LeBron James Drops 46 points in a Lakers win over the Cavaliers

NBA – The reigning NBA Champion the Los Angeles Lakers visit the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first meeting on the 2020 – 2021 NBA Regular Season at The Rocket Mortgage Field House in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Prior to the game The LA Lakers are in a two – game winning streak currently tied with the Los Angeles Clippers with 13 wins and 4 losses, while the Cleveland Cavaliers with 8 wins and 8 losses has lost their last assignment against the Boston Celtics after a winning back to back games against the Brooklyn Nets.

Photo credit to NBA

In the game, LeBron James had a hot start in the 1st quarter scoring 17 points to lead the Lakers into a double digit lead 34 – 23.

In the second quarter, LeBron James added another 6 points to finish the halftime with 23 points and the Lakers are still up by 7 points, 65 – 58.

In the 3rd, quarter, the home team Cleveland Cavaliers outscored the Lakers 31 – 22 in the quarter to get back in the game and finish the quarter up by 2 points, 89 – 87. LeBron was limited into 2 points to finish the 3rd with 25 points.

In the 4th quarter, LeBron James exploded for 21 points single handedly outscoring the entire Cleveland Cavaliers in the final quarter. The Cavaliers only scored 19 points while the Lakers scored 28 points, 21 points belongs to LeBron James in a 115 - 108 win by the Lakers.

The Lakers remain unbeaten in out of town games with 10th in a row, the most in franchise history and currently holding the best record in the league with 14 wins and 4 losses.

Meanwhile, LeBron James posted his season high 46 points, against his former and home team Cleveland Cavaliers while adding 8 rebounds and 6 assist. 

For the Cleveland Cavaliers, Andrei Drummond leads the Cavs in scoring with 25 points, 17 rebounds and 1 assist.

The Lakers next game is the East best record the Philadelphia 76ers, the Lakers will try to make 11 in a row away from home as the visit the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.