Lakers still keep their Hopes of avoiding Play-In Tournament

NBA – The defending NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers host the 2nd seed in the West Standing the Pheonix Sun's for their final meeting of the Regular Season at Staple Center in Los Angeles, California.

The defending NBA Champion LA Lakers are currently planted in the Play-In Tournament at the 7th seed of the Western Conference Standings with 37 wins and 30 losses.

The Lakers are 2 – 8 in their last 10 games and currently in 2 – game losing skid and just 1.5 games behind with the 6th seed Portland Trail Blazers.

Lakers must avoid another loss and start winning games, first against the Sun's to keep their hopes in catching up the 6th seed of the Western Standings and Portland start losing which might be a difficult scenario but possible?

If the Lakers win’s against the Sun's, They have also had a great chance of winning their last 4 remaining games against the New York Knick's, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers and New Orleans Pelicans and possibly end the season with 42 wins and 30 losses?

Now, if the Lakers keep losing they are sealed in the Play-In Tournaments, if they can hold the 7th seed their possible match up would be the 8th seed the Golden State Warriors.

The winner will advance in the post season and take the 7th seed and the loser will face the winner of the 9th and 10th seed for winner take all the 8th seed.

The Lakers are still a big treat for whatever seeding they might land on? Especially, when the team is healthy.

If LeBron James, return from injury and not in his full strength that could be a big problem for the Lakers? They need a 100% LeBron James to advance into the NBA Playoffs or perhaps even reaching a back to back NBA Finals?

For now, The Lakers are in big trouble? Better start winning or go fishing as they say?