How to Pay SSS Contribution through Moneygment Apps

Philippines – Due to the pandemic that is currently experiencing by the country and the so called new normal like social distancing and skeletal work force, many SSS members are unable to go to the nearest SSS Branch to process any personal transaction.

Because of that, SSS recently updated their system to serve more and better experience to all SSS members. These transactions such as online payment of SSS Contributions, online application or the filing of SSS Loan and other transaction that such a member may process it online.

One of their online transactions that many members will benefits is the online payment of SSS Contributions for OFW, Self-employed and Voluntary members, these transactions can be easily be done online by generating Payment Reference Number or PRN.

How to generate SSS PRN?

1. Go To SSS Website.
2. Log in to your account or register if no account yet.
3. After a successful log in, click PRN tab.
4. In the PRN tab, select the applicable period that you want to pay and click generate PRN.
5. Download the PDF file that you generated and pay it to the nearest SSS accredited payment center.
6. Or directly pay it through Moneygment right before the PDF File.

How to pay SSS PRN through Moneygment

1. On the PRN tab, click the pay tab beside the PDF File.
2. A floating tab showing payment facilities, simply click it.
3. A log in tab requesting for your information by the Moneygment Apps.
4. After a successful log in a Moneygment invoice is now can be seen.
5. Make sure you have a sufficient fund on your Moneygment Apps before you pay.

How to fund Moneygment Apps

1. Open your account.
2. Click Top up your account by means of Bank transfer, Pay with ECPAY, Pay with Dragon Pay and Pay with 7-11.
3. You may also use Paymaya if you upgrade your account to level 2.
4. You can also directly pay SSS Contributions at Moneygment by choosing the SSS Tabs and then input the already generated PRN or create a new reference number and pay it directly at Moneygment apps.

That’s it! Now you don’t have any worries of failing to pay your contributions every month.