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Why is that Kyrie Irving demand Trade is still not happening?

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NBA – It’s been a while since the Kyrie Irving demand trade drama from the Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert leaked in the world of basketball and yet there is no clear on what the real deal or status of Kyrie Irving’s demand trade that if he truly be traded or will he remain a Cavalier for another NBA Season.

Kyrie Irving, who has two more years on his contract with his current team has no options but to remain a Cavalier if the Cavs management did not find the right deal or trade that will benefit the team. Despite that there are several rumors that could send the Cavs super point guard to another team it remains all rumors till it is a done deal.

According to several sports analysts in the NBA, why is that Kyrie Irving’s trade is slowly pushing through or might not happen? One of them pointed out and said that Irving has an attitude of a “Diva” which means a person who is self-important or hard to work with. That’s why the trade demand for Irving shows little interest from other team?

As we remember, Irving’s demand trade for a reason that he doesn’t want to play no more with LeBron James, who carried him in three straight NBA Finals and One NBA Champion and he wants to be the man of his own team? Which is according to Charles Barkley is stupid decision where many NBA Players wants to team up with LeBron to have a better chance of winning an NBA Title and now Irving’s wants out of it.

The 2016 - 2017 NBA Season Kyrie Irving has been averaging 25.9 points per game, 2.8 rebounds, 5.3 assist despite putting an amazing number still show little interest from other team? What do you think could be the problem on why the trade is still not happening? Or will the Cavs management wants him and doesn’t want to trade Irving because of the rumors of LeBron James leaving Cavs next season? What do you think guys?

Everything You Need to Know about Vehicle’s Deed of Sale

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Philippines – “Deed of Sale” is a legal document given by a notary public when a seller and a buyer agreed to legalize their agreement of purchasing or selling of a certain vehicle. The notary public will serve as the third party for both parties in which all details will be recorded and authenticated inside the offices of the notary public.

So, if the buyer wants to legalize his /her purchase of a certain vehicle he/she must invite the seller along with him/her to come to the nearest notary public in their area to make both personal appearances in-front of a notary officer, failure to do so will not be entertained by a notary officer. So be sure that both parties are present when acquiring the deed of sale.

Bring all the necessary documents, for the buyer brings any valid id’s and for the seller bring all legal documents such as the OR/CR of the vehicle and Xerox copies of his/her valid id’s with three sign signatures and present to notary officers to properly check the documents. If all details are correct, it’s time for the notary officers to input all the right details in the deed of sales.

In the documents the sellers and buyer's name, age, marital status, address, the amount of purchase, type of vehicles, chassis number, engine number and plate number are all indicated while at the left bottom of the document a dry seal is marked by a notary officer besides the document number and page number indicated and finally at the right bottom of the document it will be seen a signature sign by the attorney.

The total cost of notary public fee’s for a private car is P450.00 while a motorcycle is P300.00.

When all things are done, the buyer must now have the original documents of OR/CR of the vehicle, two original copies of deed of sale and a Xerox copy of valid IDs of the seller with three sign signature while the seller will have one original copy of the deed of sale.

This is just based on my experience and might be different with others who also acquired deed of sales.

Lakers Lonzo Ball, Pick LeBron James over Kobe Bryant

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NBA – The number 2 pick of the 2017 NBA Draft and perhaps the Los Angeles Lakers next big superstar the rookie Lonzo Ball is in a hot seat after choosing LeBron James over Kobe Bryant in a debate on who’s better of the two NBA superstars after Michael Jordan famous quote that five beats three in his recent comparison between two NBA greatest players of all time at his yearly basketball camp.

Lonzo Ball, will be playing his rookie year as an LA Laker the same team that Kobe Bryant played in his entire career who made a great impact for the Lakers franchise, but the rookie did not stop from choosing LeBron James over Kobe Bryant despite his a Lakers player and the Lakers fan might be mad at him from choosing LeBron James?

In an interview, the rookie admitted that Michael Jordan the “Greatest Player of All Time” has a case of choosing Kobe Bryant over LeBron James when it comes to the NBA Championship comparison where Kobe has 5 rings over James 3 rings, but Lonzo Ball see the other way around as he admitted that his favorite player growing up was LeBron, even though he acknowledge Michael Jordan’s championship comparison but his take stands with LeBron even though it’s tough as a Laker he should choose Kobe.

The rookie Lonzo Ball, has been vocal about wanting to team up with his idol LeBron James if the latter chooses to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Free Agency there are several rumors that James will be a Los Angeles player whether it’s LA Clippers or LA Lakers next season?

Will Lonzo Ball and the King LeBron James team up in Lakers uniform? Let’s see about that in the next free agency?

What is Charles Barkley Statement on Kyrie Irving’s Decision of Demand Trade from the Cavs?

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Former NBA player and Hall of Fame Charles Barkley is in the hot seat of the basketball world after giving his statement on Kyrie Irving’s complicated situations where the later privately approach the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and ask to be traded with his own selected team to go to? But the meeting was leaked and allegedly it was LeBron James and his company who leaked it to the media and became the biggest news of the 2017 NBA Off-season.

Then NBA TV commentator and analyst Charles Barkley asked by his co-workers in a live interview over a phone patch on what his point on Kyrie Irving’s demand trade and his relationship with LeBron James? Barkley directly said that Kyrie’s decision of leaving a championship contender Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange of to be the man of his own team and doesn’t want to team up with the greatest player of today’s NBA generation was stupid!

According to Sir Charles, in the NBA every player’s goal is to be part of a good team and play with other great players to ease the road of reaching the most important goal of an NBA Player “The NBA Finals” or an “NBA Championship” And that is where Kyrie Irving is now? Even though there are rumors that LeBron James is leaving Cleveland on the 2018 Free Agency why wait that to happen and become the man of the Cavaliers if James truly leave the Cavs? And perhaps have another title run for the 4th straight year against the Warriors?

Kevin Durant is a good example of Charles Barley’s point, Durant joined an already great team Golden State Warriors, to reach the easy path of reaching the NBA Finals and to beat the man he looked upon “The King” LeBron James but it was Durant and for whatever the reason of Kyrie Irving’s? It’s his decision after all he already won an NBA Champion and maybe his goal now is to become an NBA MVP?

Which Law that Pres. Duterte Signs Favored the Lower Class People in the Country?

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Philippines – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has sign and approved some new law that will benefit the nations, especially the people who is living below standards or lower class people in the country. The new law did not come easy as it was thoroughly studied and was attacked by and politically challenged by some politicians, especially the oppositions but they did not stop the president from implementing the new law that favors the most people in the country.

The President has already passed his 1st year of his term and already done many things that changes the country. The massive fighting in drug problems and now approving laws that will benefit the most people and there’s more as the president is planning to build and built more under his term.

Here is the list of new law that recently sign by the President:

1. Free tuition at State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) – this new law will surely favor mostly poor students as they can now study, free with no tuitions fee concerns which has been the problem for many years that many students stop entering Colleges due to the lack of money or their family cannot afford it.

2. No hospital down payment in emergency cases – this new law will surely benefit both lower class and upper class family, both classes will not need any money to deposit first in case of emergency before their patient is properly assisted at the hospital. A hospital that failed to comply with the law will be penalized by the government.

3. Passport validity extended to 10 years – this law is good news for all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and Filipino tourist loves visiting other country as their renewal of their passport prolonged up to 10 years and now can be avoided the hassle of renewing their passport every 5 years.

4. Free WiFi in public places – this law will benefit more on commuters, especially for people who travel every day as they go to work, they can entertain their self while aboard of a bus while surfing the free internet in places that are wifi are available?

These are some of the law that President Duterte approved for the benefits of the Filipino people and let’s hope that there will be many laws to come that will surely give’s benefit of the entire country.