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VP Robredo, Step Down as HUDCC Chairperson

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Philippines – On December 5, 2016 the second highest elected officials of the country, Vice President Leni Robredo submitted a resignation letter as a member of the cabinet of President Rodrigo Duterte. 

She vacated the cabinet position as Chairperson of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) where Pres. Duterte appointed her.

According to the vice president itself, she decided to resign because she think that she cannot perform her duties as HUDCC secretary, if she cannot allowed to attend in any Cabinet meeting? 

Last Saturday, VP Robredo received a text message from Cabinet Se­cretary Jun Evasco Jr, relaying a message from President Duterte’s instruction through Bong GO that VP Robredo can no longer attend any cabinet meeting starting December 5, 2016.

The vice president suspicions of not allowing to attend the cabinet meeting is that her differences with the president on what is happening to the countries might lead to it?

Such as her against in Extra Judicial Killing, her bold protest on Marcos burial at the Heroes Cemetery (LNMB) and the rumors of her being removed as vice president of the country where the alleged true winner Bongbong Marcos will relieved her as the true vice president of the country?

The VP also send a clear message to the Filipino People that she is ready to lead the opposition to continue to fight for what is right and to oppose the policies of Pres. Duterte where she think is not right? 

VP Robredo, is known to be a political allies of the Aquino’s administration or LP. A known political rivalry of Pres. Duterte where he fought Mar Roxas for Presidency?

The resignation of VP Robredo, or the firing of VP Robredo from the Duterte’s Cabinet is might be another political strategy for both sides?

Cavaliers Falls down Three Straight Game

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NBA – Cleveland Cavaliers has loss their last three games, two on the road and one in their home court but remain the top seat in the Eastern Conference with 13 wins and 5 loss.

Last week the Cavaliers wins three straight game after dominating their opponent, shooting an impressive performance beyond the three point area especially Kevin Love who found his stroke and later that week he was name East Best Player of the Week.

This week it’s the opposite side from last week domination, the Cavaliers loss their last three games two on a blown out loss against Milwaukee Bucks (L 101-118) on Nov. 29 and to LA Clippers (L 94-113) on Dec. 1 while a closed game loss to Chicago Bulls (L 105-111) on Dec. 2.

The unexpected losses by the Cavaliers stop their momentum of pulling away from the rest of the teams in the East putting the team in a tied position with Toronto Raptors for most wins with 13 wins while still having the less loss to put them at the top of the East NBA Standing compared to Raptors 6 loss to put them in solo second spot of the standing.

The Cavaliers losses did not stop them from receiving some individual awards, On Dec. 1, LeBron James was name KIA East Player of the Month averaging of 23.5 points, 9.3 assists and 8.1 rebounds while Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City Thunder name the KIA West Player of the Month averaging of 31.2 points, 11.3 assists and 10.5 rebounds

Meanwhile, Cleveland Coach Tyronn Lue, name for the first time of his career as NBA Eastern Coach of the Month while Steve Kerr of Golden State Warriors name as the NBA Western Coach of the Month.

The Cavaliers are off for several days and will be facing Toronto Raptors on December 5 in their return.

How to Get the New and Improved Postal ID’s and its Requirements

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Postal ID is a government ID issued by a government agency called Philippine Postal Corporation or otherwise known as PHLPOST. It is the easiest and the fastest government ID’s issued in the country.

Filipino living in the Philippines are all eligible in getting Postal ID, as well for those Filipino people living in abroad but were in the country at the time of their application can get Posta ID and even foreigners residing in the country for 6 months and above can also avail the said ID.

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Nowadays, PHLPOST release their new and improved Postal ID, having more additional security features, simpler and more reliable. A unique biometrics is also implemented to fully guarantee individual’s identity.

Postal ID can also be used as a substitute Identification in any government transactions in case you don’t have ID’s like Unified Multi-purpose ID card, Driver’s license, NSO Birth Certificates, NBI Clearance, Philippine Passports and others. All of these mention ID’s are all major valid ID’s in the country as well as the Postal ID.

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Here’s How to Get Postal ID:

1. 2 copies of duly accomplished application form (download it here).

2. Proof of Identity.
Bring any one of the following (NSO Birth Certificates, Phil. Passport, driver’s license, GSIS or UMID SSS card and others). Valid ID’s must be 6 months or above before expiration and for married woman, kindly bring marriage certificates to validate change of name.

3. Proof of Address.
Go to the nearest Barangay Hall in your area to apply Barangay Certificates as proof of your residency or bring any utility bills showing your name and address such as Meralco bills, Water Bills, Internet Bills and others.

4. If all requirements are complete? Go to the nearest Post Office in your area for the screening of all your documents, afterwards, you may now go to the nearest ID Capture Stations for photo capturing, fingerprints and signature. (Locate the nearest Postal ID Capturing Site here).

5. Payments.
Go to the PHLPOST teller to pay the application fee. (Postal ID cost Php. 504.00, this includes Postal ID card plus delivery and 12% vat.)

After completing all the process, just wait for a mail carrier to deliver your Postal ID to your doorsteps.

Take note: Postal ID Delivery:

Metro Manila – approximately 15 working days from the day of application.
Other major Cities and Municipalities – approximately 20 working days from the day of application
Island provinces and remote Barangays – approximately 30 working days from the day of application.
source: PHLPOST

Cavs Forward Kevin Love Name East Player of the Week

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For the period of November 21 to 27, Eastern Conference Player of the Week was awarded to Cleveland Cavaliers forward not LeBron James nor Kyrie Irving but its Kevin Love.

Love was named as the East Player of the Week, His very first in a Cavs uniform while his third total while still playing with the Minnesota Timberwolves. While, Kevin Durant of Golden State Warriors was named the West Player of the Week.

Kevin Love, found his stroke outside the 3 point area for the last 3 games where he led the Cavaliers to win all three of their last game to improve their standing to 13 wins and 2 loss. Love averages this week at 30.7 points to go with 9.7 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.3 steals.

On November 3, Kevin Love posted a season high 40 points and hit 8 out of 12 three point shot the best performance as far by Love as part of the cavaliers.

Love 34 points against Portland made an NBA history to be the first player to score the highest point in the 1st quarter, but only second to Klay Thompson for the most points in a single quarter of 37 points.

On November 5 against Dallas Mavericks, Love scores 27 points while hitting 7 out 0f 9 three point shots.

On November 27 against Philadelphia, Love scores 25 points, 11 rebounds.

The last three games of Kevin Love show that the man we know from Minnesota Timberwolves is finally showing in Cleveland? Is Love for real? If yes, then the cavaliers are tough to beat whether their opponent is from West, where they say the best team are there including the GSW.

If Love, continue to play well, he might have the chance to be voted by fans in the upcoming All-Star Game, where he might join fellow teammates LeBron James and Kyrie Irving representing the East.

How to Report Corrupt Official’s/Employee’s under DOTr Zero Corruption

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Philippines – The Department of Transportation (DOTr) launches a website called Zero Corruption where the public or local citizen can report or complaint corrupt officials or employee’s that works in the department itself and it covers also some government agencies that falls under the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC).

According to the law of DOTr “Zero Corruption” Government agencies directly attached under DOTr covers Government officials and employees working in airport, seaport, rail station and even those working in Land Transportation Office (LTO), Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and toll ways.

Complainants must submit evidence such as photos, videos and documents while their personal information will be kept secret. The DOTr starts the investigation of all the information given by the complainants and it will take 5 to 10 days. All complaints or reports must be reviewed accordingly.

The public is also warned to be vigilant of some alleged government officials asking money? If this case happens report immediately on the DOTr “Zero Corruption”.

Many government agencies in the past like LTO and LTRFB are linked to corruption due to the involvement of some of their official/employees having an illegal transaction with their fixers.

In fact, according to reports, about 20 employees, including some regional directors of LTO has already been relieved, 1 is suspended by the Ombudsman and 16 employees are under investigation all due to involvement in corruption while Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has suspended, terminated and resigned 41 employees due to involvement in corruption while 9 employees are still under investigation.

The report of corruption is expected to rise where the public can now report their sentiments and experience on some government agencies that taking advantage of their position to gain money in illegal ways.

All complainants must fill up a form located in the DOTr “Zero Corruption” Portal. Simply click the link to proceed on their website.