Lakers superstar LeBron James switches back to Jersey #23

NBA – the NBA All – Time Scoring Leader, the 4 – Time NBA Champion and 4 – Time league MVP LeBron James has decided to go back on his original jersey # 23 on his 21st NBA Season on this upcoming 2023 – 2024 NBA Regular Season.

James joins the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018 and wear his traditional jersey #23, in his second year with the Lakers he is willing to give the #23 to Anthony Davis after Davis joins LeBron in LA. But unfortunately that didn’t happen due to some contract issues with LeBron and his endorser.

In his 4th year with the Lakers James switch to jersey #6, the same number he used during his tenure with the Miami Heat from 2010 – 2014. He wore Jersey #6 for 4 straight years with the Heat while 2 years with the Lakers.

LeBron James is not new in changing his jersey #, in fact when he joins the Miami Heat in 2010 the number he used is jersey #6 and according to reports, that jersey #6 is the number he used in practice games and as well in the Olympic basketball game.

James has also worn the jersey #23 in his first 7 years with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the same team that drafts him in 2003. On his return in 2014 with the Cav’s he switches back to jersey #23 for 4 seasons with the Cavs from the previous #6 with the Heat and now currently 3 seasons with the Lakers in Jersey #23.

LeBron’s entire NBA career with 20th NBA Season as of writing this article, has worn jersey #23 (14 times) and jersey #6 times (6 times)

Meanwhile, the reason why LeBron is switching back to #23 according to reports is out of respect to the late Bill Russell.