How To Fix Cignal Satelite Disk Reception

Cignal satellite dish, is a dish-shaped type designed to receive signals from satellites, which transmit data transmissions or broadcasts, such as satellite television.

In some cases Satellite Dish, may damage or misaligned During a strong Typhoon, heavy rains  and strong wind, that might caused to misaligned and result into broken reception.

If you are Cignal TV subscriber,there are several steps on how to realigned our dish satellite, by ourselves without consulting a Cignal technician, that will charged you for their services.

Here are some tips that might help us:

Step 1
Open your Cignal set top box in order to monitor the quality of Cignal receptions while having troubleshooting.

Step 2
Loosen some bolts of the satellite dish for some adjustment.

Step 3
Use a compass to locate a proper position, veer the satellite dish to the left or right to 220 degrees southwest , it needs to be sure that Satellite dish is properly in sight with Cignal satellite.

Step 4
Monitor the quality of the reception, used the remote control set up box, Press OK, Choose  Setup, enter the four PIN number, which is 0000 or 9998, Choose Installation set up, Choose  Signal test, in order to show the signal quality meter.

Step 5
To adjust the signal quality, veer  up and down the satellite dish into  67 degrees.

Step 6
If the adjustment of  satellite dish is already  67 degrees, the quality of signal reception will be surely in very clear reception and all back in normal. And  at this time tighten the bolts of satellite dish to make sure that the alignment of satellite dish is surely lock.

This are some simple tips that might help us, to fixed our satellite dish, when unexpected  Strong typhoon  comes along  And also help us to pay a technician in order to help us.

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