How to Get GCASH Visa Card and it's Requirement's Online

Philippines - GCASH Visa Card is a prepaid debit card linked to your GCASH Apps or GCASH account, you can store and secures your funds like an ordinary ATM Card which is also can be used in an offline transaction like a withdrawal of funds.

The new GCASH Visa Card is different from the old GCASH Mastercard and Gcash Virtual Cards to avail these card your account must be fully verified with sufficient balance in order to pay the required amount of these cards.

Step by step guide to avail GCASH Visa Card Online:

1.Log in to your GCASH account and click Profile icon in your dashboard.

2. In the profile tab, click My Linked Accounts.

3. In the My linked accounts tab, click the GCASH card.

4. In the GCASH cards tab, click Order a GCASH Card.

5. Click Order a card.

6. Click Send me a card.

7. At the card information tab, click Next.

8. Fill out the Delivery Information, Accept and Click Next.

9. At the Pay Online tab, click Proceed.

10.Your Order is Successful, wait for 4 - 10 business days to be delivered.

11. Your Online Payment Successful, save your ref. # for future reference.

What are the requirements to avail GCASH Visa Card:

1. Your GCASH Account must be fully verified.

2. Must have sufficient balance in order to pay the required amount.

That's it, hope this article can easily guide all GCASH users that are planning to avail the new GCASH Visa Card .