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How to Have a Clean Installation of Newly Formatted Desktop or Laptop

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In today’s technology computers plays an important role in our daily life whether it’s for personal use or for business purposes? But if your computer you used is giving you trouble in their performances like slow performances, too much log, too much error or a sudden shutdown in your desktop or laptop? Maybe it’s time to fix or installed a newly and clean installation of operating system.

There are several options of computer operating system that are now used in today’s technology, you can either choose Windows XP, Mac OS, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10? But be sure that your computer is supported by those operating system?

Here’s how to have a clean Installation of newly formatted Desktop or Laptop

1. Select you preferred operating system that you will use and that supports your computer specifications.

2. Go to Bios setup: in this option entering a key or pressing a key tab to enter the bios setup may be different to other brand of computer motherboard? F2 is the most common key tab to enter the bios.

3. Select the proper boot device: If you are using DVD rom, select DVD rom for the first boot device, so that it will read OS disc when you start the format procedure or you can also use USB bootable device.

4. When the setup started press any key to proceed from booting of the Operating System.

5. Upon reaching the disk options, you have an option if you want to create a disk partition? In creating partition you have to divide local disk c, to have local disk d? or simply format local disk c to proceed without partition.

6. Now format the local disk c: In this options you can either choose format quick or format normally.

7. Wait for 30 minutes or so to finish the windows installation

8. After the installation is finish, the windows will open.

9. Now that a new and fresh windows is installed, it’s time to install the necessary driver needed to fully use the computer. For desktop user: VGA, Sounds and Ethernet Driver must be installed and for Laptop user sometimes all drivers are already installed.

10. Now if everything was installed successfully you can check the device manager to see to it if there are error or question mark that show if not? Then your computers driver are all installed properly? But if not kindly check the mark errors and try to resolve it?

11. Now install all the program that you will need for your computer and also avoid installing program that you don’t need? It can also lessen the performances of computer of those unwanted programs.

12. Finally if all set and done as much as possible installed a security program such as Anti-Virus, to prevent virus infection on attacking your computer or you can use Deefreeze to avoid any changes on your computer once you restated the system

These is just my own personal experience on how to format my own personal computers, others setup may be different for some expert on how to format their own computers.

Cavs versus Warriors on MLK Day!

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On Martin Luther King Day, the Golden State Warriors host the Cleveland Cavaliers in their final NBA Regular Season match at Oracle Arena. The warriors are trying to end their 4 consecutive losing skid at the hands of the Cavaliers, while the Cavs are trying to extend their winning streak against the Dubs which dated back at 2015 – 2016 NBA Finals.

The last time that these two teams met when into a controversial officiating by the referee, where Kevin Durant stumble down the floor after Richard Jefferson steps on Durant’s feet that eventually caused the Warriors to lose the game in an exciting down the wire where the Cavaliers prevail.

Currently , both teams are leading their different conferences, the Warriors lead the west in standing with 34 wins and 6 loss, while the Cavs in the east has 29 wins and 10 losses. The Dubs are on a 3 game winning streak while the Cavs finally won a game against the Sacramento Kings after losing back to back games in Utah and Portland.

For the Warriors to win, the reigning 2 time MVP Stephen Curry must step up and shows that he is still the best player in today’s NBA? And Kevin Durant must show from start to finish unlike his very first meeting with the Cavs where Durant fade away in the 4th quarter.

And for the Cavaliers to win, LeBron James must continue his facilitator with his team, efficient 3 point shooting of the team, especially with the new addition of Kyle Korver that match the 3 point shooting of the Warriors and lastly Kyrie Irving presence in the game especially if the game goes down the wire, Irving has been the kryptonite of the Golden State Warriors.

Who do you think will win in their final match in 2016 -2017 NBA Regular Season? Will the Cavaliers extend their win to 5 straight against the Warriors or the Warriors finally beat the Cavs?

How to File Complain at NLRC against Employer’s

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Philippines – The National Labor Relation Commission or NLRC is a government agencies and a subsequent part of the Department of Labor and Employment that helps to resolve, investigate and settle disputes between employees and employers. The commission was formed on June 6, 1899, implementing a contract labor law in the country.

One of many basic rules of procedure under this organized commission is that when an employee is having an issue with his or her employer or company in which the employer or company is not giving the right compensation and benefits to their employee?

The employee or employees can escalate their problems at NLRC to properly assist their issue against their employer or company and as much as possible the agency will resolve and settle the disputes between employees and employers or company.

Here are some of the list about Labor Issues that an Employee must know:

· Employment contract - violated agreement between an employer and employee that sets out terms and conditions of employment.

· Employment discrimination - discrimination based on race, gender, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, and age by employers.

· Pension and benefits – violated benefits that should an employee must properly receive.

· Sexual harassment – harassment in a workplace involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks.

· Wages and overtime pay – violated wages and overtime pay.

· Workplace disputes - Conflicts at work take many forms. It might be an individual with a grievance, a problem between an employee and a manager or conflict between two co-workers.

· Wrongful termination - is a legal phrase, describing a situation in which an employee's contract of employment has been terminated by the employer if the termination breaches one or more terms of the contract of employment.

· And others

So, if you are an employee of this country whether you are a regular employee or contractual employee you must see to it that you know your rights about Employment Law Issue? so that abusive employer or company must abide the rules and regulation about labor code or be punish by the law.

Kyle Korver Scores 18 points, Get his First Win in CAVS Uniform

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Cavaliers small forward Kyle Korver posted 18 Points in a 4 out 6 shooting in the 3 point area helping the Cavs to end their 2 game losing skid in a win against Sacramento Kings 120 – 108 at Golden 1 Center. The Cavs improve their standings to 29 wins and 10 loss maintaining the number 1 spot in the Eastern Conference.

Kyle Korver who debuted in Cavs uniform finally happen at Vivint Smart Home Arena against one of his former team the Utah Jazz, Korver scores only 2 points in a losing team. On his second game the Cavaliers played Portland Trailblazer at Moda Center, Korver scores only 2 points and again in a losing effort.

Finally on his third game with the Cavaliers, the Kyle Korver that we know finally shows up, shooting dead shots and making the right play for him. As expected he will be a great addition to the already a great 3 point shooting team which is currently the second best 3 point shooting in the current 2016 – 2017 NBA Season.

Many sports analyst think that the addition of Kyle Korver with the Cavaliers improved their chances of winning back to back NBA Championship and at the same time Korver has a great resemble to NBA retired and future Hall of Famer Ray Allen, one of the greatest shooter in NBA History. Korver might be the best shooter in Cavs rooster until he finally fit in with the team like he show’s on tonight’s game.

Meanwhile, on January 16 (US Time), Kyle Korver will be tested against Golden State Warrior, he will be a good potential match up against another 3 point shooting team with the likes of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. The game between the Cavs and GSW could be a potential preview of 2016-2017 NBA Finals Match?

LeBron James Maintain the Top Spot in the 2nd Fan Return of All-Star Voting 2017

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Cleveland Cavaliers Superstar LeBron James maintain the top spot among all NBA players in the second return of All-star voting after having 1,066,147 All-star votes in the East Frontcourt category. James also increases his lead in the East frontcourt over the second most votes of Milwaukee Bucks “The Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo 963,110 All-star votes.

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While Golden State Warriors superstars and reigning two time MVP Stephen Curry lead the West in the second return of All-star voting with 990,390 votes. His teammate Kevin Durant is in 2nd place overall in the west with 987,479 All-star votes.

Houston Rockets superstars guard James Harden is currently 2nd in West Guard category after Stephen Curry and third overall in West All-star voting with 961,685 votes. Harden is tailing Durant and Curry for most All-star votes in the West and might have the chance to top the West voting in the final tally of votes?

Here are the list of Cleveland Cavaliers player who made it in the list of the 2nd Fan Return of All-Star Voting 2017

LeBron James - 1,066,147 votes (Currently the most votes in East and West All-star voting)
Kyrie Irving - 971,362 votes (Top votes in East Guard and 4th overall in All-star voting)
Kevin Love - 473,328 votes (Currently 3rd in East Frontcourt)
Tristan Thompson - 114,759 votes (Currently in 10th place in East Frontcourt)

Here are the list of Golden State Warriors player who made it in the list of the 2nd Fan Return of All-Star Voting 2017

Stephen Curry - 990,390 votes (Top votes in the West and currently the 2nd most votes in 2017 All-star)
Kevin Durant - 987,479 votes (Top votes in West Frontcourts and the 2nd most votes in the West)
Zaza Pachulia - 823,376 votes (2nd most votes in the West Frontcourts)
Klay Thompson - 555,430 votes (4th most votes in the West Guard)
Draymond Green - 464,319 votes (5th most votes in the West Frontcourts)
Andre Iguodala - 130,224 votes (8th most votes in the West Guard)