LA Clippers facing Elimination in Game 6 at Home

NBA – The Los Angeles Clippers are facing their second elimination games against the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of their own best of seven Western Conference Finals at Staple Center in Los Angeles California.

Prior to their game tomorrow (PH TIME) the Clippers are currently down in the series with 2 – 3 record a loss will eliminate them and a win will extend the series for the deciding Do or Die Game 7 in Phoenix house.

Clippers superstar forward Kawhi Leonard is still questionable if he will play in Game 6? Kawhi has not played in this series against the Suns after getting injured in Game 4 against the Utah Jazz in their own series of the Western Conference Semi Finals.

If Kawhi Leonard injury will hold him back for Game 6 then the Clippers must rely on their other superstar “Play Off P” Paul George who eventually had a monster Game 5 in Phoenix, George must have another monster game this coming Game 6 at home if they want to extend their series.

The Clippers had already reached their best season ever in their franchise history after making their very first appearance in the Western Conference Finals and the best part is they're doing it without Kawhi Leonard.

What if somehow Kawhi is available to play? I think the Clippers had a very good chance of beating the Suns in Game 6 and 7 and perhaps reach their first NBA Finals?

Well, The Clippers are supposed to reach the NBA Finals as many sports analysts predicts? Like last season where all odds are favoring the Clippers but unfortunately they choked against the Denver Nuggets.

This time Kawhi Leonard is injured and the opportunity once again is getting far? The Clippers faith is on Paul George now in order to advance to their first ever NBA Finals appearance or maybe their first NBA Championship?