Lakers win first ever NBA In - Season Tournament (NBA Cup)

Philippines - The Los Angeles Lakers and the Indiana Pacers battled for the NBA In- Season Tournament, also known as NBA Cup in the newly introduced format in this 2023 - 2024 NBA Regular Season at T - Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both teams remain undefeated prior to their game with 6 wins and no loss, and one team will remain undefeated and becomes the first ever to win the NBA In - Season Tournament and a whooping $500,000 for each player, a Championship Trophy, a Medal and the first ever NBA Cup MVP.

In the First Quarter, the Indiana Pacers scored the first basket of the game which came up with a made 3's, but it was the Los Angeles Lakers who ended the quarter up by 5 points 34 - 29.

The Second Quarter, both teams ended the quarter tied at 31 points scored in the quarter, the Lakers still hang on to their lea at the half up by 5 points 65 - 60.

In the Third Quarter, The Lakers outscored the Pacers by 3 points in the quarter 25 - 22 extending their lead to 8 points as the Lakers had a comfortable lead coming to the final quarter Lakers 90 - 82.

In the Fourth and Final Quarter, Lakers outscored the Pacers 33 - 27 despite several mini rallies by the Pacers were somehow cut the Lakers lead into just 4 points but the Lakers able to hang on to their lead and dominated the Pacers in the later minutes of the final quarter to seal the game 123 - 109.

Lakers made history as the first team to win the first ever NBA Cup or also known as the NBA In - Season Tournament, while LeBron James won the first ever NBA Cup MVP.