"AlDubs" Love Team Co-Star In The Movie "My BEBELOVE" With Vic Sotto And Ai Ai De las Alas

The rumors are now finally came true, as the hottest love teams of today, the duo of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka “AlDubs” will have their first movie.

It was confirmed that the movie which in title “My BeBeLove”  originally titled as “Rom-come in mo ako”, features lead star Vic Sotto and Ai Ai De Las Alas, co – starring the duo of “AlDubs” in their very first movie.

The movie is also featured as entry for Metro Manila Film Festival on Christmas Day, along with other movie entry in MMFF.

It is expected to be a blockbuster hit where Vic Sotto is known for making movie hit every year as an entry for MMFF Festival, together with comedy queen Ai Ai De las Alas and the addition of the “AlDubs Love team”  it will make it a sure Mega hit in Christmas Day! AlDub nation will surely not missed to watch the first movie of their Idol.

Even if its too early to tell what will be the outcome of the movie, especially the first movie of the duo of AlDubs, my prediction is that the movie might break the highest gross earn in history? With the the addition of “AlDub” in the said movie, is just like breaking every Saturday their own record in twitter by earning millions of tweets. And I expected too in the big screen.

It will be a great treat for the family, young and adults this Christmas Day!  And AlDub nation are sure excited of the said movies that finally their idol will be seen on the big screen.