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LeBron James Latest Achievements and News

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NBA – LeBron James is an NBA Basketball Player playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he is the greatest player of today’s basketball and considered by many basketball fans and sports analyst as the only NBA player that has a legitimate treat on Michael Jordan’s title as the “GOAT” or otherwise known as “The Greatest Player of All Time”.

LeBron James at age 33 and playing his 15th season has defining father time, he hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down but instead he continues to play an all-time high this season. leading his team in every stats while carrying the Cavaliers in another post season appearance for the 4th consecutive year and even a legit contender for the 2017 – 2018 MVP against the favorable MVP to win James Harden,

This 2017 – 2018 NBA Regular Season, LeBron James break’s several records or even made history in NBA History book. He is the first NBA player to post an NBA record of 30,000 career points with 8,000 career rebounds and 8,000 career assist.

He became the 7th member of the 30,000 career points and the youngest player to do so, he quickly reaches the 31,000 career points again the youngest to do so and just a matter of time he will also pass Dirk Nowitzki at 6th place in all-time scoring list.

LeBron has also surpassed Michael Jordan’s records of 866 games with most consecutive double digit points per game this later part of the 2017 – 2018 NBA Season. He solely holds the records for now and continue to up rise the record.

James also made 18th triple double this season, his most since entering the league, he even won 4 Kia NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Month for the month of November, December, February and March. He holds the record with 38th Eastern Conference Player of the Month award the most in NBA History.

This post season James is looking forward for another trip to the NBA Finals, he is the first non-Celtic's player to reach 7 consecutive NBA Final's appearance and on the verge of making his 8th straight appearance?

Here are some of LeBron James Notable NBA Stats and Achievements:

Career Stats:  27.2 pts,, 7.4 rebounds, 7,2 assist, 1.6 steal, 0.8 blocks and 38.8 min. per game

4 – Time MVP

3 – Time NBA Champion

3 – Time Finals MVP

3 – Time All – Star MVP with 14th straight appearances

2004 Rookie of the Year

2008 Scoring Champion

James Scores 46 pts. In Game 2 Win over the Pacers

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NBA – The Defending Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers host the Indiana Pacers in Game 2 of the 1st round match of the 2018 NBA Playoffs at Quickens Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. In Game 1, The Pacers stun the Cavaliers and their home crowd in a humiliating 98 – 80 loss, the first loss of LeBron James since 2012.

Cavs are trying to bounce back in Game 2 to tie the series or a loss could put them in a big hole that could lead into serious problems of early exit in the 1st round match to the Pacers?

In the game, LeBron James exploded for 20 points out of 33 points scored by the Cavaliers in the early quarters to take an early double digit lead and the biggest lead of 18 points. James was in attacked mode contrasting his Game 1 performance in the 1st quarter. Cavs ends the quarter 33 – 18 enjoying a 15 point lead.

In the 2nd quarter, the Pacers able to cut the Cavaliers lead into 4 points, but the Cavs manage to hang on to their lead and back it again in double digits, Cavs finished the quarter strong to take a commanding 12 point lead at the half 58 – 46. James leads all scorers with 29 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assist.

In the 3rd quarter, Cavs able to up their lead back to 16 points, but then again the Pacers is keeping the game closed after having 13 – 2 run late in the quarters to cut the Cavs lead into just 5 points. The quarter’s ends 74 – 67 Cavs up by just 7 points.

Early in the 4th quarter, the Pacers easily cut the Cavs lead into 4 points while LeBron James is resting on the bench. When LeBron James was inserted back in the game Cavs lead was extended to another double digit lead.

But the Pacers won’t go away until they cut the lead into just 3 points with 50 seconds to go in the game, Pacers had their chance to tie the game but miss the opportunity that leads to Cavs win 100 – 97 in a thrilling end game in Cavs Arena.

James finish the game with 46 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assist while Victor Oladipo drops 22 points.

Warriors Opens Post Season with a win against Spurs

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NBA – The reigning Western Conference Champion and defending NBA Champion Golden States Warriors opens the 2018 NBA Playoffs with a blown out win against the San Antonio Spurs 113 – 92 in Game 1 of their own best of seven series of the 1st round matches at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. 

Last post season these two teams face one another in the Western Conference Finals for the right to advance to the NBA Finals, the Warriors sweep the Spurs that time and this time it looks like the result would be the same as the defending champion easily pass the Spurs in Game 1.

Both teams are missing their superstar players, 2 – time league MVP Stephen Curry is still out due to injury for the Warriors while 2 – time defensive player of the year Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs is still out due to injury also but the Warriors is much better team compares to the Spurs even without their star players.

In the game, Kevin Durant played a huge game dropping 24 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assist, Draymond Green almost gets a triple double added 12 points 8 rebounds and 11 assist while Klay Thompson led the Warriors in scoring with 27 points, 2 assist and 2 rebounds.

 The 3 – All – Star took charge without their leading All – Star Stephen Curry to easily bags Game 1. JaVale McGee also played a great game has added 15 points and Shaun Livingston with 11 points.

Meanwhile, the Spurs start the game poor has never found a way to keep up and now might be in danger of taking an early exit of the playoffs? Despite the loss the Spurs are not really expected to beat the Warriors in the series, but might win a game or two?

Without their franchise player Kawhi Leonard the Spurs have no chance of beating the reigning and defending NBA Champion.

LeBron James Completed All 82 Games of the 2017 – 2018 NBA Regular Season

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NBA – For the first time of his illustrious NBA career the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James completed all 82 games of the 2017 – 2018 NBA Regular Season at 33 years old of age and in his 15th season. James also made history as he becomes the oldest player to complete all games in one NBA Regular Season while also leading the league in minutes per game at the same season. 

Without a doubt this is by far the best season played by LeBron James compared to the season he won the league MVP's, he is playing his highest level of basketball at 15th season where everyone thinks he should be starting to decline but turns to be he is defying father time like a fine wine, he get better as he age!

Until today, LeBron James is still recognize by the league, his co –players and even NBA analyst as the league best player which he has been for almost a decade or so but his brilliance, mesmerizing and tantalizing performance every game is on the verge on not being recognize as his chance of winning the league MVP for the 5th time seems not in his favor?

In the current NBA MVP ranking James Harden still leading the league in MVP ranking while LeBron James is trailing behind at 2nd place, Harden teams has more and better winning percentage this season while LeBron and his team has lesser win than the Rockets where the Cavs mostly struggle this season and because of that James Harden has the better edge of winning the league MVP according to some NBA Analyst?

Both LeBron James and James Harden played exceptional or extraordinary season either way could win the league MVP? It’s only up to the voter who will they vote? Harden is looking for his 1st MVP where he was denied the last two season including last year loss to Russell Westbrook while LeBron James is looking for his 5th MVP a chance to tie Michael Jordan?

What will be the Effects of the Temporary Closure of Boracay Island?

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Philippines – On April 26, 2018, one of the best and top tourist destination in the country for hotels and beaches “Boracay” will be temporary closed for all local and international tourists for a period of 6 months, only proven residence of the island are allowed to enter the beaches while the islands undergoes for a rehabilitation. 

According to reports, the temporary closure of Boracay, is to prevent further damage to the island due to pollutions, no proper sanitations and the demolition of some buildings or structure that exceeded the designated building permit.

There will be some advantages and disadvantages of Boracay’s temporary closure that might affect the business trend and tourism.

Here are the Advantages:

Restore the beauty of the Islands
Improvement or permanent proper sanitation
Prevention of pollution in the future
Government assistance
And others…

Temporary Disadvantages:

Temporary No income for both business owner and workers
No tourism is allowed for 6 months
And others...

Either way the effects of the temporary closure are all win solution for business owners and workers of Boracay and the Government itself because the rehabilitation will give some time for the beach to restores or heal her beauty that will benefit for a longer time?

Boracay gains its popularity due to the beautiful white sands and beaches that was once considered the best islands and top travel destination in the world. 

Though the temporary closure will give major problem to the hotel owners and other business structures in Boracay along with their workers, The Government has already assured that they will give assistance to the affected workers through calamity fund.