How to get Refund for Unprocessed Payments at GCash

Philippines – I have recently used GCash mobile apps as my payment method in an International online buying website, but for some reason it was declined several times after I attempted to resolve the problem. 

The issue stated “My MasterCard was declined” but for some reason it was not explained in details and because of that issue I was not able to buy the item that I want to buy. 

And the problem gets worse when I checked my GCash current balance and I was credited on that several failed transactions that clearly didn’t even proceed to that online buying website. So I quickly contacted the customer support of the said website and asked them if they credited me in my recent transaction with them? 

After they deeply look at my account they said that I was not charged on any transaction and my recent transaction was declined due to bank issue? They advised me to contact my bank (GCash) to know what caused the problem.

Afterwards, I immediately contacted GCash through their emails ( then I decided to contact them at their hotline 2882 to speak with their customer service representative to quickly know what might cause the problem of my recent transaction as soon as possible. Fortunately, my calls were answered in a short time of waiting and I was assisted very professionally by GCash representative.

Upon the conversation with GCash CS they asked my complete details or information to validate my identity and after successful checking on my personal details then the checking proceed on my GCash latest transaction. Upon their checking on my account it shows that I made 4 failed transactions on a certain website which is that online buying website and they promised me that all my failed transactions will be refunded as soon as possible and if not expect 15 working days to process..

I’m glad I contacted their hotline and I was very well assisted and with just a couple of days my money was refunded back in my GCash account.

Helpful Tips: Before contacting GCash hotline prepare this thing first:

1. GCash Mastercard
2. GCash Mobile Apps Number
3. The Caller should be the owner of Gcash Mastercard and Mobile Apps.