How to Unregister GCash Mobile Phone

Are you a GCash Apps user and recently switch to another mobile phone for some reason and unfortunately cannot log into your GCash Apps account? If yes, this article might be the right one for you, especially if you are one of many GCash Apps users who have experienced this kind of issue lately.

Usually GCash Apps can be installed on any mobile phone by using the same mobile number from the previous phone it can be installed via Google Play Store, but nowadays that setup is not working anymore as you have to unregistered first the phone in the GCash Apps first and register a new phone before you can use GCash on another phone.

Here is the Step by step Guide on how to Unregistered Mobile Phone through GCash Apps:

1.Open the GCash Apps in your Old Mobile Phone.

2.Enter your 4 digit MPIN.

3. Click Profile at your Dashboard.

4. Click Settings at your Profile Page.

5. Click Account Secure at the Setting Page.

6.Click Current Phone at the Account Secure Page.

7. Click Unregister Phone at the Account Secure Page.

8. Click Yes, Unregister to proceed.

9. Take a selfie to verify your identity and then click Next.

10. And finally, you have Unregistered this phone

Take Note: on your next log in using GCash Apps you must register your new mobile phone to secure your GCash Account, just repeat the step but this time instead of unregistered it will be registered this phone.

That's it, that's how to use GCash Apps on the New Mobile Phone without any issue, hope this article helps user's like me, who experienced this kind of issue.