How to Transfer Funds or Send Money to GCASH APPS via Online UnionBank

Philippines – Good news for all UnionBank users and GCASH Apps users as well, because there is now a way on how to transfer money or send money from UnionBank online to GCASH APPS easily. 

There are two ways on how to this transaction, first is the Online UnionBank and the second is the UnionBank Mobile APPS.

In this tutorial I will discuss on how to transfer money via Online UnionBank through the Web.

Step by step guide on how to transfer fund or send money to GCASH via UnionBank

1. Go to Online UnionBank web page by clinking this Link.

2. Log in to your UnionBank account. Type your username and password and wait for the OTP code.

3. In your Dashboard, click the Send/Request Tab.

4. In the Send/Request Tab, click Other Banks.

5. In the Send Money via click InstaPay.

6. Select the account you want to transfer funds from? In this options I have two accounts (1.) is EON Cyber Account and the (2.) is GetGo Debit

7. In send to other Banks, select the Bank (GCASH) and then enter the account or mobile number and name of the account holder where to send the fund or money and then click next.

8. On the Transfer Details type the amount of money you want to transfer and indicate the purposes? after that click next.

9. Review all the details and then click transfer.

10. A pop up message appeared for OTP one time password just wait for the code send on your mobile phone.

11. You can now see a Reference Number and the transactions date.

12. That’s it you have now made an online money transfer to GCASH APPS.  you can  also Add to my Recipient your transactions by just saving it to your UnionBank account.

Take note: the tutorial I made here in my article is similar to the UnionBank Mobile APPS. Just follow the step by step procedure on how to transfer funds or send money to GCASH APPS.

Watch this video for more information

These transaction is also free of service and real time processing. you may also check your email for fund transfer confirmation.