LeBron James eligible of 2 - year extension with the Lakers

NBA - Lakers superstar, a 4 - Time league MVP and 4 - Time NBA Champion LeBron James will be entering his 5th season with the Los Angeles Lakers and career 20th season in the upcoming 2022 - 2023 NBA Regular Season.

LeBron James will suit for the Lakers once again in his 5th season with the team, but it probably his last season if the Los Angeles Lakers management will not make a move of extending his contract.

On August 4, 2022, LeBron's contract with the Lakers is now eligible for another 2 - year extension worth around $97.1 million. He has already extended his contract since he join the purple and gold in 2018 and eventually ends or expire, this 2022 - 2023 NBA Season.

If the Lakers and LeBron James agreed for another 2 -year extension LeBron'c contract will extend through 2024 - 2025 NBA Season.

LeBron James is a vital piece of the Lakers roster, he probably the best player in the team today when he's healthy despite the Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook presence with the team.

LeBron can still play at a high level and arguably still can play with younger superstar that he show last season, although he slows a bit but still some analyst and critics level him as a top 5 best player in the league.

In his 4 - years with the Lakers LeBron James delivered 1 - NBA Title in 2020 after a 10 -year drought by the Lakers franchise. They missed the playoffs in his 1st season, won a title in his 2nd season, eliminated in the postseason in his 3rd season and missed the play - in tournament in the 4th season.

Throughout the years LeBron James has been in the NBA for 19th Season, he played his 7th season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, 4- years with the Miami Heat, came back with the Cavs and another 4 - years with the team and joins the Lakers and currently played 4 - years.