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CAVS Struggle as the Regular Season near Its End

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NBA – Early this year the Cleveland Cavaliers had already posted their worst record in one month of playing schedule with 7 wins and 8 losses for the month of January and possibly be broken if the Cavs continuous in their struggle for the month of March with already 6 wins and 8 losses and will be facing two toughest teams against the San Antonio Spurs and the Chicago Bulls before it ends the Cavs March schedule.

Photo credit to: cavsnation

The Alternate win/loss record of the Cavaliers has weakened their position of holding the #1 rank in the Eastern Conference, where they hold it for the most of the entire season, despite the Cavaliers still holding the #1 position in the East with 47 wins and 25 losses, the Boston Celtics are half-game behind which is currently in 2nd in the standings with 47 wins and 26 losses and possibility overtake the Cavs in standing in tonight’s win against the Miami Heat?

Aside from the Celtics the Washington Wizards are also in pursue of dethroning the defending Champion with 45 wins and 28 losses in the standings and currently 3rd in East Standings while the Toronto Raptors with 44 wins and 29 losses at 4th position is also has the chance to end this season at the top of the Eastern Standings?

With less than 10 games to go before the season ends and the positioning of each team is up for grab with these four tougher teams in the East, will the Cleveland Cavaliers regain or recover from their struggles in the regular season and retain their toughest in the East when playoff times come? Or will a new sheriff in town upset the defending Champion?

Who do you think guys will grab the #1 spot in East Standing at the end of the Regular Season? And while the defending Champion Cleveland Cavaliers is assured of playoff spot in the East which team is more likely to upset the Cleveland Cavaliers comes playoff time in the East?

Friendly Tips on Knowing the Time and Distance of One Places to another?

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If you are a fan of traveling, whether it’s local or abroad? Sightseeing beautiful places in the country or travelling in a neighboring country to see their own beautiful places this article might help you to manage your time before you even travel.

Nowadays, with the help of the internet or World Wide Web there are many websites or applications that we can find on the web or even in android phone to easily help us in knowing the beautiful places and wonders of the world can offer

With the help of Google Map, we can easily track the time, distance, and even time of arrival in the places we want to visit.

Aside from tracking some places on the map we can also see the best possible route that we can use to save us more time by checking some locations and route that can give shortcuts for travelers to reach their destination as soon as possible.

Google Maps is perhaps the best maps that we can use or find on the web for mapping and tracking locations that can easily give traveler’s some important information on knowing some places, time and distance from one place to another? The maps itself features some useful details like showing different types of satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets (Street View) and other features that can be found on the menu of the map itself.

So the next time you try to travel or visit some wonderful places in or outside the country, check first the Google Maps to know first and learn some information on the places you want to visit so you will know what to expect ahead of time.

Stephen Curry and his Chance in this Year KIA MVP Race?

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NBA – Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has already won two Regular Season NBA Most Valuable Player, he won in 2015 and in 2016 he became the first NBA MVP in history to receive a unanimous vote to claim back to back MVP.

Without a doubt Curry has been the best player of the league for the past two NBA Season leading his team in the 2015 NBA Championship against the Cleveland Cavaliers and in 2016 the team posted the best record in NBA History of 73 wins and 9 losses surpassing the previous record of Michael Jordan and the Bulls with 72 wins and 10 losses in a Regular Season.

Little by little Curry slowly stealing the limelight to LeBron James who has been the face of the NBA, with such a beautiful handle with the ball and shooting accuracy in the 3 point area. Curry was about to become the next NBA Greatest player? Especially if he only won the 2016 NBA Championship against the Cavaliers where the blow a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals Series.

With their loss in the Finals against the CAVS, the Warriors made a bold move of releasing some key players and adding the second best player in the world Kevin Durant. With Durant’s entry with the Warriors Curry setback as he became the second best player of the team after KD, he was nowhere to be found in this year NBA MVP Race not until KD suffered a knee Injury who has been in the top 5 in MVP Race this season.

For now Curry is at #7 in MVP Race and more likely to end his winning streak as new MVP will be name from the start of the post season. Top 3 candidates for this year MVP are Russell Westbrook of OKC, making history in his almost triple double performance every game, James Harden, who is the top contender for the title and LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers who’s every season is a contender for the title? Who is going to be the next NBA MVP?

Is it Good or Bad? Resting NBA Players During Out of Town Game!

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NBA – Resting an NBA Superstar is not new to the league it happen many times before and it happens in all NBA teams, but why resting an NBA Superstar if he is fine or physically fit unless he is sick or injured? Well, it seems that wrestling, NBA superstars becomes normal nowadays in the big basketball league, especially when the coaching staff and management feels that their players will have to take a night off?

For some reasons this practice is being done by most of the NBA coaching staff in order to preserve the strength of their player or players, especially in a back to back game resting in one game and playing the next game or vice versa or maybe if the coaching staff feels that the game is unwinnable? They choose to rest their NBA superstar and play in another game where unable is much better? That might be a good strategy, especially if you are a top team with deeper bench.

But for the fans, this practice is so disappointing, not seeing an NBA superstar playing when you already paid for the ticket just to see the guy that you want to see? And when you learn 10 minutes before the game started that the guy is not playing? The only thing that you can do is just “Sigh of disappointment”.

hy NBA players or coaching staff choose to rest their player when they are playing out of town games? Why rest their player if the scheduled game is at their home court? Home court fans always see them while visiting team can be only seen by their fans 3 or 4 times if both teams are in the same conference and the opposite conference meet only twice in an NBA Regular Season.

For me, NBA superstars like LeBron James should not rest in an out of town game, he is the guy that fans want to see, they paid for the tickets just to see him resting should be done at their home court. If this practice continues not only on LeBron James but other NBA superstars? It might not be good for the league?

Philippines over "Benham Rise" Rights and Issue against China

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Philippines – The country is facing another problem after another disputed islands against China, but this time the issue is not over on a China Sea’s disputed island or West Philippine Sea but on the other side of the Philippines Sea, The East Philippine Sea which is part of the Pacific Ocean.

The territorial issue was about the undersea plateau known as “Benham Rise” or Benham plateau it is located in the Pacific Ocean or East of Isabela, Philippines. 

The plateau was known for its rich marine life and marine resources like oil and natural gas under the said plateau. It is part of the continental shelf and also part of the exclusive economic zone of the country. The plateau was officially given its right to the Philippines as part of territorial rights by the UN on April 2012.

But the counties' rights might be in danger after some Chinese vessel was spotted around the vicinity of Benham Rise conducting surveys for several months now according to Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana which is recently brought up to the public concerning for another territorial dispute against China.

According to China who immediately dismiss any concern for Philippines territorial rights over Benham Rise, that their vessel that was spotted in the vicinity of the plateau was only conducting marine research and also exploring their freedom of Navigation and China was not competing for the rights of Benham Rise?

Meanwhile, President Duterte and the Chinese government was believed to come to an agreement that the Chinese vessel will be allowed to conduct some research in the vicinity of the plateau but will not intrude the territorial waters of the country.