How to Install Off Grid Solar Power in Easy Way

Philippines – First thing first this article is based on my own experience on how to install or assemble a solar power which may differ on other solar installation especially for those professional solar installer in the country.

Here in the country the electricity is very expensive and sometimes there are areas that are always experiencing often brownout and even worse, they are areas that completely out of reach of power lines such as remote areas and residence living in the mountains.

So, what we can do to adjust to the system that has been circling for many decades and to answer this problem is the Solar Power or Solar Energy.

Solar Power is an energy coming from the Sun which converted into thermal or electrical energy stored in deep cycle battery or also known as solar battery producing 12 volts DC and 220 AC.

The solar panel is the main component that harvests the Suns energy or Heat which transfer to Solar Charger Controller through the Deep Cycle Battery where the energy is being stored.

Then the stored energy produces 12 volt power used for 12 volt appliances while the solar inverter converts the 12 volt power into 220 volts which supports most AC’s appliances.

What are the Major Components of Solar Power?

1. Solar Panel – there are two types of Solar Panel Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline.

2. Solar Charger Controller – there are two types of controller MPPT and PWM.

3. Solar Battery or Deep Cycle Battery – there are many types of solar battery such as lead acid.

4. Solar Inverter – there are two types of inverter Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave

Out of those 4 major components there are different choices on how to install or build a solar power in the best and easiest way and here is my own installation.

1. Solar panel – Monocrystalline 100 watts
2. Solar Charger – PWM 30a
3. Solar Battery – Celned 100 ah (lead acid battery)
4. Solar Inverter – modified sine wave (Bosca 1000 watts)

Simply attach the four components respectively to create your own solar power at home.

So far all things are doing well, I have a free electricity that I can use all day such 12 volt radio and 12 volts LED light bulb while in the evening I can use my 220 volts electric fans for 10 straight hours. LED TV is also supported but not yet tested upon writing this article and the battery used, not even consumed as much 25 % out of 100%.

Again, this is my own experience which may differ to others. Hope this may help others who plan on installing solar power or solar energy in their homes.