Steps on how to get Financial Assistance on the Malasakit Center Program

Philippines - are you one of those Filipino Citizens in need of financial assistance, especially during the time of illness? Do you need to go to the hospital but unsure of going because of what could be the hospital bill and if you decided to go or even have a medical checkup but don't have enough money to pay the doctors? If yes? This article might be the right one for you?

In the country, there is a program called Malasakit Center a program from the government that assists people who don't have enough money to pay for their hospital bills or people who are qualified to avail the said program.

At the time of the patient confinement at public hospital like we experience in our province, a Malasakit Center staff will call the patient or the patient representative for an interview via phone or sometime the staff will make time to visit the patient personally to conduct a personal interview.

The staff of the Malasakit Center, will conduct a personal interview of the patient and may also request for some personal, valid ID's for identifications, the staff may also ask the patients to give his/her PhilHealth information as required by the program.

PhilHealth will cover the patient's confinement, such as laboratories, Doctor's fee and other fee's. If the medical bills are not fully covered by PhilHealth then the Malasakit Center comes and covered the remainder of the patients Hospital Bills.

The Malasakit Center, only requirements needed to cover the patient remaining bills are Duly-accomplished Malasakit Unified Form, Hospital Bills and Medical Abstract.

Meanwhile, OPD Patient or Out Patient Department for patient can also avail Malasakit Center Program, such's as check up and laboratories, it can be brought to the Malasakit Center to lower the Medical Bills.

Take Note:
Bring extra patient for the long wait and back and forth medical certificate and notary requirements to avail the much lower bills from the Malasakit Center Program.