LA Lakers losses to the Memphis Grizzlies extend 4 - Game Losing Skid

Philippines - The In - Season Tournament Champion the Los Angeles Lakers has dropped their 4th consecutive games losing to the visiting Memphis Grizzlies 127 - 113 at Arena in Los Angeles, California.

Prior to the game, Lakers had already defeated the Grizzlies in their first meeting of the 2023 - 2024 NBA Regular Season particularly in the In - Season Tournament Group Match 134 - 107, Lakers dominated the Grizzlies who they're superstar Ja Morant is currently suspended by the NBA.

In their second meeting the Grizzlies had now Ja Morant and the struggling Lakers continue to show as the Grizzlies get's the 1st win over the Lakers this season, both teams are now 1- 1 and two more remaining games to face one another in this year NBA Regular Season.

Meanwhile, the first ever winner of the NBA Cup or In - Season Tournament Champion the Los Angeles Lakers has now dropped their 4th consecutive games against the teams of Minnesota Timberwolves the best team in the West, New Orleans Pelicans, Miami Heat and the latest the Memphis Grizzlies

Prior to the NBA Cup Championship the LA Lakers record is 14 wins and 9 losses, and now they've got 17 wins and 19 losses losing 10 games in their last 13th games.

For their first time in this year NBA Regular Season they are currently out of the NBA Play-In Tournament at 11th seed in the Western Conference Standings.

The Lakers next assignment will be the # 4 seed Their rival in LA the LA Clippers one of the hottest teams in the league, the struggling Toronto Raptors in the East, the Suns, Jazz, Thunders and Mavericks in the West, Lakers next 6 assignments will be a tough team to beat? Will they even get a win? Let's wait and see...