Watch The Most Awaited Meeting Of Yaya Dub And Alden Richards

Finally, Eat Bulaga’s famous love team “Aldub” of KalyeSerye, finally meet up for the first time in broadway after their finish their Fatalbugan performance. At first they cannot see each other as both seek wrong way.

But when the meet up of the “Aldub” star, Yaya Dub and Alden Richards was finally come true, the exitement and trill of the two stars, was obviously seen, especially Yaya Dub, they greet each other, waiving there hands but unfortunately their meet up was cut short where a wall suddenly appeared that separate the two from preventing to nearing each other.

Lola Nidora, appeared and was so angry of the two, where Alden and Yaya Dub broke their promise and went to another disappointing meeting. Lola Nidora, gives the two an emotional advice that they should learn.

As Alden tried another chance to seek for Yaya Dub, to have his chance to see her again but all passageway is already block and no way to go.  And unexpected thing was happen as Yaya Dub,
were kidnap by two mask men and took her away and used a Van for their get away vehicle.

Lola Nidora, ask for help and called upon to Alden, to help Yaya Dun who took by Kidnappers, but he was late as the kidnapper are already gone. Alden was hopeless as he sit down beside a car.

Fans, awaited for several weeks and finally it came true, where the two meet up for the first time and  it happen Saturday noon in “Eat Bulaga’s Fatalbugan”.

 It is the much awaited event where avid fans of “Aldud” is always wanted to happen. the exitement and thrill of all fans that  present in the broadway and millions of viewers from all over the world is obviously seen. Is like that there watching manny pacquiao fighting in the ring. That’s the fever of Aldub brings to the nation.

The Saturday event where the two finally meet, break the previous record of tweets where fans gives their full support in twitter #‎ALDUBBATTLEForACause

Th e “Aldub Fever” will continue! Who kidnap Yaya Dub? What must Alden do? Are Lola Nidora and Alden must join forces to save Yaya Dub from her kidnappers? Lets wait the next chapter of Kalyeserye………