How to Update PhilHealth Contribution from Employed to Voluntary Member

Are you a Philhealth member who was previously employed but currently unemployed? If yes, maybe this article might help you? if you were previously employed and want to continue your PhilHealth monthly contribution? You can easily update your PhilHealth Membership status to Voluntary Contributions.

How? Just go to the nearest Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth in your area and when there, approach the guard on duty and ask on how to update your PhilHealth Membership Status or change status to voluntary contribution.

The guard will give you the PhilHealth Member Registration Form or (PMRF) you fill it up and complete all the information requested? Don't forget to bring your PhilHealth ID Card because they might ask for it? due to your PhilHealth number is indicated there.

If you don't have your PhilHealth ID with you, make sure you know your PhilHealth number to process the transaction you intended.

If you are the spouse of a PhilHealth member and is duly assigned to arrange the necessary documents make sure that you bring a letter of authorization from the said member and xerox of any valid ID of the member and assigned spouse.

When everything is complete, go to Information and hand in all the documents, after the assigned personnel check all of your documents and all are complete, they will give you a ticket number and wait for your number to appear on the TV monitor.

When your number is called or appears, go to which counter does your number belong to? Tell the personnel in the designated counter that you will update your account from employed to voluntary.

Also, let them know that you want to update your account or pay for the months that you have missed? and currently, the minimum contribution for a voluntary member is 400 pesos.

And if you want to have the latest PhilHealth Member Data Record (MDR), just tell the personnel at the counter that to give you the latest copy of PhilHealth MDR.

Take Note: You don't have to update your account or pay for some months that you failed to contribute in order to use it in case of hospitalization?

You can use your PhilHealth without updating your account as long as you reach the minimum contributions?