Step by step Guide on how to renew LTO Drivers License

Philippines – are you one of those driver’s license holder’s that is soon to expire or maybe 60 days left before the driver’s license expire? If yes, this might be the right article for you especially if you have no idea on what to do upon renewal of your driver’s license at the nearest LTO (Land Transportation Office) in the country.

Before anything else, the renewal of LTO Driver’s License is can be done at any LTO Offices, it can be done at any LTO Branches in your area or LTO Offices at SM Mall, this option is up to the driver’s license holder where they think it can ease them on how to renew their licenses in the easiest way? also you can also advance your renewal 2 months before or 60 days before the expiration of your license.

Here is the Step by step Guide on how to renew the LTO Drivers License:

1. Register to LTMS Portal – click here if you don’t have an account yet? If already have an account, proceed to #2.

2. In the LTMS Dashboard, click the E-LEARNING Tab, below the tab, click the CDE Online Validation Exam. Take your time to answer the exam, make sure to pass the online validation exam and print the result. If you failed the exam, you can always retry until you passed?

3. Prepare your LTMS Account, make sure you know your User ID and Password, print a copy of your Passed Online validation Exam before going to LTO Offices.

4. At the LTO Offices or in my case at the LTO – Sta. Cruz District Office in Pila, Laguna, I ask the guard on what is the procedure of acquiring driver's license renewal? He said that I must first take the medical examination before proceeding to the LTO Offices. Fortunately, there is a nearby medical examination just across the street.

5. At the medical examination, I took several eye test, question about health conditions and body weight. The cost of the examinations is Php 600.00

6. After the medical examination, prepare all the required requirements before proceeding at the LTO Office, prepare the CDE Certificate, Medical Certificate and the Old Drivers License.

7. At the LTO, the guard will check all the requirements if all are fine, the guard will guide you to go to the Windows A, and tell the personnel the purpose of your appointment.

8. The personnel will give a form to fill out the necessary details after all are filled out move to Windows 1, for the renewal evaluation. After the evaluation, proceed to the Cashier.

9. At the Cashier, pay the amount of Php 580.00 for the renewal of non penalty or not expired old driver’s license.

10. Next, wait for your name to be call for Finger Print and Photo Capture.

11. Next, wait for your name to be call for the releasing of your new driver’s license, once called write your name and signature in a log book and claimed your new driver’[s license. Unfortunately there is no available card at that day and we have given a temporary drivers license printout in a paper with a receipt at the back.

12. In just 30 minutes, all the procedure is done and I had my new license but sadly a temporary paper only, I will back again in a month to follow up my physical driver’s license.

This is my own experience on how to renew my driver’s license hope this tutorial can somehow help other driver’s license holder that soon to expire, by the way the cost of renewal is only Php1,180.00 in a regular processing only with no penalty.