Popular Hanging Bridge in the Town of Diwa, Pilar, Bataan, Damaged by Flood

Philippines – On Thursday morning of July 29, 2021, local residences of Diwa, Pilar, Bataan, were shocked by the sudden rise of water in the irrigation Dam that caused panic to several residences living near the Dam and living near the river.

According to several reports the cause of the sudden rise of water from the Dam is due to continuing rain from last week severe weather system “Habagat”.

The rise of water from the Dam cause several damages from the agriculture, flooding of low lying towns in Bataan and especially the damaged that cause to the famous Hanging Bridge.

The Hanging Bridge was temporarily submerged in water during the high floods in the morning of July 29, it caused the bridge to bend sideward but remains intact despite the strong current of the water.

On normal days the bridge is approximately 20 to 30 feet high above the river Dam just imagine the massive increase of water during that day?

The bridge is also connecting two towns in Bataan, Pilar, Bataan and Balanga, Bataan. Local residences in Pilar, particularly in Diwa, crosses the bridge to work on their farm, taking care of their animals especially cow’s, chicken and carabao’s.

This sudden rise of floods has never happened in my 40 years of existence as one of the residences of the said town? As far as I know the bridge was never destroyed by a flood, but it has been remodeled for some time now.

Also, The Hanging Bridge of Diwa is one of the famous tourist attractions in the said town, but of course the most popular tourist attraction in Diwa and probably in the whole Bataan is the Mt. Samat or also known as Bataan Shrine.