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How to Pay MERALCO Bills through GCASH Mobile APPS

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Philippines – MERALCO bills are a monthly electric utility bill that is delivered to our house every month informing us on how much we consume our electricity per month and it’s also the signal that it’s time to pay our electricity bills.

MERALCO is an electric company which widely used in Greater Manila Area and some nearby provinces like us in Laguna and of all theelectric company in the country the MERALCO company is considered as the most reliable electric company in the country.

Now let’s get on with it on how to pay MERALCO Bill’s by using GCASH? Meralco released a mobile apps that we can use to pay our bills by not going outside of our house or going to their nearest branches by simply using your android phone and GCASH Mobile APP’s just simply follow these steps.

1. Open your GCASH APP
2. Click pay bills
3. Click electric utilities
4. Search for MERALCO
5. After finding MERALCO, complete these details such as Pay for Current, Meralco reference number, amount and email address (Optional).
6. Or you may scan your Meralco Bills by clicking the Blue Bar Code.
7. After completing all the details click next.
8. And that’s all, your done paying your electric bills.

You can also watch the video tutorial below to further understand on how to pay your MERALCO Bills through GCASH.

Of course aside from their mobile apps there are still a lot of choices to pay your MERALCO Bills in different payment center in the country such as follow below:
1. USSC or Western Union
2. 7-11 Kiosk Machine
4. And others.

How to File SSS Salary Loan Online and it's Requirements

Philippines - Online checking of SSS contributions and SSS loans made easy for all SSS members by visiting the SSS website on the web.

All SSS members can now avoid the hassle of long waiting and the burden of going to any SSS Branch just to file SSS Salary Loans, payment of contributions, inquiry and other transactions. All of this can easily be done online.

On your browser simply type For first time user you must registered first to log in, while user who already registered simply log in their user id and password.

Once you are log in you can now able to see your SSS information, such as Member’s Profile, E-Services and Payment Referrence Number (PRN) for members online payment of contribution.

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How to check SSS Contributions:

1. Click the tab E-Services.
2. On the dropdown menu click inquiry then a pop up box appear, just simply click ok.
3. Click the shield icon on the upper right side of your windows screen and then click the unload unsafe script to reload the page.
4. If you follow the instructions correctly you can now view your Employee Static Information.
5. Now, click the tab member’s info, under that tab a dropdown menu shows just click actual premiums to show your SSS contributions and Actual Premiums.

How to check SSS Loans and Application for Salary loans:

1. Click the tab E-Services.
2. On the drop down menu click for Apply for Salary Loan
3. Once the page reload you can now view the status of your salary loan.
4. Members applying for loan can check their loanable amount, payment mode, mailing address and postal code.
5. Finally check the box, if you agree to the terms and conditions and then click proceed to process your salary loan application.

Items that we need Inside the Survival Kit

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Philippines - Earthquake is one of many natural phenomena in the world and just like a tornado and super typhoon, earthquake is considered as one of the most destructive forces of mother’s nature creation. It can happen anytime, anywhere without a warning, it can destroy buildings, houses, roads, trees and even life. Strong earthquake can also create tsunamis which makes more dangerous and if happen you survive from the strong shaking of the ground next better prepared of the upcoming big waves.

We all know that the technology today is highly advanced and with the help of satellites in space we can monitor some natural phenomena like typhoon, typhoon can be monitored as early as possible, it can be easily predicted, it’s directions where it will make a landfall, typhoon signals or category so that the public can be warned as soon as early as possible.

Unlike earthquake that until now there is no technology that has been invented to predict it when it will happen? So what do we need to do in this kind of situation? As early as possible with or without disaster always prepare a survival kit in your home.

What are the things or items needed in our Survival Kit?

1. Prepare a bag where all the survival kits will be placed.

2. Includes some clothes that might be needed for changing after the aftermath of the earthquake

3. Include whistle for communicating or sound signals.

4. Include bottled water for drinking purposes.

5. Include flashlight.

6. Include important documents that might help for identification purposes.

7. Include cellphone for communication.

8. Include radio so that we can gather news about the disaster.

9. Include ready to eat food, foods that no need to be cooked.

10. Include emergency money, in case ATM machine are not available due to power failure

11. And last but not the least include first aid kit.

This is just some of the list or item that we might be needed in case of a natural phenomena like a super typhoon or earthquake happen in the country, if there is any item that we missed kindly update us to include it on the list.