DIY Checking of Non – Spinning Automatic Washing Machine

Are you one of those automatic washing machine users who have experienced its sudden malfunction like it doesn’t spin and producing humming sound, despite it loads water and perfectly working dashboard, if yes? This might be the right article for you.

Events like this make you really wonder why your unit doesn’t work properly and you will immediately consider hiring technicians.

But before you do that? There are some troubleshooting tips that you might consider finding out first on what is really wrong with your washing machine?

Before we decide to go to the nearest washing machine repair shop or call for a home service repair we must check it first our unit or do it yourself checking if you are brave enough to risk your unit if something happen or worsen the problem?

But then again if you have the courage to fix it yourself, you can follow this simple step below:

1. Unplug your washing machine, remove the back cover and lower cover of the unit.

2. Check the Drain Motor if still working – Plug the unit and set it to spin and press start, if the drain motor moves then the issue is not with the drain motor.

3. Check the Motor – remove the belt connecting to the spinner, if the motor rotates then the issue is not with the motor itself.

4. Check the break – adjust the break of the spinner so that it will rotate properly? If not, then the issue is not with the break.

5. Capacitor – check the capacitor if it’s working properly? If you know how to use multimeter use it to test if the capacitor is in good condition? If not replace it with a new one with the same value.

If tip #5 works, it should run now? Just like mine after replacing a new capacitor my unit works perfectly fine like the last time I used it.

I hope this simple tutorial helps someone? Again, this is based on my own experience and it may differ to others.