Lakers Traded JaVale McGee to the Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA – According to several NBA reports, another major shake to the LA Lakers roster after moving some of their key players in their last season NBA Championship.

The latest is the 3 – time NBA Champion and Center JaVele McGee, who has been a key player from the 2019 – 2020 NBA Regular Season’s up to the 2nd Round of the postseason that eventually went to the 17th NBA Championship in Lakers Franchise.

Credit to: NBA

McGee played an important role for the Lakers starting five for most of the season where he became a reliable defender. He, Aubrey Bradley, Danny Green, Anthony Davis and LeBron James have been the best starting five last seasons.

As we all know, Danny Green has already been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange of point guard Dennis Schroder, Aubrey Bradley opt out of his contract and joins the last reason Runner up the Miami Heat, Anthony Davis opt out but surely will return to the Lakers, LeBron James is still under contract and now JaVele McGee traded to the Cavaliers.

McGee has been part of the Lakers since July 10, 2018 and after a successful two seasons with the Lakers he decided to opt in to become a Laker for the 3rd Season but unfortunately the team decided to trade him to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange of Cavaliers Jordan Bell and Alfonzo McKinnie according to several NBA reports.

Although McGee is a great role player and perhaps he would be a great addition in his new team Cleveland Cavaliers? He will be greatly missed by some Lakers fan.

According to some reports when the news broke down many Lakers fans are disappointed by the news, many of them are shocked on why is McGee is traded he has been a great player in the team inside and out? But unfortunately that’s the name of the business.

The Lakers are looking for more improvement in their roster and McGee is one of those players to pass on so that they can defend their title for the next season. Good luck for JaVale McGee in Cleveland Uniform hope you finally find a home.