Steps on how to file SSS Salary Loan Renewal Online

Philippines - Are you a SSS Member that has recently filed SSS Salary Loan and now qualified for another loan after reaching the renewal date or the principal loan balance is already halfway of the original principal loan?

If yes, this article might be right for you especially if you are seeking for another SSS Loan despite your current loan is just half way through of getting paid? But otherwise your loan will be rejected if it is the other way around?

Here is the Step by step guide on how to file SSS Salary Loan Renewal Online:

1. Open your Android Phone or Web Browser and search for SSS Website, Type in your User ID and Password to Log in or Register first if you don't have yet an Account?.

2. On your SSS Dashboard, put your cursor on the page menu Loan and then click Apply for SSS Loan in the drop down Menu.

3. On the Apply for SSS Salary Loan Page, check all your details, Mailing address, Mobile phone, Email address if this is not correct, click update to change or to update the necessary details, check also your loanable amount, Bank account and Bank account number if all are correct click proceed and if its not click update to correct all your details and then click proceed if all are correct to proceed to the next Page.

4. The next page is the Disclosure Statement on Loan/Credit Transactions, on this page read all the necessary details, after reading it, check the box with I Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Proceed.

5. On the Certification, Agreement and Promissory Note Page, click Proceed to successfully file another SSS Loan Renewal Online.

And that's it, just wait 2 - 3 banking days before your SSS Loan proceeds to your Bank.