LeBron James comes up 2nd in the 2019 - 2020 MVP results

NBA – The league best player and 4 – time Regular Season MVP Lakers Superstar LeBron James comes up second in this year MVP result where Giannis Antetokounpo of the Milwaukee Bucks won his back to back MVP Regular Season.

LeBron James has been making his case of winning his 5th MVP this season not until the Pandemic stop his chance of becoming the league MVP again.

As we all know the NBA Regular Season resume in Orlando, Florida at the Bubble, but all statistical points in MVP voting and other awards is already void where the only counted stats is the NBA last game before the Pandemic issue.

At 35 years old of Age, LeBron James is arguably the reigning league best player, although he did not win the MVP this year and perhaps he can no longer win another MVP because he’s not getting any younger and let’s face if Anthony Davis return to the Lakers next year he would the main man on that team.

This year is now or never for LeBron James to capture his 5th MVP! And now that the result is already broadcast in the Basketball word. LeBron, all have to do is prove that he is the real Valuable Player in the league when it comes to overall stats, importance to his team, his impact and lastly bring home the NBA Championships.

LeBron James did not win the MVP, but he is the most talk about a non MVP winner over the media’s MVP Giannis Antentokounpo.

Here is the list of LeBron James MVP result through his NBA career

Won MVP and Team he play

2009  - Cleveland Cavaliers

2010 – Cleveland Cavaliers

*2012 – Miami Heat

*2013 – Miami Heat

1st Runner up in MVP 

2006 – Cleveland Cavaliers

2014 – Miami Heat

20018 – Cleveland Cavaliers

2020 – Los Angeles Lakers

3rd Runner up in MVP

2011 – Miami Heat

2015 - Cleveland Cavaliers

*2016 - Cleveland Cavaliers

According to this result LeBron James could possibly win not only 4 MVP’s but possibly 8 MVP’s if the media just not salty on the LeBron James decision of leaving the Cavaliers in 2010? Who knows for whatever reason? It’s the media who decided to win the MVP by majority votes and not the fans? 

What do you think about in this year MVP results? Just comment below.

* The year he won the 2 NBA Regular Season MVP and 3 NBA Championships