Step by step guide on how to file SSS Salary Loan Online

Philippines – are you a Social Security System Member or also known as SSS Member if yes this might be the right article for you? If you are a SSS Member and wondering how it will benefit you especially if you have the qualified amount of SSS Contributions that allows you the eligibility of filling loans this article might help you.

If you haven’t yet filed any SSS Loan or already paid your previous SSS Loans, this step by step tutorial might help you on how to file SSS Salary Loan online, no hassle of going to any SSS Branch, just prepare some needed tools like a smart phone, laptop, desktop, internet connection and lastly SSS Account.

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Here is the step by step guide on how to file SSS Salary Loan.

1. Click the Member’s Login, If you haven’t yet created SSS Account kindly click this link, for those who have already created SSS Account, simply log-in your user Id and password and then click sign in.

2. Enroll your Bank Account or SSS Disbursement Account Enrollment Module – click this link on how to enroll your bank account.

3. After you enrolled your bank or bank account showing "Active Disbursement" Account you can now click the Apply for Salary Loan under the LOANS tab.

4. Under the Apply for Salary loan Application tab, fill the necessary required fields:

5. Double check your summary loan application, the loan amount and net amount of your loan, if all are correct? Click submit.

6. A pop up notification will appear click ok.

7. Last, a final notification indicating You have successfully submitted your Salary Loan Application

And that’s it, this is just my simple tutorial on how to file SSS Salary Loan online, hope this article helps SSS Members who are looking at how to file their loan online without going to any SSS Branch.