de las alas.
source: GMA

Watch: Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza "AlDubs" Released Their Second TV Commercial With Talk N' Text

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In just a few days has past the duo of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka “AlDubs” release their first TV commercial which they are featured on McDonalds one of the most popular fast food chain in the Philippines.

AlDubs fan’s  gone crazy as they seen their idol for the first time in a TV commercial, it breaks several tweeter records where it gain million of tweets.

As the popularity of “AlDubs” continue to gain success and there are no stoping to it. a second TV commercial has been released today Tuesday, September 15.

The Duo of “AlDud” released their second TV commercial as they are featured on Talk N’ Text Extended ang promos at saya sa TNT Extend. It was released right after KalyeSerye around 1:30. Just like the first TV commercial of the duo.

Just like the first commercial Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are still separated by camera, seen on split screen as they also dubsmash on the said ad commercial.

The commercial is expected to be a top trending in social media like facebook and twitter. Fans are exited to see the second commercial and perhaps the fans that already see it are feeling the trill and exitement of the “AlDud fever’

  “AlDud Love team” are hot and endorser are left and right and I expected to see another commercial for the next few days…
source: youtube

Floyd Mayweather JR. Retired From Boxing With Unblemished Record Of 49 Wins And No Loss

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The undefeated pound for pound champion, “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather JR, is still pretty after defeating fellow American Andre Berto, in a unanimous decision that took place in the MGM Grand Garden Arena, September 12.

The 38 years old boxer, retain his WBC and WBA welterweight titles. Extend his winning straight to 49 wins with no loss. Tying the only boxer in the world with undefeated record former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano.

Mayweather landed sharp counters and feint hooks while controlling range for the vast majority of the bout. Mayweather hurt his left hand at the end of the ninth round but remained comfortable throughout the rest of the fight, it took 12 rounds of boxing to determined the winner of the bout. The decision favor Mayweather by winning via unanimous decision.

After the fight Mayweather, announce his retirement while in the ring after defeating Berto he ended his 19 years professional boxing career with unblemished record. He qouted that “I’ve accomplished everything in this sport, there’s nothing else to accomplish.”

The bout between Floyd Mayweather JR and Andre Berto, might not be a popular bout, it might not be a good bout to end for Floyd Mayweather. He should choose a much tougher opponent ending his career with a bang. But he rather choose an easy opponent so he could beat it easily and retain his title with unbeaten records. That is his tactics, nothing we can do about it.

Despite the arrogance he show on and off the ring, arguably he is the best pound for pound champion in the world through out his career.

With the retirement of Floyd Mayweather JR, the chances of rematch between Manny pacquiao and him ended. We are now looking for new boxer to shine and perhaps entertain us, as once did by Floyd mayweather. Hopefully as soon as possible we see a new Floyd Mayweather JR, that will entertain us in the square ring.

Netizen's Amazed On The Clearliness Of Flooded Water That Seen On One Of Japan Subway

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Japan was recently hit by a Tropical Typhoon Storm Etau, it brought floods and washes away several houses. some people stranded from their house and successfully rescued by the rescuer.

Despite the tragedy that happen there, there are still lighter news where several social media users are amazed on several photo where it shows a flooded subway in Japan in the city of Hamamatsu.

Even though the subway was flooded, Netizens cannot stop them self to applaud the clearliness of the flood water that flooded the subway. 

The images of flooded subway quickly went viral in social media, especially in Chinese social media, where they compare the floods that they are experiencing in their country China against Japans Flood. 

Social media users even compared the water in the flooded subway to a swimming pool due to its clarity or cleanliness based on the images taken.

Japan is known for technologies and high tech equipment and aside from that the discipline that they followed in their country, they strictly follow segregation of trash that can be recycle. In order to prevent pollution and such major calamity.

In my home country Philippines, we always experiencing floods, mostly in major city like Manila. Due to undisciplined people throwing their garbage in the river and improper Segregation of garbage that caused immediate floods.  Everywhere you can see trash floating in the water with dark or brown color.

Due to this trash it block the water ways like drainage where water should go through, and that’s why we are amazed of the images that seen in flooded subway in Japan. its still a flood though the clearliness is so nice to see and you cannot even see trash in the flooded subway.

Hopefully the Philippines, will have the solution to reduce the flooded areas that caused by trash and hopefully the citizen will have the discipline to follow the rules of throwing trash in proper place.

Yaya Dub Accidentally Bump Alden Richards Sensitve Part

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An Accidental Contact of Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub on Alden Richard Sensitive parts is now making rounds in the social media.

Despite the excitement and trill of all fans of “AlDub”, in their second meeting last Saturday in Eat Bulaga’s KalyeSerye, Yaya Dub did not get away on some fans as they noticed that Yaya Dub accidental bump on Alden’s sensitive part.

The incident is now making a buzz in social media as the picture where it happen the incident is now scattered in the internet.

Some fans might ignored the incident but others making it a big deal. This kind of incident could really happen if you are blind folded, you cannot see the things around you and because of that expected things happen.

But despite the incident, the second meeting is no doubt makes another milestone to the duo of “AlDub” breaks another record for most tweets in #aldubtheabduction

The AlDub love team, is more gaining fans and follower’s as the KalyeSerye continues, with this Eat Bulaga’s masterful KalyeSerye it will continue to gain popularity world wide.

Congrats to “AlDubs” Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, more power and success!!!

Watch: The First Ever McDonalds TV Commercial Of "AlDub" Stars Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza

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The most talk about love team today “AlDub” Alden richards and Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub, finally release their first commercial together, which they are featured in a popular fastfood chain McDonalds.

AlDub Fans awaits the first commercial release of the star of “AlDub” as early Friday morning after the announcement was inform in the public.

The commercial shows Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza, eating in McDonald fastfood chain while singing “Ikaw lang ang aking mahal” popularized by a famous group of the 70’s and 80’s VST and Co.

Though they are seen together in the commercial Tv ads, but actually they are on different split screen. As they were not really eating together.

Even in TV commercial the duo of “AlDub” stars are not getting as close as they can, as they are preventing to get near each other.

The TV commercial was first aired after Eat Bulaga’s kalyeserye ended.

The commercial already gain viewers and tweets in the social media and expected to gain more.
source: GMA

An Asteroid Is About To Hit Earth From September 21 - 28, 2015! According To Rev Efraid Rodriguez, Prophecy

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A Prophecy of an alleged asteroid is about to hit our Planet Earth this September. Report said that asteroid will hit the planet from the dates of September 21 through September 28. The asteroid which measure up to 2.5miles wide will hit Puerto Rico base on report.

Rev Efraid Rodriguez, a self-proclaimed prophet, claimed that he saw a vision that asteroid entering the airspace of our planet then strike down the town of Arecibo in Puerto Rico, hit the sea between the island of Mona and Mayagüez and creating a massive magnitude 12 earthquake.

The alleged prophet also said that he wrote to NASA, to warn them about the up coming doomsday after he received a message from God.

Meanwhile, NASA, denied the allegation of asteroid hitting Earth. There is no existing evidence that an asteroid or any other celestial object is on a trajectory that will impact Earth.

End of the world, Doomsday or other similar report about the end of days, has been reported through the years, Nostradamus vision, The Mayan calendar and some other prophecy are all passed and nothing happen and now the so called prophet Rev Efraid Rodriguez and his vision are have to wait the dates that he project that an asteroid will hit Earth and perhaps wipe out all life existence and I hope not!

I hope that this prophecy will be as similar as the previous prediction of the past prophecy. I hope nothing will happen. But either its true or not this is another scary prophecy that mankind should think of it.

End of days might happen? When or where?, who knows? God is the only one knows everything.
The last time that Earth, hit by an asteroid almost all species are wipe out and it ended the reign of Dinosaur in our Planet, according to history.

If ever that an approaching asteroid or meteorites, perhaps NASA, would be the best agency in the world that could detect it and destroy it. For now we should calm and sooner it will passed as the past predictions has been failed.

Watch: What Makes The Three X Factor Judges Cry, When The Last Contestant Started To Sing

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On the 1st week audition of UK  X factor,Josh Daniels is the last contestant on that day. Judge Simon Cowell, is the one who is assigned to ask questions about Josh Daniels before he sings.

Josh Daniels told about himself that he was 21 years old, a mechanic and he lives in with her mother.
He chooses to sing “Jealous” by Labrith and he explain why is that song that he chooses?

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He said that song means a lot to him for different reason which is he lost a best friend a couple of years ago and that’s why he can interpret with the song “Jealous”.

Josh, dedicated the song on his best friend that he emotionally missed and now in a better place.
When he start to sing, an emotional and amazing voice was heard, as the audience applauded Josh.

an emotional songs that makes the audience feel the meaning of the song and what Josh feels when he loss his best friend.

The three judges felt the emotional song of Josh, as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, one of the judges, cry and almost nothing words to say but ‘Wow”.

Even the toughest of them all Judges, Simon Cowell, felt the emotional song of Josh and made him a teary eye in front of all televiewers all over the world.

All Judges vote yes, for Josh in order to pass the Audition.

As the audition already ended, a very emotional Simon Cowell is seen while leaving the stage.

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X Factor is a talent audition, where they seek future star. But sometimes aside from talents you can also learn about emotional feeling of each contestant that participate on audition and believe even the toughest man in the world can also felt there emotions and experience.
source: youtube

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Of Davao Quits Presidential Candidacy For 2016 Election

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Rumor candidate for Presidential Election in 2016, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, has already ended his candidacy after announcing he will no longer run for any position in the Government, yesterday afternoon in a press conference held on Monday.

The announcement stated that Duterte will no longer run for Presidency and he has no ambition to be a President. Duterte also clear that he will finish his last term in 2016 and will no longer be part of public life. That he  believe it's no longer his time.

He also said that his family and I really doesn’t want me to run for President, Duterte said.

Supporters of the Mayor Duterte are sad and in tears upon knowing the mayors decision for the upcoming 2016 elections. Some of the supporters think that the Mayor will change his mind of quitting the Public Service.

In May of 2015, a campaign ads surfaced in the social media that featured Mayor Duterte, that many thinks that he is running for a higher position but suddenly change all that after announcing his decision yesterday.

In a recent survey conducted by Social Weather station, Mayor Duterte rank at no.4 just one percent behind the no.3 DILG Sec. Mar Roxas, no.2 VP Jejomar Binay and at no.1 Senator Grace Poe.

Duterte, who is known for his strict policy in his town Davao, was very vocal of the things happening in the country that he will brought down all criminals and corrupt officials if he became the President. But all things now are change? Who knows maybe a sudden change of mind might convince him to pursue and run for Presidential Elections?
source: GMA

Watch The Most Awaited Meeting Of Yaya Dub And Alden Richards "Aldub"

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Finally, Eat Bulaga’s famous love team “Aldub” of KalyeSerye, finally meet up for the first time in broadway after their finish their Fatalbugan performance. At first they cannot see each other as both seek wrong way.

But when the meet up of the “Aldub” star, Yaya Dub and Alden Richards was finally come true, the exitement and trill of the two stars, was obviously seen, especially Yaya Dub, they greet each other, waiving there hands but unfortunately their meet up was cut short where a wall suddenly appeared that separate the two from preventing to nearing each other.

Lola Nidora, appeared and was so angry of the two, where Alden and Yaya Dub broke their promise and went to another disappointing meeting. Lola Nidora, gives the two an emotional advice that they should learn.

As Alden tried another chance to seek for Yaya Dub, to have his chance to see her again but all passageway is already block and no way to go.  And unexpected thing was happen as Yaya Dub,
were kidnap by two mask men and took her away and used a Van for their get away vehicle.

Lola Nidora, ask for help and called upon to Alden, to help Yaya Dun who took by Kidnappers, but he was late as the kidnapper are already gone. Alden was hopeless as he sit down beside a car.

Fans, awaited for several weeks and finally it came true, where the two meet up for the first time and  it happen Saturday noon in “Eat Bulaga’s Fatalbugan”.

 It is the much awaited event where avid fans of “Aldud” is always wanted to happen. the exitement and thrill of all fans that  present in the broadway and millions of viewers from all over the world is obviously seen. Is like that there watching manny pacquiao fighting in the ring. That’s the fever of Aldub brings to the nation.

The Saturday event where the two finally meet, break the previous record of tweets where fans gives their full support in twitter #‎ALDUBBATTLEForACause

Th e “Aldub Fever” will continue! Who kidnap Yaya Dub? What must Alden do? Are Lola Nidora and Alden must join forces to save Yaya Dub from her kidnappers? Lets wait the next chapter of Kalyeserye………

Watch: Alleged UFO Sightings Seen Over Miami, Florida.

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On September 2, 2015, on some parts of Miami, Florida, a spiral shape lights made by an alleged UFO, was witness by many citizen of Miami.

Citizen are amazed of the sighting who were thought that the phenomenon is done by UFO, but some source said that the thing that is making a spiral shape lights is made by an atlas rocket launch from cape Canaveral.

Videos clips of the alleged UFO, was uploaded by many in Netizens , social media with different version, where they seen the spiral shape lights, some took the video in Miami, Florida Airports and while the other video is in some part of the Miami.  Because of its huge sighting that night, almost all people in Miami has witness the event.

It might be a real UFO, Meteorites or a Rocket ship? But whatever is the truth, people will always amazed of thing that looks extra ordinary to them, and that thing happen on the night of September 2, is no excuses.

UFO sightings, has been decades of reports, some say its real, some say its not! NASA, who until know has not yet proven their existence or just not telling the truth? What ever is out there sooner or later, the truth will finally revealed?

What can you about these Video? Is the spiral shape lights is made by UFO?  Please comment below on the video that yuo have watch!!! Thanks for watching.
source: youtube

DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima Will Not Resign But In Due Time

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Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Leila de Lima, spoke on Tuesday September 1, about the crisis between her and the Iglesia Ni Cristo controversy.

Upon her silence for the fast few days were INC show their force on DOJ secretary that brought a 3 day rally protest that leads to massive traffic in the city.

De Lima, seeks for understanding  and preferred  her silent to avoid the issue when asked about the protest of  the INC as well as in the case of Isaiah Samson pending DOJ.

“I cannot issue any statement.I just want to avoid the situations that might  be misquote me or to distort or pin when I say something  that can lead to another ' dispute , "said by the DOJ secretary.

De Lima, also said that she would not resign, despite the call of some groups and Vice President Binay to resign due to this issue of the Iglesia ni Cristo ( INC ).

"No, I am not going to resign now or in the next few days or several days because there is no reason for me to resign ? " I will resign in due time? And you know what is about due time?

De Lima, who is eyeing for a candidacy for the 2016 election is reported to seek for senatorial candidacy under the administration party list.

The DOJ secretary also denied the accusation that there is a a settlement between the government and  Religion INC that ended the strike of INC which started last Friday.

Militant groups like Bayan Muna, said that there is a possibility that the Government gives those demanded by the INC thus withdrew it on the fourth day of their strike.

 Former Akbayan Representative Walden Bello that the government must disclose what has been discussed for the people to know it.
source: abante