Steps on how to register “SIM Card Registration” for Globe users

Philippines - On December 27, 2022, all telecommunications in the country such as the 3 major Telco’s Smart Communications, Inc (Smart), Globe Telecom, Inc. (Globe) and DITO Telecommunity Corporation (DITO) must all abide the mandatory SIM Registration to all their subscribers upon the order of the National Telecommunications Communication or NTC.

According to the SIM Registration Law, new subscriber must register first to activate their Sim Card while old subscribers are given 180 days to register their SIM card on their respective telco? Failure to comply will lead to deactivation of the subscriber SIM and will only be reactivated until the subscriber completed the proper SIM card registration.

Here is the step by step guide to SIM Card Registration for Globe users:

1. Go to Globe SIM Registration by clicking this link or go to

2. Enetr your mobile number and click register.

3. Verify your mobile number by entering the One Time Password or OTP.

4. Globe detected that the SIM hasn’t been registered yet.

5. Tell about yourself.

6. Verify your identity, provide a Valid ID, Photo of your Valid ID and Take a selfie.

7. Check all the boxes and click Submit.

8. Registration is complete, take down the reference number for future reference and you can also register another number as long the SIM card is under Globe? Like TM and Gomo subscribers.

I hope this article finds you any help, other Telco such as Smart and DITO may be different on how their subscriber can register their SIM unlike the Globe SIM Registration that I just posted.