Kevin Durant and LeBron James ranked 1st and 7th respectively in the latest Preseason MVP Poll

NBA – The upcoming 2021–2022 NBA Regular Season has not even started and yet NBA sports analyst and critics are already debating on who’s winning the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) next season?

According to the latest preseason poll, Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets ranked 1st after receiving the most votes of winning the next season MVP, while LeBron James of the LA Lakers is ranked 7th on the list.

Kevin Durant a former MVP himself and 2 – Time NBA Champion is highly favored of winning the next season MVP despite having two NBA superstar teammates in the same team with the likes of former MVP James Harden and NBA Champion Kyrie Irving.

While LeBron James, is highly criticized for being favorite of winning the MVP after having all star teammates during his Cleveland days with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love and now in LA with Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook.

According to some sports analyst and critics in the past having All- Star teammates with one or two in a same team is a big No by winning MVP like in a LeBron James situation? That’s why LeBron, despite being the best player in the league for a decade has only won 4 MVP’s.

Though, Kevin Durant is arguably one of the best players ever played the game of basketball where he led the Nets in the recent playoffs despite no Kyrie Irving and an injured James Harden against the Milwaukee Bucks.

And during the 2021 Olympics, he led the USA Basketball to another Gold medal and now considered as the best player in the league and that’s how Durant got this latest poll where he lead the list for the next season MVP?

Rounding the remaining candidates for the top MVP next season after Durant in any order Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Buck, Joel Embid of the Philadelphia 76ers, Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

What do you think of this list of MVP candidates next season? Who will win the MVP? Let’s wait and see after the season starts.