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X- Factor Contestant Shock Audience When He Start To Sing

Carmelo Munzone, try the auditions of "The X Factor Australia 2012", during the auditions, standing in front of  hundreds of Australian audience. he shocked all the audience when he begun to sing.

During an interview with one of the female judges, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, he was asked if he came from a big Italian family. when Carmelo answered, audience laugh at him after Carmelo mentioned his nonno and nonna, an Italian term for grandfather and grandmother.

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He was asked about his singing rate? He answered boldly that he’s singing is great and ask the audience for cooperation.

Audience continues to laugh at him because of the way he speak and the way he dressed.

But everything changes when he started to sing “Sunday morning” by maroon five. everybody was silence and stunt. laugh turn to excitement and admiration.

Carmelo, sings great, effortless, judges and audience cannot believe what are they hearing from Carmelo.  A beautiful voice that they didn’t expect on Carmelo looks.

When the songs end, every body applauded him, impress of how he sing, all four judges agreed to pass him in the audition as he advance on the next stage of the singing competition.

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Her two sister are very proud of him while awaiting  at the back stages.

A not so good looking man, shock Australia with his golden voice.

A  simple reminder that don’t judge people by the way they he or she looks or speak? Sometimes you might be wrong?

What did you think of his voice? Is he really a good singer? Just comment if you like his voice?
source: youtube

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3 comments to ''X- Factor Contestant Shock Audience When He Start To Sing"

  1. I do agree in your observation. He has a good voice. Looks, gait or whatever an outward a person appears to be doesn't in any manner reveals his latent talent unless he has started showing it. Just this young man did. I love his voice.

  2. I am not surprise with the his voice, what surprises me is the grammar of the write up......


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