New SSS Contribution Table, ESI and Payment Schedule Online

Social Security System is a Philippine government agency that provides retirement and health benefits to all SSS members such as government and private employees, self-employed, voluntary and OFW.

Also, SSS member's may apply for 'salary' and 'calamity' loans. Salary loans is a type of loan where the member can barrow money coming from their salary credits while Calamity Loans is a type of loam where the member can borrow money during the time of calamity such as Super Typhoon, Floods, Earthquake and natural disasters.

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There are many ways on how to contribute as SSS member

1. Employee - if you are a regular employee, your employer has the obligation to pay your monthly contribution which will deduct to your salary. A 50/50 share between the employee and the employer that will be deposit on your monthly contribution.
2. Voluntary member, self-employed and OFW – These are SSS member who voluntary give contribution from minimum contribution up to their desired contribution.

Note: the higher the contribution, the higher you will get paid in the future.

How to pay SSS contribution for Voluntary/Self Employed member and OFW

1. Go to the nearest SSS branch where you lived.
2. Go to information desk or ask the guard and ask for RS-5 form or contributions payment form.
3. Fill up the necessary details in the form.
4. Submit to cashier for checking and payment. (P600.00 is the minimum payment for self-employed, voluntary member and OFW)
5. Or for those member that has SSS account online they may pay their contribution online using Payment Reference Number or PRN.

How to Pay through Bayad Center

To avoid the hassle of going to SSS Branch, members with SSS online account can pay online or pay their contribution through Bayad Center. Just print a copy of your PRN Statement Account and present it the teller of any Bayad Center branch.

After the payment, your contribution will appear in your ESI in real time, so it’s very convenient and easy to use.

How to Open Your ESI or Employee Static Information

1. Go to the website
2. Register first if you don’t have account? Or just Log-in if you have already an account.
3. Once Log-in, click Inquiry under E-services tab.