Watch: Alleged UFO Sightings Seen Over Miami, Florida.

On September 2, 2015, on some parts of Miami, Florida, a spiral shape lights made by an alleged UFO, was witness by many citizen of Miami.

Citizen are amazed of the sighting who were thought that the phenomenon is done by UFO, but some source said that the thing that is making a spiral shape lights is made by an atlas rocket launch from cape Canaveral.

Videos clips of the alleged UFO, was uploaded by many in Netizens , social media with different version, where they seen the spiral shape lights, some took the video in Miami, Florida Airports and while the other video is in some part of the Miami.  Because of its huge sighting that night, almost all people in Miami has witness the event.

It might be a real UFO, Meteorites or a Rocket ship? But whatever is the truth, people will always amazed of thing that looks extra ordinary to them, and that thing happen on the night of September 2, is no excuses.

UFO sightings, has been decades of reports, some say its real, some say its not! NASA, who until know has not yet proven their existence or just not telling the truth? What ever is out there sooner or later, the truth will finally revealed?

What can you about these Video? Is the spiral shape lights is made by UFO?  Please comment below on the video that yuo have watch!!! Thanks for watching.
source: youtube