Lakers blew the possible game winning Free Throws over the 76ers

NBA - The Los Angeles Lakers visit the Philadelphia 76ers for their first meeting of the 2022 - 2023 NBA Regular Season at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Prior to the game the visiting Lakers are currently at 2 -Game losing skid they lose to the Cleveland Cavaliers and to the Toronto Raptors in back to back games respectively. Lakers had no Anthony Davis in both games, but partially played in Cleveland but leave due to health condition.

The home team 76ers are also coming from a 3 - Game losing skid, they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Memphis Grizzlies and to the worst team in the Western Conference the Houston Rockets. The 76ers are currently 12 wins and 12 losses in the East while the Lakers are 10 wins and 14 losses in the West.

In the game, the early quarter is a complete domination of Superstar Center Joel Embiid and the 76ers as they outscored the Lakers 31 - 20 where Joel Embiid scored 20 points in the quarter equaling the Lakers output in the 1st quarter.

In the 2nd quarter, The Lakers able to cut the 76ers lead into 2 points at the half 61 - 59. Lakers outscored the 76ers 39 - 30 in the quarter to get back in the game.

In the 3rd quarter, the Lakers came out flat and the 76ers take advantage of it outscores the opponent 32 - 24 to finish the quarter up by double digit lead 93 - 83.

In the 4th quarter, Lakers are completely dominated by the 76ers, the 76ers controlled almost the entire quarter leading by a double digit lead not until the later minutes of the quarter where the Lakers cut the 76ers lead into single digit with 1:33 to go in regulation.

The 76ers are still up by 9 points 119 - 110 with only 33 seconds to go in the final quarter but the Lakers made a 10 - 1 run that tie the game and went to Overtime 120 - 120 all.

Anthony Davis had his chance of giving the Lakers the lead if he only made the second free throw? But unfortunately missed that went to overtime.

At the Overtime the Lakers are completely blown out by the 76ers, the Lakers scored only 2 points compared to 76ers 13 points that lead to the 76ers win 133 - 122.

The Lakers are now in 3 - Game losing skid that drop them to 13th place in the West with 10 - 15 win/loss record, while the 76ers improved to 13 wins and 12 losses and currently sitting 6th in the East standings.