How to Pay SSS PRN Loan through GCash mobile Apps

Philippines - are you a member of SSS or Social Security System and just recently filed or claimed SSS Salary Loan online? If yes? This might be the right article for you especially, if you are one of those member's looking on how to pay their loan online?

There are many ways on how to pay your SSS Salary Loan and one of those is the usual visit to the nearest SSS Branch to pay their loan. It might be a hassle for some members, especially the long wait, travel and others.

But in today's technology all of that problem is can be easily solved by the help of the internet and some nearby Payment Center. There are left and the right Payment Center which offers different services? just choose the right one that will suit for you.

As for me, GCash mobile apps are the right one for my SSS Salary Loan Payment Online. No need to go out the house, just have a good internet connection, Android Phone and installed GCash apps.

Here is the Step by step guide on how to Pay SSS PRN Loan through GCash mobile Apps:

1. Go to SSS Website to Log-in your Account. if not yet a member? registered first.

2. After Log-in, Go to PRN Loans to see your latest Active Loans with PRN (For the Month). Get the Payment Reference Number, Loan Account Number and the amount to be paid.

3. Go to GCash Apps and Log-in to your account.

4. At your Dashboard, click "Bills".

5. At Pay Bills tab, click "Government".

6. At the Government tab, click search for "SSS Loans - RTPL".

7. At the SSS Loan - RTPL tab, just type the necessary "Details", including the amount to pay, PRN #, Account #, Payor Type, Country and email address.

8. Click "Next".

9. Review all the details and click "Confirm".

10. After that you will receive a "Notification" confirming your successful payment from GCash.

11. If you want to check if your payments of you SSS Salary Loan succeed you could check it on your SSS Account "Loans Info". Payments are in real time but as for my experience it took some times before my payments appeared in my account.

12. At the Loans Info tab, scroll down through "List of Availed Loan(s)". click Salary Loan.

13. You are now viewing your "Statement of Account" for your loan and the "Credited Payments".

That's it! This is my own experience on how to pay my SSS Salary Loan Online through cash. Hope this article somehow help's.