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Is the Cleveland Cavaliers Remain the Favorite in the East?

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NBA - The 3 – time and defending Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers is currently in big trouble of not reaching the NBA Finals this year after struggling early this January, the East champion has loosed 8 of their last 10 games dated back on Christmas day and currently have a 4 – game losing skid. 

Despite the struggles the Cavaliers remain the 3rd best team in the East with 26 wins and 17 losses, but in danger of losing the spot to the hottest team in the East the Miami Heat if they can’t find any right solution to win a game.

In the Cavaliers recent 4 – game loss, 2 of them are all blown out game, suffering back to back worst loss of the season to a team that a legit contender of reaching the NBA Finals.

The Minnesota Timberwolves beat them by 28 points and when everybody is expecting that the Cavs will bounce from a humiliating loss on their next game against the Toronto Raptors? The Raptors dominated them handing their worst loss  of the season by beating the Cavs by 34 points.

On the next game against the Indiana Pacers at Bankers Field, the Cavaliers are in a mission, dominating the Pacers enjoying a 22 point lead early in the game, but the struggles showed up again in the 2nd half and the Cavaliers fade away in the latter minutes of the game and eventually lose the 3rd straight game and lastly to the defending champion Golden State Warriors where they lose by 10 points.

Now, Cleveland fans and followers are thinking if the defending East Champion will find a way to pull out in their struggles just like last year and the year before? Although this time there is no Kyrie Irving that could help LeBron James to flip the switch and became a legit contender to the Warriors?

While Cavaliers critics think that the Cavs might not even past the Raptors or the Boston Celtics when playoff time comes the way they play this January 2018 and having the 2nd worst defense in the league?

What could be the fate of the Cleveland Cavaliers this season? Can they reach the NBA Finals or worst loss to the East playoff this year?

Cavs Recent Struggles Drops LeBron James in MVP Ranking

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NBA – The defending Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavalier has loss their last 3 games including those back to back worst loss this season against the Minnesota Timberwolves and Toronto Raptors and now blowing a 22 point deficit against the Indiana Pacers that went to another disappointing loss.

The Cavs has now loses 7 of their last 9 games which dated back from December 25th through January 12th (US TIME) which drop them to 26 wins and 16 loss just barely maintaining the 3rd spot in the Eastern Conference Standing but at risk of losing the spot to surging Miami Heat who just won 6 – game winning streak just a game and half behind the Cavs and might steal the spots the following days if the Cavaliers continues their struggle and possibly loose the next game at home against the defending champion Golden State Warriors at MLK Day.

The Cavaliers is criticized for bad defense, which makes them vulnerable every game, they are ranked 25th in the league for the worst defensive team giving 108.8 points a game while 5th in the offense as a team. It’s an alarming situation for the Cavaliers if they don't find any solution in their bad defense in the upcoming games for the rest of the regular season.

Meanwhile, LeBron James candidacy in this year 2018 Most Valuable Player (MVP) is slowly pushing him down in the ranking due to the recent struggles of his team, he is currently 6th in the MVP ranking from the previous 5th ranking, which drop him in the worst MVP ranking of his career since he became the face of the league.

Will the Cavaliers bounce back in a slumping situation to help LeBron James moves up in the top spot in MVP ranking? James is having a great season when it comes to individual statistics, but it might not help him win the NBA Championship and MVP award if the Cleveland Cavaliers struggles continue, otherwise if they find a way to be a legit contender again and perhaps make it through another NBA Finals?

LeBron James leads the 2nd Return of the 2018 All-Star Voting

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NBA – The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar and 13 – Time NBA All-star LeBron James is once again the leading top voters of the upcoming 2018 NBA All-star Game that will be held at Staple Center in Los Angles, California this coming February 18, 2018.

LeBron James, who came second in the 1st return of All – Star votes behind Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo is now the leading vote getters in the 2nd return of All-star votes with 1,622,838 votes surpassing Antetokounmpo who is now the second in voting in the Eastern Conference with 1,480,954.

While Stephen Curry leads the Western Conference with 1,369,658 votes, edging his Golden State Warriors teammates Kevin Durant with 1,326,059 votes.

The voting is not yet finalized and might change in the next return of votes, but if LeBron James managed to hang on as the leading All – star vote it would be his 2nd straight season as the leading vote getter and 5th in his entire NBA All – star career.

James is probably facing his 14 straight NBA All-star appearances, joining the elite group of former and legendary NBA players like Michael Jordan, Karl Malone and Jerry West with the 3rd most NBA All –star appearances while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is currently holding the most All - star selection with 19.

James is also trying to solidify his leadership as the leading All – star career points scored with 314 points in 13th appearances which an average point of 24.2 points per All – star games accompanied with 2 All – star MVP.

Would LeBron James gets this year 2018 NBA All- star top votes? Let’s wait and see.

Timberwolves Handed the Cavaliers Worst Loss this Season

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NBA – The Minnesota Timberwolves host the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers in a sold out game at Target Center in Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Wolves is currently 4th in the West Standing with 25 wins and 16 losses, while the struggling Cavaliers is 3rd in the East Standing with 26 wins and 13 losses.

In the game, the Timberwolves starts the game strong dominating the early quarter by outscoring the visiting Cavaliers 32 – 18, while in the 2nd quarter the home team continues their onslaught as they up their lead to 27 points to end the half 51 -37.

The Cavaliers have no answer in the 1st half despite the presence of Isaiah Thomas, who scores 2 points in 8 minutes of playing time, LeBron James was held to 7 points while Dwyane Wade is the only Cavaliers in double figures. Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony Towns scored 16 points, 14 points and 10 points respectively in one the best basketball performance in the Timberwolves 1st half performance.

In the 3rd quarter, the Cavaliers continue their struggle in the game not finding any answer on the Wolves complete dominance in the game and the problems even further when Isaiah Thomas was ejected from the game after he was called for a flagrant foul penalty 2 against Andrew Wiggins with 6:47 to go in the 3rd.

The Wolves lead in the quarter was balloon to 41 points their biggest lead this season and the largest deficit for the Cavaliers this season, the home team won the quarter 33 – 25 to end the quarter up by 35 points 102 – 67.

In the final quarter where the game is just awaiting the final score, LeBron James did not return in the 4th quarter where he was held in just 10 points his season low accompanied with 8 rebounds and 5 assist in 26 minutes of playing time and barely made it to double digit points to continue his double digit points to 831 consecutive games to keep the streak alive.

Andrew Wiggins scored the game high of 25 points to lead the Wolves in a 127 – 99 win over the Cavaliers.

Paul Pierce Frustrated of His Upcoming Jersey Retirement in Boston

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NBA – 2008 NBA Champion and 10x NBA All-star, the retired NBA player and future Hall of Fame Paul Pierce is in the limelight once again in basketball after addressing his sentiment in sports shows “The Jump” that he is not happy of his upcoming jersey retirements this coming February 11, 2018 at the TD Garden in Boston.

According to reports, Paul Pierce is not in favor of the idea that the Boston Celtics will give video tribute to former Celtics and now Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Isaiah Thomas on the night that the Celtics organization will hang his Boston Celtics jersey retirement in the rafters. Pierce wants his jersey retirement to be special like the recent jersey retirement of Kobe Bryant and don’t want to share the night with Isaiah Thomas.

The frustration of Pierce over his jersey retirement gain different reactions over the social media, some say that his demand is reasonable because he has been the franchise player of the Celtics for more than a decade where he play for almost his entire NBA career since 1998 – 2013 and even brought an NBA Champion in 2008 and one of the top Celtics player of all time and currently hold the 2nd most career points in Celtics history..

While other thinks Pierce is acting like a diva where some joked at him, that “You ain’t Kobe they don’t love you” popularized by Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

Pierce also said that if the Celtics will finalize their idea of giving Thomas his video tribute to Feb. 11? On the night that they will host the visiting Cavaliers for the final match of the regular season he would rather cancel their original planned of his Jersey retirements?