How to File Pag - IBIG Short Term Loan online

Philippines – Are you one of those people affected by the pandemic? Especially when it comes to financial issue? Can't get to work, have no income and are afraid to leave the house?

Good news, if you are a member of Pag - IBIG this is the answer to your problem! If you are planning to get a loan at Pag –IBIG, as a member you don’t need to go to their nearest branches just to file, or apply for Pag-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL) or Calamity Loan!

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Now, you can do it online via visiting the Pag – IBIG website and consequently safe, convenient and easier.

To be able to apply online make sure you have the following requirements:

1. Filled out application form
2. One (1) valid ID
3. Loyalty Card Plus ( powered by Asia United Bank or Union Bank) or Land Bank Cash Card
4. Self ie photo while holding your valid ID and cash card Now, follow these easy steps when filing your loan application.

Step by step guide on how to file Short Term Loan Online

1. Go to Pag – IBIG Fund website

2. Go to menu and click Virtual Pag – IBIG


3. In the Virtual Pag – IBIG page there are several options to choose like be a member, pay online and others but we are focusing on loan so we have to click the tab Apply for a Loan. 

4. In the Apply for a Loan page click the Short Term Loan. 

5. The next page is the requirements page that I mention above if already completed then click proceed.

6. Select a Loan Type and Membership ID.


7. Complete your details like mobile number and e- mail address then click next. 


8. A pop up message showing One – Time – Pin or OTP pin just click ok to receive the pin in your mobile phone. 

9. Once received the OTP Pin enter the code at reference box and then proceed. 


10. The next page is the Cash Card selections. In this page you must select the card that you will use and then enter the card number at the square box then click “Check Cash Card Status”. 

11. Prepare your application form, Valid Id and Selfie Photo holding valid ID and cash card. 

12. Upload all the requirements needed and make sure you have clear scan or clear shot of your application form, valid ID and Selfie Photo then click OK to submit your application. 

13. You will receive a text about your “Loan Reference Number” use it for checking the status of your loan. That’s it! This is a short guide on how to file a loan at Pag – IBIG Fund via Virtual Pag – IBIG. 
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