LA Clippers extend Paul George contract in a 4 year deal $190 Million

NBA – Half of the LA Clippers Duo, the six – time NBA All-Star Forward Paul George agreed to a contract extension with his current team for another 4 – year deal worth $190 Million.

The LA Clippers make sure that Paul George will remain a Clipper for another four years where the original contract is supposed to have a player option in the 2021 – 2022 NBA Regular Season where George have an option to opt in or opt out to become a free agent.

Photo Credit to: NBA

Now that Paul George agreed to a new contract with his current team he has now had a grand total 5 - year $226 Million contract with the Clippers and a player option on his last season which is the 2024 – 2025 NBA Regular Season.

Luckily for Paul George despite his last season Playoff meltdown, especially in their series with the Denver Nuggets where they blow 3 – 1 lead that eventually lead to the Clippers elimination, he still ends up signing a maximum contact with the Clippers.

He was heavily criticized on and off the court because of his poor performance and poor remarks on loosing the series against Denver.

He also blamed former LA Clippers Coach Doc Rivers for trying to play him a jump shooter like the 2 – time NBA Champion and three point specialist Ray Allen and a former Clipper who is also a three point specialist JJ Redick. 

All that bad remark coming out from Paul George was highly criticized in the sports of NBA Basketball but despite of it, Paul George has the last laugh when he signs his new max contract with the Clippers.

Meanwhile the other half of the Clippers duo the 2 – time NBA Champion and 2 – Time NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard has not yet reported of any contract extension with the Clippers? Leonard has 3 – year deal with the Clippers and now on his second year with the team.