How to Transfer Money from UnionBank Mobile Apps to PayMaya Account

Philippines – As a PayMaya user there is another way of how to transfer or send money from UnionBank to PayMaya via UnionBank Mobile Banking apps.

All you have to do is to have a UnionBank Account (for ex. EON Cyber Account) and of course PayMaya Account to do this process.

If you don’t have any UnionBank Account yet simply click this link to sign up and for PayMaya apps simply download the apps via Google Play or Apps Store.

Here are the steps on how you can transfer or send money from your UnionBank to your PayMaya account:

1. Log in to your UnionBank Mobile Banking apps.

2. Wait for the OTP Code or the One Time Password to receive on your registered mobile phone.

3. At your Dashboard, select "Send/Received" to proceed.

4. At the Send/Received options, choose other banks and E - wallets.

5. At the Send Money options, choose InstaPay to send money instantly for free.

6. At the Send To options, select the bank where you will transfer the money, type the account number or cellphone number and name of the PayMaya user.

7. At the Send From options, choose the account you want to transfer from.

8. In this page kindly review all the important details before you click proceed or transfer.

9. Wait again for the OTP code on your registered mobile number.

10. At this page it shows that the transaction is transferred successfully.

That's it! this is my simple way of how to transfer fund to my PayMaya Account Via UnionBank Mobile Apps. also you can do this process at UnionBank Website by clicking this link.